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bp-0.2.97.tar.gz is the archive for bp, a Perl Bibliography Package, by Dana Jacobsen (hide@address.com). 
This archive is available from Jacobsen's web site (http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~jacobsd/bib/bp/index.html).

bp needs to be installed somewhere perl will find it. Perl looks for file in one of its include directories. To list these, type

perl -e 'print join("\n", @INC)'

at the command prompt.

On my iBook I installed it in /System/Library/Perl, but you may want to use the makefile to install it.

On RedHat 8, edit the line


line to reflect your perl include path, e.g.


bp-ISI.pl is an additional module for bp that handles the ISI format. It comes from version 0.99 of sixpack by Sixten Boeck and Andre Merzky. 

bp-ris.pl is my first attempt to write a bp module for Reference manager.
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