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MyFWB 1.0 Faisal Shah's ├ędition 
24 August 2008 18:16 French standard time.
This is a free software made to be good for some one, and it comes as it is with no warrenty, and it's a copy righted Software which means you can use and distribute it to un-limited number of people but can't edit / re-produce or re-make any thing from it's core code, This software is free for ever and for everyone, but REMOVING COPYRIGHT FROM THE BOTTOM OF ANY PART OF IT MAKES IT ILLEGAL TO USE. IF YOU DO THIS, AND WE GOT THE REPORT, IT CAN CAUSE THE TERMINATION OF YOUR SITE AND SOME TIMES WE DO REPORT THESE KIND OF CASES TO YOUR ISP (INTERNET PROVIDER TO SHUT DOWN YOUR INTERNET CONNETION).. SO PLEASE KEEP IT LEGAL. Thanks for using our product!
(c)2008 Faisal Tasleem Shah All Rights Reserved.


$form_output = "<div align=\"center\">

<table width=\"50%\">
		<td><font size=\"5\" face=\"Euphemia\" color=\"#FF0000\">Contact Us ;</font><form method=\"POST\" name=\"contact_mail\" action=\"?contact=yes&type=mail&action=now\">
			<p align=\"center\"><font face=\"Euphemia\">Name :
			<input type=\"text\" name=\"name_mail\" size=\"20\"></font></p>
			<p align=\"center\"><font face=\"Euphemia\">E-mail :
			<input type=\"text\" name=\"email_mail\" size=\"20\"></font></p>
			<p align=\"center\"><font face=\"Euphemia\">Message :
			<textarea rows=\"6\" name=\"message_mail\" cols=\"29\"></textarea></font></p>
			<p align=\"center\"><font face=\"Euphemia\">Human verification : 2 + 2 =
			<input type=\"text\" name=\"human_verification_mail\" size=\"3\"> ?</font></p>
			<p align=\"center\"><input type=\"submit\" value=\"Submit\" name=\"submit\"></p>
		<p><b><font face=\"Euphemia\" size=\"2\" color=\"#FF0000\">Please fill the 
		form above and submit to contact us,</font></b></p>
		<p><b><i><font face=\"Euphemia\" size=\"2\" color=\"#FF0000\">All the fields 
		are required, please insert the correct info so we can get back to you 
		AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.....</font></i><font face=\"Euphemia\" size=\"2\" color=\"#FF0000\"> 


if($_POST["submit"] == "Submit" && $_POST["human_verification_mail"] == 4)
if($_POST["name_mail"] == "")
echo "<br><font color=\"RED\">There is nothing is Name field, please put a correct value...</font>";
$sec = "1";
if($_POST["email_mail"] == "")
echo "<br><font color=\"RED\">There is nothing is e-mail field, please insert a correct / valid email...</font>";

$sec1 = "1";
if($_POST["message_mail"] == "")
echo "<br><font color=\"RED\">There is nothing is message box, please inesrt a correct / valid message...</font>";
$sec2 = "1";
$final_security = $sec + $sec1 + $sec2;

if($final_security == 3)

$connect = mysql_connect("$db_host","$db_user","$db_pass") or die("can't connect to DB");
mysql_select_db("$db_name") or die("can't select DB");

$query_getting_admin_mail = mysql_query("select useremail from user where userid=1");
$admin_mail = mysql_fetch_array($query_getting_admin_mail);
$mailto = $admin_mail['useremail'];

$message_to_send = "Hey, My name is $_POST[name_mail] and my email is $_POST[email_mail]

mail("$mailto","You received a Contact us query from your website Powered by MyFWB","$message_to_send");
echo "<b>Message Sent!..... If you asked any question, we will get back to you as soon as possible, Thanks for using our site..</b>";
echo "<b><br>For now, You can return to <a href=\"?page=1\">Home</a> Page....";
echo $form_output;
echo $form_output;
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