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/* this function is just a template
change it at will, the main case is a navigation button you can use to add links
or so
the list is the first thing people will see when they use your module

if ( $menu ) {
	switch ( $menu ) {
		case "main" :
				echo "<html>\n";
                                echo "<head>\n";
                                echo "<style type=\"text/css\">\n";
                                echo "<!--\n";
                                echo "body { margin: 0 }\n";
                                echo "A{text-decoration:none}\n";
                                echo "-->\n";
                                echo "</style>\n";
                                echo "</head>\n";
                                echo "<body bgcolor=darkseagreen text=blue vlink=blue alink=blue link=blue marginheight=0>\n";
                                echo "</body>\n";
                                echo "</html>\n";
		case "list" :
				echo "<html><body bgcolor=white><font size =-1>";
				echo "You re now looking at the Dummy Module<br>";
				echo "You probably don't want to see this module :-)<br>";
				echo "You can use the dummy.php3 in the modules directory as template for your own modules<br>";
				echo "simply copy dummy.php3 to yourmodule.php3, enter the code in there,<br>";
				echo "enter the name ( yourmodule ) in conf/modules.lst and the module should be activated<br>";
				echo "To deactivate the module remove the module from the conf/modules.lst<br>";
				echo "</font></body></html>";

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