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* NedEngine (c) René Gabriëls 2002                                           *
* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                                           *
* This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify       *
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by       *
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License.             *
* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *
* English strings for the installer script                                   *

define ('_LANG_INST_STEP1_',            'Step 1: Check file permissions for the webserver');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP1_OK_',         'All checks passed. The permissions are set correctly for NedEngine.');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP1_ERR_',        'Some checks failed. The permissions are not set correctly for NedEngine. The webserver needs write permissions for every fily and directory listed above.');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP1_FIX1_',       'With the commands chmod and chown in a UNIX shell ("chmod 777 file" should do it, but is insecure).');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP1_FIX2_',       'Most modern ftp clients are able to set the permission bits.');

define ('_LANG_INST_STEP2_',            'Step 2: Create the database');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP2_OK_',         'The database is succesfully created.');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP2_ERR_DBC_',    'Unable to create the database. You could try manually.');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP2_ERR_DBT_',    'Unable to create the tables in the database.');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP2_ERR_DBD_',    'Unable to insert the base content in the tables.');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP2_ERR_CONFIG_', 'The database has been created, but the configuration could not be saved.');

define ('_LANG_INST_STEP3_',            'Step 3: Creating an administrator account');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP3_OK_',         'An administrator account is succesfully created.');

define ('_LANG_INST_STEP4_',            'Step 4: Setup base config');
define ('_LANG_INST_STEP4_OK_',         'The base system is installed and your website is active. I suggest you login <a href=\'../site/login.php\'>login</a>, to be able to setup your website further at the admin panel.<br><br> <span class=\'required\'>Note</span>: it\'s recommended to delete "install.php" first.');

define ('_LANG_INST_SETUP_COMPLETE_',   'Setup is finished');

define ('_LANG_INST_CONTINUE_',         'Continue');
define ('_LANG_INST_RECHECK_',          'Recheck');
define ('_LANG_INST_CREATE_',           'Create');
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