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<h4>Welcome to the Bug Section of the <span class='nl'>NetLink</span> Tutorial</h4>

require 'Tutorial/intro.txt';
A "bug" is a small error within a website. Unfortunatly, this website is <i>not</i> perfect. So every now and then, a little "bug" pops up. We're not talking about a live bug ( <img src='Images/bug_grey_small.png' style='position:relative;top:5px;' alt='A Bug...'/> ), we're talking about fatal errors on a website!<br/> 
In case you encounter a bug, <span style='color:red;'>Do Not Panic!</span> This "bug" can be fixed by our programmers, but the only way this is possible is for you to <b>report</b> the bug you found.<br/> 
When you find a bug, please write down the error that is generated. Then, go to our <a href='?id=report' class='under'>Report a Bug</a> page and enter the following information:
<div align='center'> <img src='Tutorial/bug/report_shot.gif' alt='A Screenshot of a Bug being submitted' class='image'/><br/> 
  <div align='center'> <small>Screenshot of the <b>BuGz Page</b></small> </div> 
After this process is done, your report will be sent to our programmers to fix. If the bug is a <b>major</b> error, then your bug will be posted on the <a href='?id=bugz' class='under'>Bugz</a> page!
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