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<font class="title"><b>Step 3: Creating a data base</b></font><br><br>

Netautor work with databases, which must be installed and created before you can install.<br>
Netautor Professional requires a single &quot;table-space&quot; from the data base and a single data base from which a user name and password can be accessed. 
This data base does not have to be on the same data processor.<br>
The data base user who is created for netautor will must be allowed to be create, delete and modifiy tables,indexes and sequences etc.<br>
If you use Oracle, the apache user <b>must</b> have the environments variables:
NLS_DATE_FORMAT	= &quot;YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS&quot;<br>
NLS_LANG		= e.g. &quot;american&quot;<br>
ORACLE_SID		= e.g. &quot;SID&quot;<br>
Sometimes there are problems when the apache start automaticly at the restart.<br>


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