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<font class="title"><b>Step 4: Installing Netautor Professional</b></font><br><br>

To ensure proper operation of Netautor Professional, several directories are necessary and authorizations have to be set.
You may copy Netautor to any desired directory in your WWW-root.
The Apache user must have the appropriate environment for data base access (see appendix &quot;Create a database&quot;)
and also have appropriate access to the Netautor directory.
Authorizations should be assigned as follows:<BR><BR>
The Apache user should be able to read write and execute in all directories within the &quot;napro4&quot; directory.<BR>
This user must als have access to the directories and data which are accessed by Netautor, e.g. directories for data upload, config or cache.
These directories are created by default in the Netautor Professional home directory (where also the napro4&frasl; directory resides).<BR>
Usually all the users who access data in the webroot are combined into one group.<BR><BR>
After copying Netautor to any directory in you WWW-root, open your Browser and open your Netautor Professional napro4&frasl; directory
(e.g. http:&frasl;&frasl;my.server&frasl;netautor&frasl;napro4&frasl;) - with the first call the user is led automatically to the installer.
<BR><BR>The installer is divided into 4 steps:

<b>Setup Step 1 - Testing the PHP configuration</b><BR><BR>
Checks for necessary PHP extensions and php.ini settings.
Wrong settings or missing extensions will be displayed in red color.
Click &quot;next&quot; to continue if everything seems ok.<BR><BR>

<b>Setup Step 2 - File System Settings:</b><BR><BR>
Set a desired cookie name (only alphanumeric or underscores), then change any paths if desired
(make sure that appropriate access rights are set for the web server).<BR>
Then click &quot;test &amp; create paths&quot; to create these paths.
The result is displayed in a popup window, where also wrong access rights are displayed in red color.
Close the popup and press next for step 3.<BR><BR>

<b>Setup Step 3 - Database Connection</b><BR><BR>
Now following data has to be entered: <BR><BR>
- Database-Manufacturer: Type of your database [MySQL, Oracle OCI 8.05, Oracle OCI 8.17, Microsoft SQL via ODBC, Informix] <BR>
- Database-Host: Database-server's IP or name( If your Netautor and the database are on the same server, you can enter &quot;localhost&quot; or just leave the field empty.)<BR>
- Constant Connection Use <BR>
- Database-Name<BR>
- Database-User: username for the database <BR>
- Database-User-Password: database password <BR><BR>
Note for MS SQL users:<BR>
Enter your ODBC DSN in the &quot;Database Name&quot; Field and Database Name in the &quot;Database Host&quot; Field.<BR><BR>
Press &quot;Test Database Connection&quot; - a popup window appears. If a connection could be established, close the popup and press &quot;next&quot; for step 4 of the setup process.<BR><BR>

<b>Setup Step 4 - Finishing the installation</b><BR><BR>
Now enter an admin user name and password, then press &quot;start install&quot; to set up the netautor database and finish installation.<BR><BR>
After the last step is completed, press &quot;login&quot; for your first Netautor Professional login.<BR>


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