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My Notebook V2 Delta - January 15, 2009
Homepage:   http://mynotebook.sourceforge.net
Programers: hide@address.com

File Contents:
- Requirements
- Update
- Install
- Appendix

- PHP 5
- Apache
- Mysql

- To update your notebook just copy every file except of config.php and install.php to your webserver.
- DO NOT USE install.php TO UPDATE!

- Create a new directory on your webserver
- Upload the contents of this package
- change permissions of the file: config.php so it is writable by your webserver
- Open your webbrowser and navigate to "install.php"
- After everything is configured please delete install.php
- MyNotebook should be successfully installed now. If there are any problems feel free to contact us. See Appendix

MyNotebook is a web-based notebook which lets you organize notes. It's based on 
PHP, MYSQL and AJAX. You can add, edit, remove, search and filter your personal 
notes by tags. Since it is webbased you can access it whenever you're connected 
to the internet. Visit http://mynotebook.sourceforge.net for more information and a 

If you find any bugs feel free to visit our forums on http://mynotebook.sourceforge.net. You can suggest features there, too.
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