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$strings = array(
	"LANG_WELCOME" => "Welcome",
	"LANG_HOME" => "Home",

	"LANG_YES" => "Yes",
	"LANG_NO" => "No",

  "LANG_NAME" => "Name",
  "LANG_REALNAME" => "Full name",
	"LANG_EMAIL" => "Email",
	"LANG_DATEOFBIRTH" => "Birthday",
	"LANG_PASSWORD" => "Password",
	"LANG_REMEMBERME" => "Remember me",
	"LANG_ME" => "me",

	"LANG_CHANGE_PASSWORD" => "Change password",
	"LANG_NEW_PASSWORD" => "New password",
	"LANG_NEW_PASSWORD_AGAIN" => "Type again the new password",
	"ERROR_PASSWORD_NOTMATCH" => "Passwords do not match !",

  "LANG_EDIT_PROFILE" => "Edit my profile",
  "LANG_REGISTER" => "Register",
  "LANG_REGISTER_LINK" => "Register in order to claim gifts",

  "LANG_REGISTRY" => "Gift registry (wedding/newborns)",
  "LANG_GIFTLIST" => "Wish list (xmas/birthdays/...)",

	"LANG_GIFT" => "Gift",
	"LANG_GIFT_COMMENT" => "Comment",
  "LANG_CATEGORY" => "Category",
	"LANG_GIFT_PICTURE" => "Picture URL",
	"LANG_GIFT_PRIORITY" => "Priority",
	"LANG_PRICE" => "Approximate Price",
	"LANG_GIFT_PRICE" => "Price",
	"LANG_CURRENCY" => "$",
  "LANG_GIFT_DETAILS" => "Details",
  "LANG_ADDED_ON" => "Added",

	"LANG_GIFT_OFFERED" => "I have been offered this gift",
	"LANG_GIFT_OFFERED_ON" => "on this occasion",

	"LANG_GIFT_RESTRICTED" => "restricted access",
	"LANG_GIFT_ACCESS" => "People who can see this gift",
	"LANG_GIFT_NOACCESS" => "People who cannot see this gift",

	"LANG_MORE_INFO" => "More info :",

	"LANG_CLAIMED_BY" => "claimed by",
	"LANG_CLAIMED" => "claimed",
	"LANG_CLAIM" => "claim",
	"LANG_CLAIM_OFF" => "remove claim",

	"LANG_LOGIN" => "login",
	"LANG_LOGOUT" => "logout",

  "LANG_PRINT" => "print",

	"LANG_LIST_OF" => "Gift List of :",
	"LANG_MY_LIST" => "My List",
	"LANG_USER_LIST" => "Lists",
	"LANG_EMPTY_LIST" => "The list is empty.",
  "LANG_ADD_GIFT" => "add a gift",
  "LANG_EDIT_GIFT" => "modify a gift",
  "LANG_PROPOSED_BY" => "Proposed by ",

  "LANG_SELECT_LIST" => "Select a wish list",
	"LANG_NEXT_BIRTHDAYS" => "Next birthdays",

	"LANG_SEND_TITLE" => "Send to a friend",
	"LANG_SEND_TEXT" => "Send your list by e-mail to a friend.",

	"LANG_EMAIL_SUBJECT" => "My gift wish-list",
	"LANG_EMAIL_TITLE" => "Here is my gift wish-list",
	"LANG_EMAIL_LINK" => "To view the list, click here.",

	"LANG_ADD" => "add",
	"LANG_EDIT" => "modify",
	"LANG_SAVE" => "save",
	"LANG_REMOVE" => "delete",
  "LANG_REMOVE_CONFIRM" => "Do you really want to remove this gift ?",
	"LANG_SEND" => "send",
	"LANG_NEXT" => "next",
	"LANG_PREVIOUS" => "previous",

  "LANG_NEW" => "new",
  "LANG_RECENT" => "updated",

  "LANG_MONITOR_TITLE" => "Monitor this list",
  "LANG_MONITOR_TEXT" => "I want to receive an email when gifts are added to this list",

	"LANG_SETUP" => "Setup",
	"LANG_SETUP_DATABASE" => "Database setup",
  "LANG_SETUP_DATABASE_TEXT" => "Configure your database :",
  "LANG_SETUP_DBTYPE" => "Database type",
  "LANG_SETUP_DBTYPE_HELP" => "Select mySQL if you hase a mySQL database and you have the following information. Use SQLite otherwise.",
	"LANG_SETUP_DBSERVER" => "Database server (mySQL only)",
	"LANG_SETUP_DBUSER" => "Database user (mySQL only)",
  "LANG_SETUP_DBPASSWORD" => "Password (mySQL only)",
  "LANG_SETUP_DBDATABASE" => "Database (mySQL only)",
  "LANG_SETUP_INSTALLTYPE" => "Select a setup type",
	"LANG_SETUP_ADMIN" => "Create the admin user",
	"LANG_SETUP_ADMIN_TEXT" => "This user will be able to create new users. He will also be able to have a wish list..",
	"LANG_SETUP_FINISHED" => "Setup is finished.",
 	"LANG_SETUP_CANTWRITE" => "Unable to write to the config directory !",
 	"LANG_SETUP_CHANGEPERMS" => "Either change the permissions of the config directory so that your webserver can write to it,",
 	"LANG_SETUP_COPYCONFIG" => "Or copy the following code into a new config/config.inc.php file. Click next when it is done.",

	"LANG_ADMIN" => "administration",
	"LANG_ADMIN_USERS_TITLE" => "User administration",
	"LANG_ADMIN_USERS_TEXT" => "Select a user, or click on 'add' to create a new user.",
	"LANG_ADMIN_USERS_EDIT" => "Edit user",
	"LANG_ADMIN_GROUPS_TITLE" => "Group administration",
	"LANG_ADMIN_GROUPS_TEXT" => "Select a group, or click on 'add' to create a new group.",
  "LANG_ADMIN_GROUPS_EDIT" => "Edit group",
  "LANG_ADMIN_GROUPS_CREATE" => "New group",
	"LANG_ADMIN_CONFIRM_USER_DELETE" => "Do you really want to delete user %s ?",
	"LANG_ADMIN_CONFIRM_GROUP_DELETE" => "Do you really want to delete group %s ?",
	"LANG_ADMIN_CHANGE_PASSWORD" => "Changing %s's password",
  "LANG_ADMIN_CATEGORIES_TITLE" => "Categories", // new
  "LANG_ADMIN_CATEGORIES_TEXT" => "Select a category, or click on 'add' to create a new one", // new
  "LANG_ADMIN_CATEGORIES_EDIT" => "Edit category",
  "LANG_DEFAULT_CATEGORY" => "Other", // new
  "LANG_CATEGORIES" => "DVD,Music,House,Clothes,Toys,Sport,Computer,Jewelry", // new

  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_SELFREGISTRATION_NO" => "Only the administrator can create new accounts",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_SELFREGISTRATION_YES" => "New members create their own account",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_DISPLAYCLAIMERIFOWNER" => "Displaying claimed gifts",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_DISPLAYCLAIMERIFOWNER_NO" => "Claims are invisible to the owner of the list",
	"LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_DONTDISPLAYCLAIMERNAME" => "Displaying the claimer name",
	"LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_DONTDISPLAYCLAIMERNAME_NO" => "Display the name of who claimed a gift",
	"LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_SEEPROPOSITIONS" => "Visibility of proposed gifts",
	"LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_SEEPROPOSITIONS_NO" => "Gifts proposed on another list cannot be seen by the owner of the list",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_ALERTS_TEXT" => "Receive an alert when...",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_SENDALERTUPDATE" => ".. an gift is added to a list",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_SENDALERTCLAIM" => ".. a gift is claimed on one's list",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_SENDALERTEMPTY" => ".. one's list is nearly totally claimed",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_CURRENCY_TEXT" => "Select your currency",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_EMAIL_MANDATORY" => "Users must have an email address",
  "LANG_ADMIN_SETUP_EMAIL_EXTCHECK" => "Emails addresses are validated (requires an Internet address)",

	"LANG_ACCESS_LEVEL" => "Access level",
	"LANG_ACCESS_NOACCESS" => "no access",
	"LANG_ACCESS_LOGIN" => "login (can claim gifts, but has no wish list)",
  "LANG_ACCESS_LIST" => "normal (has a wish list)",
	"LANG_ACCESS_ADMIN" => "admin",

  "LANG_ALERT_U_SUBJECT" => "Gift list update",
  "LANG_ALERT_U_TEXT" => "A gift has just been added to %name%'s wish list.",

	"LANG_GROUPS" => "Groups",
	"LANG_GROUPS_ACCESS" => "Belong to",
	"LANG_GROUPS_NOACCESS" => "Does not belong to",
	"LANG_DEFAULT_GROUP" => "Default group",

  "LANG_CREDITS" => "Credits",
  "LANG_CREDITS_TEXT" => "<p>myGifts is written by Jean-Fran├žois Bustarret</p><p>If you really like this software, and want to thank me for it, you can check my own wish list on <a href='http://www.amazon.com/o/registry/1WK7ZPE0ACQEG' class='under'>Amazon US</a> or <a href='http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/registry/PVEJE4LSSC9R' class='under'>Amazon France</a></p><p>myGifts is based on :</p>",
  "LANG_CREDITS_ADDITIONAL_TEXT" => "<p>German translation by Andreas Manser</p>",

	"ERROR" => "Error",
	"ERROR_DATABASE" => "Database error.",
  "ERROR_DATABASE_SQLITE" => "No access to database. Check that the data directory is readable and writeable by everibody (chmod 777 data)",
	"ERROR_CANTLOAD" => "No such element found.",
	"ERROR_CANTSAVE" => "An error occured while saving.",
	"ERROR_CANTLOGIN" => "Unknown user or bad password.",
 	"ERROR_DUPLICATENAME" => "A user with that name already exists",
 	"ERROR_MISSINGPARAMETER" => "Missing parameter",
  "ERROR_MISSINGNAME" => "You did not provide a name",
  "ERROR_MISSINGPASSWORD" => "You did not provide a password",
  "ERROR_MISSINGEMAIL" => "You did not provide an email address",
  "ERROR_EMAILINVALID" => "Invalid email address",
 	"ERROR_INVALIDDATE" => "Invalid date",
 	"ERROR_CANTSENDMAIL" => "Error sending mail",
 	"ERROR_INSUFFICIENTPRIVILEGES" => "Insufficient privileges"

$appParams["DATE_ORDER"] = "MD";
$appParams["DATE_DISPLAY"] = "%B %e";
$appParams["DATE_DISPLAY_LONG"] = "%B %e %Y";
$appParams["LOCALE"] = "en_US";

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