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This is the file where the database information is saved and is used by MyFWB when required.. Due to some reasons we encourage you to edit this file manually , Trust me editing this file is really like if your renaming some files in your Windows....
The base rules are , 1st just make a new database on your server and once done you will be given the four main items, which are 'db_user' , 'db_name' , 'db_pass' , 'db_host'....

db_user is short form of Database username. This is the username used to connect to database server.
db_name is short form of Database name, this is the name of database you just created to install MyFWB on..
db_pass is the short form of database password, this is the password used with db_user and db_name to connect..
db_host is short form of Database host, in most of cases it is localhost which is set as default in this file also. But in very special cases, it might be changed. So you will have to change...
Remember that put the name "value" in the double quotes as you can see the default value of localhost is in "" quotes. All of your values must be in quotes...

$db_host = "localhost";
$db_user = "";
$db_pass = "";
$db_name = "";

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