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 * The MyDB librairy and applications are product of SQLFusion
 * It may be used and/or distributed under the terms of the Q Public
 * License (QPL) version 1.0, enclosed in the file licence.txt.
/** MyDATA Version 0.9    **/ 
/** Author Philippe Lewicki **/


<title>MyData Shopping</title>
<b>Boutique :</b><br>
<a href="displaytable.php3?table=exposant&sql_query=<? echo urlencode("select * from exposant order by societe") ; ?>" target="main">Les Exposants</a>

<a href="displaytable.php3?table=client" target="main">Les clients</a>
<a href="displaytable.php3?table=categorie" target="main">Les categories</a>
<a href="displaytable.php3?table=rubrique" target="main">Les rubriques</a>
<a href="displaytable.php3?table=product" target="main">Les produits</a>

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