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TinyBrowser 1.32 - A TinyMCE file browser (C) 2008  Bryn Jones
Default Language 'en'
Author: Bryn Jones
email: bryn[at]lunarvis[dot]com
		define("TB_BROWSE", "Browse");
		define("TB_EDIT", "Edit");
		define("TB_UPLOAD", "Upload");
		define("TB_VIEW", "View As: ");
		define("TB_SHOW", "Show: ");
		define("TB_PAGE", "Page");
		define("TB_FILENAME", "File Name");
		define("TB_SIZE", "Size");
		define("TB_DIMENSIONS", "Dimensions");
		define("TB_TYPE", "Type");
		define("TB_DATE", "Date Modified");
		define("TB_SEARCH", "Search");
		define("TB_FILES", "Files");
		define("TB_BROWSEFILES", "Browse Files");
		define("TB_DETAILS", "Details");
		define("TB_THUMBS", "Thumbnails");
		define("TB_EDITFILES", "Edit Files");
		define("TB_ACTION", "Action");
		define("TB_DELETE", "Delete");
		define("TB_RENAME", "Rename");
		define("TB_ROTATE", "Rotate");
		define("TB_RESIZE", "Resize");
		define("TB_UPLOADFILES", "Upload Files");
		define("TB_PROGRESS", "Progress");
		define("TB_REMOVE", "Remove");
		define("TB_BYTES", "bytes");
		define("TB_WIDTH", "width");
		define("TB_HEIGHT", "height");
		define("TB_NONE", "None");
		define("TB_TYPEIMG", "Images");
		define("TB_TYPEMEDIA", "Media");
		define("TB_TYPEFILE", "All Files");
		define("TB_ROTATECW", "Rotate 90 degrees clockwise");
		define("TB_ROTATECCW", "Rotate 90 degrees anti-clockwise");
		define("TB_MSGNEWTHUMBS", "%s new image thumbnails have been generated.");
		define("TB_MSGMKDIR", "The '%s' directory has been successfully created.");
		define("TB_MSGMKDIRFAIL", "Unable to create the '%s' directory - please check your permissions.");
		define("TB_MSGDELETE", "%s files have been successfully deleted.");
		define("TB_MSGRENAME", "%s files have been successfully renamed.");
		define("TB_MSGRESIZE", "%s images have been successfully resized.");
		define("TB_MSGROTATE", "%s images have been successfully rotated.");
		define("TB_MSGEDITERR", "%s files encountered errors during the requested operation.");
		define("TB_MSGUPGOOD", "%s files have been successfully uploaded.");
		define("TB_MSGUPBAD", "%s files have not been uploaded, due to security restrictions.");
		define("TB_MSGUPDUP", "%s files have not been uploaded, as they already exist - please delete or rename original files.");
		define("TB_MSGUPFAIL", "File upload failed - please check your permissions for '%s'.");
		define("TB_MSGMAXSIZE", "cannot be queued for upload as the size exceeds the maximum limit of");
		define("TB_TTLMAXSIZE", "File Size Error");
		define("TB_DENIED", "You require permission to view this page.");
		define("TB_UPDENIED", "You require upload permission to view this page.");
		define("TB_EDDENIED", "You require edit or delete permissions to view this page.");
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