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 * MyBB 1.2 English Language Pack
 * Copyright © 2006 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: users.lang.php 3013 2007-04-20 05:21:12Z Tikitiki $

$l['nav_users'] = "User Management";
$l['nav_add_user'] = "New User";
$l['nav_edit_user'] = "Edit User Account";
$l['nav_delete_user'] = "Delete User";
$l['nav_merge_accounts'] = "Merge Accounts";
$l['nav_email'] = "Mass Mail";
$l['nav_find'] = "Search Results";
$l['nav_banned'] = "Banned Users";
$l['nav_edit_ban'] = "Edit Banned User";
$l['nav_add_ban'] = "Ban an Account";

$l['search'] = "Search";
$l['add_user'] = "Add User";
$l['ban_user'] = "Ban A User";
$l['do_ban_user'] = "Ban User";
$l['update_user'] = "Update User";
$l['user_management'] = "User Management";
$l['banned_users'] = "Banned Users";
$l['update_ban_settings'] = "Update Ban Settings";
$l['mass_mail'] = "Mass Mail";
$l['mass_email_users'] = "Mass Email Users";
$l['send_mail'] = "Send Mail";
$l['merge_accounts'] = "Merge Accounts";
$l['merge_user_accounts'] = "Merge User Accounts";

$l['list_all'] = "List All Users";
$l['list_top_posters'] = "List Top Posters";
$l['list_new_regs'] = "List New Registrations";
$l['list_awaiting_activation'] = "List Users Awaiting Activation";

$l['edit'] = "Edit Profile & Settings";
$l['delete'] = "Delete";
$l['ban'] = "Ban";
$l['show_referred'] = "Show Referred Users";
$l['misc_options'] = "Miscellaneous Options";
$l['ip_addresses'] = "Show IP addresses";
$l['activate'] = "Activate";

$l['modify_user'] = "Modify User Account for {1}";
$l['delete_user'] = "Delete Registered User: {1}";
$l['confirm_delete_user'] = "Are you sure you want to delete the registered user titled {1}?";
$l['members_referred_by'] = "Members Referred by: {1}";
$l['general_user_stats'] = "General Statistics for User: {1}";
$l['pm_stats'] = "Private Messaging statistics for User: {1}";
$l['custom_pm_folders'] = "Custom Private Messaging Folders for User: {1}";
$l['edit_banning_options'] = "Edit Banning Options For: {1}";

$l['required_info'] = "Required Information";
$l['optional_info'] = "Optional Information";
$l['account_prefs'] = "Account Preferences";
$l['email_options'] = "Email Options";
$l['search_results'] = "Search Results";
$l['custom_profile_fields'] = "Custom Profile Fields are Like..";

$l['options'] = "Options";
$l['display_options'] = "Display Options";

$l['delete_account'] = "Delete this user's account";
$l['view_user_stats'] = "View statistics on this user";
$l['show_referred_members'] = "Show users this member referred";
$l['pm_stats'] = "Private Messaging statistics for this user";
$l['general_stats'] = "General statistics for this user";
$l['show_attachments'] = "Show attachments uploaded by this user";

$l['hours'] = "Hours";
$l['day'] = "Day";
$l['days'] = "Days";
$l['week'] = "Week";
$l['weeks'] = "Weeks";
$l['month'] = "Month";
$l['months'] = "Months";
$l['year'] = "Year";
$l['years'] = "Years";
$l['years_old'] = "years old";

$l['name'] = "Name";
$l['uid_header'] = "User ID";
$l['name_header'] = "Name";
$l['username'] = "Username";
$l['password'] = "Password";
$l['password_confirm'] = "Confirm Password";
$l['new_password'] = "New Password";
$l['email'] = "Email Address";
$l['email_confirm'] = "Confirm Email Address";
$l['usergroup'] = "Usergroup";
$l['primary_usergroup'] = "Primary User Group";
$l['secondary_usergroups'] = "Secondary User Groups";
$l['display_group'] = "Display Group";
$l['post_count'] = "Post Count";
$l['usertitle'] = "User Title";
$l['custom_title'] = "Custom Usertitle";
$l['avatar_url'] = "Avatar URL";
$l['website'] = "Website";
$l['icq_number'] = "ICQ Number";
$l['aim_handle'] = "AIM Handle";
$l['yahoo_handle'] = "Yahoo! Messenger Handle";
$l['msn_address'] = "MSN Messenger Address";
$l['birthday'] = "Birthday (dd-mm-yyyy)";
$l['invisible_mode'] = "Invisible Mode";
$l['admin_emails'] = "Receive emails from Admins";
$l['hide_email'] = "Hide email from Members";
$l['email_notify'] = "Email Notification by Default";
$l['enable_pms'] = "Enable PM's";
$l['pm_notify'] = "Notify via email on receipt of new PM";
$l['pm_popup'] = "Popup Box on new PM";
$l['time_offset'] = "Time Offset (from GMT)";
$l['style'] = "Style";
$l['signature'] = "Signature";
$l['reg_ip'] = "Registration IP";
$l['enable_dst'] = "Enable Daylight Savings Time correction.";

$l['posts'] = "Posts";
$l['reg_date'] = "Reg. Date";
$l['last_visit'] = "Last Visit";
$l['total_posts'] = "Total Posts";
$l['posts_per_day'] = "Posts Per Day";
$l['percent_tot_posts'] = "Percent of Total Posts";
$l['local_time'] = "Local Time";
$l['age'] = "Age";

$l['total_pms'] = "Total Messages Stored";
$l['new_pms'] = "New Messages Since Last Visit";
$l['unread_pms'] = "Unread Messages";
$l['messages'] = "messages";

$l['per_page'] = "Messages to send at once";
$l['from'] = "From";
$l['subject'] = "Subject";
$l['message'] = "Message<br /><small>You may use {uid}, {username}, {email}, {bbname}, {bburl} in your message.</small>";
$l['email_users'] = "Email Users Where...";
$l['name_contains'] = "Username contains";
$l['group_is'] = "User group is";
$l['email_contains'] = "Email Address contains";

$l['and_email'] = "and email contains";
$l['and_group'] = "and user group is";
$l['and_website'] = "and website contains";
$l['and_icq'] = "and ICQ number contains";
$l['and_aim'] = "and AIM handle contains";
$l['and_yahoo'] = "and Yahoo! Messenger handle contains";
$l['and_msn'] = "and MSN Messenger address contains";
$l['and_sig'] = "and signature contains";
$l['and_title'] = "and usertitle contains";
$l['posts_more'] = "and Number of Posts is greater than";
$l['posts_less'] = "and Number of Posts is less than";
$l['and_reg_ip'] = "and registration IP matches";
$l['and_post_ip'] = "and has posted with IP";
$l['is_member_of'] = "and is a member of";

$l['display_uid'] = "Display user ID";
$l['display_username'] = "Display username";
$l['display_options_2'] = "Display options";
$l['display_group'] = "Display user groups";
$l['display_email'] = "Display email address";
$l['display_website'] = "Display website";
$l['display_icq'] = "Display ICQ number";
$l['display_aim'] = "Display AIM handle";
$l['display_yahoo'] = "Display Yahoo! Messenger handle";
$l['display_msn'] = "Display MSN Messenger address";
$l['display_sig'] = "Display signature";
$l['display_title'] = "Display usertitle";
$l['display_reg_date'] = "Display registration date";
$l['display_last_visit'] = "Display last visit";
$l['display_num_posts'] = "Display number of posts";
$l['display_birthday'] = "Display birthday";
$l['display_regip'] = "Display registration IP";

$l['instructions'] = "Instructions";
$l['merge_instructions'] = "This tool can merge two users accounts into one single account. The source account will be combined with the destination account.<br /><br />The source users posts, threads, private messages, calendar events, post count and buddy list will be merged into the Destination users account.<br /><br /><b>NOTE: This process cannot be undone.</b>";
$l['user_accounts'] = "User Accounts";
$l['source_account'] = "Source Account";
$l['dest_account'] = "Destination Account";

$l['move_banned_group'] = "Move to Banned Group<br /><small>To be able to ban this user, they have to be moved to a usergroup that members can be banned to.</small>";
$l['lift_ban_after'] = "Lift Ban After";
$l['perm_ban'] = "Permanent - Don't Lift this Ban";
$l['banned_by'] = "Banned by";
$l['banned_on'] = "Banned on";
$l['ban_length'] = "Ban length";
$l['lifted_on'] = "Lifted on";
$l['time_remaining'] = "Time remaining";
$l['permanent'] = "Permanent";
$l['never'] = "Never";
$l['ban_reason'] = "Ban Reason";

$l['quick_search_listing'] = "Quick Search and Listing Options";
$l['sorting_misc_options'] = "Sorting and Misc. Options";
$l['search_users_where'] = "Search for users where..";
$l['last_edited'] = "Previously editing: {1}";

$l['select_username'] = "username";
$l['select_email'] = "email";
$l['select_reg_date'] = "registration date";
$l['select_last_visit'] = "last visit";
$l['select_posts'] = "number of posts";

$l['sort_asc'] = "in ascending order";
$l['sort_desc'] = "in descending order";

$l['results_matching'] = "Results matching search conditions: {1}";
$l['results_found'] = "Found {1} matching the specified search criteria.";
$l['results_per_page'] = "Results to show per page";

$l['not_specified'] = "Not specified";
$l['error_name_exists'] = "A user with that username already exists.";
$l['error_no_users'] = "No users were found matching the search criteria.";
$l['error_no_ips'] = "No IPs were found matching the search criteria.";
$l['error_no_banned'] = "There are currently no banned users. To ban a user, click the button above.";
$l['error_not_found'] = "The user could not be found in the database.";
$l['error_not_banned'] = "The user could not be found in the banned list.";
$l['error_invalid_source'] = "The source account you entered was not found in the database. Please go back and correct this error.";
$l['error_invalid_destination'] = "The destination account you entered was not found in the database. Please go bac and correct this error.";

$l['user_added'] = "The user has successfully been added.";
$l['profile_updated'] = "The user's profile has successfully been updated.";
$l['user_deleted'] = "The user has successfully been deleted.";
$l['ban_added'] = "The ban on {1} has successfully been added.";
$l['ban_lifted'] = "The ban on {1} has successfully been lifted.";
$l['ban_updated'] = "The ban on {1} has successfully been updated.";
$l['users_merged'] = "The two user accounts have successfully been merged and the user {1} has been deleted.<br /><br />Any old forum permissions, moderator permissions, or bans {2} had, you will need to recreate again for {3} if you want them to work.";
$l['users_not_merged'] = "You chose not to merge the two users. You will now be taken back to the merge page";
$l['confirm_merge'] = "Are you sure you want to merge the account <b>{1}</b> into the account <b>{2}</b>? <br /><br /><b>{3}</b> will be deleted after the accounts have been merged.";
$l['activated'] = "The user has been activated";

$l['done'] = "Done!";
$l['sort_results'] = "Sort results by";
$l['use_default'] = "Use Forum Default";
$l['missing_fields'] = "Sorry, but you did not fill in one or more required fields (the username, password or email address). Please go back and do so.";
$l['email_sent'] = "Email sent to {1}";
$l['not_sent'] = "Unable to send to {1} - Missing Email Address.";
$l['pm_sent'] = "Private Message sent to {1}";
$l['primary_group'] = "Primary User Group is";
$l['normal_email'] = "Normal Email";
$l['html_email'] = "HTML Email";
$l['send_pm'] = "Private Message";
$l['send_method'] = "Delivery Method";
$l['override_notice'] = "Override \"Allow Notices\" Preference";
$l['next_page'] = "Next Page";

$l['ip_addresses_user'] = "IP addresses for {1}";
$l['post_ip'] = "Post IPs";
$l['find_users_reg_with_ip'] = "Find users registered with this IP";
$l['find_users_posted_with_ip'] = "Find users who posted with this IP";
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