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              <div class="title"><img src="images/small_arr.jpg" height="9" width="9"> About MYOWNSPACE.FR </div>
              <div class="offer_title"><img src="images/bullet_white.gif" height="9" width="9"> Organization</div>
              <br><b>MYOWNSPACE.FR</b> is a Bastard version of Social Software similar to Myspace . 
              <b>MYOWNSPACE.FR</b> is an underground community that lets you meet your OwnFriends 's friends. 
              <br>It is 100% homemade piece of software built on php/GPL..<br>
              <div class="offer_title"><img src="images/bullet_white.gif" height="9" width="9"> Why is it FREE ?</div>
              <br><b>"...It is free as the SUNSHINE!"</b>
              <br><br>We are offering this FREE service because we praise FREEDOM and Internet is the place of FREE
              minds and for FREE information exchange.<br>

              We have joined forces and our goal is to understand the style and the requirements of underground artists
              and provide the best web hosting technology on the place and maintain cost effective
              With our affordable and reliable hosting packages you do not sacrifice in quality. We use best of breed
              equipment hardware and premium bandwidth network resources. Our world-class quality Internet Data
              Center is optimized to provide a cultural outsider hosting environment.<br>
              <b></b> is dedicated, to provide you with a rock-solid hosting serivces and with the
              customer care you expect and deserve.
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