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<h1>Log in to the NCD toolkit</h1>

	echo "<p>Please enter your user name and password to log in.";

	if ($auth == "user_unknown")
		echo "<p class=\"error\">User unknown, please try again below.";
	else if ($auth == "password")
		echo "<p class=\"error\">Password is incorrect, please try again below.";
	echo "</p>\n<br>";
	echo "<form action=\"$menu.php\" method=\"post\">";


	<td class="label">User name</td>
	<td><input type="text" name="user" size="24" value="<?php echo stripslashes($user); ?>"></td>
	<td class="label">Password</td>
	<td><input type="password" name="password" size="24"></td>
	<td height="50" class="bottom"><input type="submit" value="Log in"></td>
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