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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: misc.lang.php 5297 2010-12-28 22:01:14Z Tomm $

$l['nav_helpdocs'] = "Help Documents";
$l['nav_smilies'] = "Smilie Listing";
$l['nav_syndication'] = "Latest Thread Syndication (RSS)";

$l['aol_im'] = "AOL IM";
$l['msn'] = "MSN Messenger";
$l['yahoo_im'] = "Yahoo IM";
$l['msn_messenger_center'] = "MSN Messenger Center";
$l['msn_address_is'] = "{1}'s MSN Address is:";
$l['yahoo_center'] = "Yahoo! Center";
$l['send_y_message'] = "Send {1} a Yahoo! Message.";
$l['view_y_profile'] = "View {1}'s Yahoo! Profile.";
$l['aim_center'] = "AOL IM Center";

$l['download_aim'] = "Download AIM";
$l['aim_remote'] = "AIM Remote";
$l['send_me_instant'] = "Send me an Instant Message";
$l['add_me_buddy_list'] = "Add me to Your Buddy List";
$l['add_remote_to_page'] = "Add Remote to Your Page";
$l['download_aol_im'] = "Download AOL Instant Messenger";

$l['buddy_list'] = "Buddy List";
$l['online'] = "Online";
$l['offline'] = "Offline";
$l['delete_buddy'] = "X";
$l['pm_buddy'] = "Send Private Message";
$l['last_active'] = "<strong>Last Active:</strong> {1}";
$l['close'] = "Close";
$l['no_buddies'] = "<em>Your buddy list is currently empty. Use your User CP or visit a user profile to add users to your buddy list.</em>";

$l['help_docs'] = "Help Documents";

$l['smilies_listing'] = "Smilies Listing";
$l['name'] = "Name";
$l['abbreviation'] = "Abbreviation";
$l['click_to_add'] = "Click a smilie to insert it into your message";
$l['close_window'] = "close window";

$l['who_posted'] = "Who Posted?";
$l['total_posts'] = "Total Posts:";
$l['user'] = "User";
$l['num_posts'] = "# Posts";

$l['forum_rules'] = "{1} - Rules";

$l['error_invalid_limit'] = "The feed item limit you entered is invalid. Please specify a valid limit.";

$l['syndication'] = "Latest Thread Syndication";
$l['syndication_generated_url'] = "Your Generated Syndication URL:";
$l['syndication_note'] = "Below you can generate links to specific RSS syndication feeds. Links can be generated for all forums, per forum, or for a specific number of forums. You will then be presented with a link which you can copy in to an RSS reader such as <a href=\"http://www.sharpreader.net/\">SharpReader</a>. <i><a href=\"http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2002/12/18/dive-into-xml.html\">What is RSS?</a></i>";
$l['syndication_forum'] = "Forum to Syndicate:";
$l['syndication_forum_desc'] = "Please select a forum from the right. Use the CTRL key to select multiple forums.";
$l['syndication_version'] = "Feed Version:";
$l['syndication_version_desc'] = "Please select the version of the feeds you wish to generate.";
$l['syndication_version_atom1'] = "Atom 1.0";
$l['syndication_version_rss2'] = "RSS 2.00 (Default)";
$l['syndication_generate'] = "Generate Syndication URL";
$l['syndication_limit'] = "Limit:";
$l['syndication_limit_desc'] = "The amount of threads to download at one time. Not recommended to be beyond 50.";
$l['syndication_threads_time'] = "threads at a time";
$l['syndicate_all_forums'] = "Syndicate All Forums";

$l['redirect_markforumread'] = "The selected forum has been marked as read.";
$l['redirect_markforumsread'] = "All the forums have been marked as read.";
$l['redirect_forumpasscleared'] = "The stored password for this forum has been cleared.";
$l['redirect_cookiescleared'] = "All cookies have been cleared.";

$l['error_invalidimtype'] = "This user does not have this type of instant messenger account specified in their profile.";
$l['error_invalidhelpdoc'] = "The specified help document does not appear to exist.";
$l['error_invalidkey'] = "You could not be verified to clear cookies.  This may have been because a malicious Javascript was attempting to clear your cookies automatically. If you intended to clear your cookies, please view the \"Use of Cookies on MyBB\" help document.";

$l['dst_settings_updated'] = "Your daylight saving time settings have automatically been adjusted.<br /><br />You will now be taken back to the forum index.";
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