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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: warnings.lang.php 5814 2012-04-20 14:36:07Z Tomm $
$l['nav_profile'] = "Profile of {1}";
$l['nav_warning_log'] = "Warning Log";
$l['nav_add_warning'] = "Warn User";
$l['nav_view_warning'] = "Warning Details";

$l['warning_for_post'] = ".. Post:";
$l['already_expired'] = "Expired";
$l['warning_active'] = "Active";
$l['warning_revoked'] = "Revoked";
$l['warning_log'] = "Warning Log";
$l['warning'] = "Warning";
$l['issued_by'] = "Issued By";
$l['date_issued'] = "Date Issued";
$l['expiry_date'] = "Expires";
$l['active_warnings'] = "Active Warnings";
$l['expired_warnings'] = "Expired Warnings";
$l['warning_points'] = "({1} points)";
$l['no_warnings'] = "This user has not received any warnings or they've all been removed.";
$l['warn_user'] = "Warn User";
$l['post'] = "Post:";
$l['warning_note'] = "Administrative Notes:";
$l['warning_type'] = "Warning Type:";
$l['custom'] = "Custom Reason";
$l['reason'] = "Reason:";
$l['points'] = "Points:";
$l['warn_user_desc'] = "Here you can increase the warning level of this user if they've violated one or more rules.";
$l['send_pm'] = "Notify User:";
$l['send_user_warning_pm'] = "Send this user a private message notifying them of this warning.";
$l['send_pm_subject'] = "Subject:";
$l['warning_pm_subject'] = "You have received a warning.";
$l['send_pm_message'] = "Message:";
$l['warning_pm_message'] = "Dear {1}

You have received a warning from the staff of {2}.

$l['expiration_never'] = "permanently";
$l['expiration_hours'] = "hours";
$l['expiration_days'] = "days";
$l['expiration_weeks'] = "weeks";
$l['expiration_months'] = "months";
$l['redirect_warned_banned'] = "The user has also been moved to the {1} group {2}.";
$l['redirect_warned_suspended'] = "This users posting privileges have been suspended {1}.";
$l['redirect_warned_moderate'] = "All posts by this user will now be moderated {1}.";
$l['redirect_warned'] = "The warning level of {1} has been increased to {2}%.{3}<br /><br />You will now be taken back to where you came from.";
$l['error_warning_system_disabled'] = "You cannot use the warning system as it has been disabled by the board administrator.";
$l['reached_max_warnings_day'] = "You cannot warn anyone as you have reached your limit on the number of warnings you can give out per day.<br /><br />The maximum number of warnings you can give out per day is {1}.";
$l['user_reached_max_warning'] = "This user cannot be warned as they have already reached the maximum warning level.";
$l['error_cant_warn_group'] = "You do not have permission to warn users of this group.";
$l['error_no_note'] = "You did not enter any administrative notes for this warning.";
$l['error_invalid_type'] = "You have selected an invalid warning type.";
$l['error_invalid_user'] = "Selected user doesn't exist.";
$l['error_invalid_post'] = "Selected post doesn't exist.";
$l['error_cant_custom_warn'] = "You do not have permission to give custom warnings to users.";
$l['error_no_custom_reason'] = "You did not enter a reason for your custom warning.";
$l['error_invalid_custom_points'] = "You did not enter a valid number of points to add to this users warning level. You need to enter a numeric value greater than 0 but less than or equal to {1}.";
$l['details'] = "Details";
$l['view'] = "View";
$l['current_warning_level'] = "Current warning level: <strong>{1}%</strong> ({2}/{3})";
$l['warning_details'] = "Warning Details";
$l['revoke_warning'] = "Revoke this Warning";
$l['revoke_warning_desc'] = "To revoke this warning please enter a reason below. This will not remove any bans or suspensions imposed by this warning.";
$l['warning_is_revoked'] = "This Warning has been revoked";
$l['revoked_by'] = "Revoked by:";
$l['date_revoked'] = "Date Revoked:";
$l['warning_already_revoked'] = "This warning has already been revoked.";
$l['no_revoke_reason'] = "You did not enter a reason as to why you want to revoke this warning.";
$l['redirect_warning_revoked'] = "This warning has successfully been revoked and the users warning points decreased.<br /><br />You will now be taken back to the warning.";
$l['result'] = "Result:";
$l['result_banned'] = "User will be moved to banned group ({1}) {2}";
$l['result_suspended'] = "Posting privileges will be suspended {1}";
$l['result_moderated'] = "Posts will be moderated for {1}";
$l['result_period'] = "for {1} {2}";
$l['hour_or_hours'] = "Hour(s)";
$l['day_or_days'] = "Day(s)";
$l['week_or_weeks'] = "Week(s)";
$l['month_or_months'] = "Month(s)";
$l['expires'] = "Expires:";
$l['new_warning_level'] = "New warning level:";
$l['cannot_warn_self'] = "You cannot add to your own warning level.";
$l['error_cant_warn_user'] = "You do not have permission to warn this user.";
$l['existing_post_warnings'] = "Existing Warnings for this Post";
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