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 * The MyDB librairy and applications are product of SQLFusion
 * It may be used and/or distributed under the terms of the Q Public
 * License (QPL) version 1.0, enclosed in the file licence.txt.
/** MyDB IDE Version 0.4    **/ 
/** Author Philippe Lewicki **/


// echo $tablename; 
// echo $exposant

         <!---- Debut du contenue de la page principal ---->       

<FORM method="get" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" action="ffrootfield.php">
<INPUT name="MyDB_Session" value="<?php echo $MyDB_Session; ?>" type="hidden">
<?php echo $strFBLabelShortFieldName ; ?> :
<INPUT name="fieldname" type="text"><BR>
<?php echo $strFBLabelLongFieldName; ?> : 
<INPUT name="label" type="text"><BR>
<?php echo $strFBFieldType; ?> : 
<SELECT name="fieldtype">
<OPTION value="char" selected><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeChar; ?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="text"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeText; ?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="int"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeInt; ?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="float"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeFloat; ?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="listbox"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeListBox; ?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="listboxt"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeListBoxT; ?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="checkbox"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeCheckBox; ?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="radiobutton"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeRadioButton;?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="email"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeEmail; ?></option>
<OPTION value="date"><?php echo $strfFBFieldTypeDate; ?></option>
<OPTION value="currencytype"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeCurency ; ?></option>
<OPTION value="file"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeFile; ?></OPTION>
<OPTION value="caracteristic"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeCaracteristic ; ?></option>
<OPTION value="categorie"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeCategorie ; ?></option>
<OPTION value="login"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypeLogin ; ?></option>
<OPTION value="password"><?php echo $strFBFieldTypePassword ; ?></option>

<INPUT value="<?php echo $strFBAddSubmit; ?>" type="submit"><BR>

       <!--- Fin du contenue de la page Principale --->         

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