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My Notebook V2 Delta - January 15, 2009
Homepage:   http://mynotebook.sourceforge.net
Programers: hide@address.com

2 Delta
- TinyMCE Editor implemented. So far only for editing notes. Not when you create a note.
- Fixed and issue with install script
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed bug that made suggest box appear at the wrong place in firefox
- It is now possible to upload images

2 Gamma 2
- Completely functional in Opera, IE6, IE7, Firefox !!
- edit-mode - Edit/Cancel button now work in IE7
- Rename/Delete Tag-Context Menu now works in IE7
- Added update instructions to readme.txt
- install.php does no longer drop tables.

2 Gamma
- Tags can be deleted/renamed
- Install script added
- Tags are seperated by commas and spaces in this version
- A lot of small improvements
- Some bugs fixed

2.0.0 BETA 2
- No more HTML code allowed in notes. Exept of bold-tag
- While typing tags you now get suggestions based on the existing tags
- Loading information, when the actual view is updated (by search or selected tags)
- Fixed some more bugs
- If the view is updating there appears a "loading"-text
- You can now rename/delete a tag. If you click on the small arrow right of a tag a context-menu appears 

2.0.0 BETA
- Fixed a lot bugs. Unfortunately IE6 is still unsupported.
- Design changed

- MyNotebook should run on more browsers now (except IE6) 

- Tags are now updated after a note has been edited

- Fixed some bugs
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