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Free MyDB Project
By Philippe Lewicki for SQLFusion

Summary :
1- Goals
2- History
3- Installation
4- What MyDB is.
5- MyDataLib
7- MyData
8- License

The goals of MyDB project is to create a collection of applications and classes to create web application with PHP/MySQL faster.

We start the project MyDB one year ago. We where programming web applications in PHP for more than 2 years. We add to always redo the same things. 
We worked out in a solution to optimize our programming and reuse most of our code.
We first start with MyData. We get the inspiration from phpMyAdmin from Tobias. We restart the programming from the scratch in a Object Oriented way.
MyData was based on the MyDataLib classes (mydataconnect, mydatatable, mydataform and mydatarecord).

In January 2000 we decide to go further and make a full IDE to built web application and ecommerce web sites.
Libreport (SavedQuery, Report, ReportTable), execregisry, libcatalogue (currency, Caract, ), libcart, (VirtualCart, Order).
Libcatalogue and libcart are still in heavy development and the classes may change in a short future.

In Mai 2000 we decide to open the source code of our project MyDB.

June 2000 SQLFusion.org presents MyDB to the PHP community.

Go to the install.txt file.

- a Collection of classes MyDataLib
- a web IDE
- a sample application call : MyData

5- MyDataLib
Its a collection of php classes. It's the base of the all project.
MyData and MyDB IDE are based on these classes.
The documentation for MyDataLib is in the file mydatalib_uk.html (.rtf)

It's a Web Application based on MyDataLib used to built web application faster.
The documentation is in mydbide_uk.rtf (or html)

7- MyData 
Its an application based on MyDataLib. It help manage data from a database.
It can be used for end users to update data in a database.
We are working on the documentation. But its very simple to use.

The MyDB librairy and applications are product of SQLFusion
It may be used and/or distributed under the terms of the Q Public
License (QPL) version 1.0, enclosed in the file licence.txt.

MyDB is under the QPL license.
You can use MyDB applications, classes and libraries to built your web site or other free open sources applications.
If you plan to resale you web site or the web application built with MyDB you must purchase the MyDB pro licences.
Go to our web sites for pricing.
You can find the license in the file license.txt. 

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