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				<h2 class="title">.: Welcome to MyVPN :.</h2>
				<p class="first">MyVPN Admin is OpenVPN Web Config.<br>
				With this interface you can create you VPN config, store on database, invite user and they can get the config file prepared by MyVPN ready to use with openvn.</p>
				<p class="first">All user of MyVPN are possible administrator of a VPN.<br>
You can choose between private or pubblic VPN.</p>
					<li>With the private the VPN will not be visible to all user of MyVPN and the administrator is the only one that can send invitation to join to his VPN.</li>
					<li>With the pubblic the VPN will be visible to all user of MyVPN and they can directly join to it.</li>
				<p align="right" class="first">Enjoy yourself ;-)</p>
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