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 * MyBB 1.2 English Language Pack
 * Copyright © 2006 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: usergroups.lang.php 2212 2006-09-10 18:40:18Z musicalmidget $

$l['nav_usergroups'] = "Usergroup Management";
$l['nav_add_usergroup'] = "New Usergroup";
$l['nav_edit_usergroup'] = "Edit Usergroup";
$l['nav_delete_usergroup'] = "Delete Usergroup";
$l['nav_groupleaders'] = "Group Leader Management";
$l['nav_editgroupleader'] = "Edit Group Leader";

$l['create_new_group'] = "Create New Usergroup";
$l['add_group'] = "Add Usergroup";
$l['new_group'] = "New Usergroup";
$l['select_edit'] = "Edit Usergroup";
$l['edit_group'] = "Edit Usergroup: {1}";
$l['update_group'] = "Update Usergroup";
$l['select_delete'] = "Delete Usergroup";
$l['delete_group'] = "Delete Usergroup: {1}";
$l['confirm_delete_group'] = "Are you sure you want to delete the usergroup titled {1}?<br /><br /><b>It is recommended that you only delete your custom ones otherwise you could break your forums.</b>";

$l['default_groups'] = "Default Usergroups";
$l['custom_groups'] = "Custom Usergroups";

$l['users'] = "# Users";
$l['gid'] = "ID #";
$l['controls'] = "Controls";
$l['forum_team_order'] = "Forum Team Order";
$l['list_users'] = "List Primary Users";
$l['list_secondary_users'] = "List Secondary Users";

$l['update_orders'] = "Update Orders";

$l['group_options'] = "Usergroup Options";
$l['perms_viewing'] = "Permissions: Viewing";
$l['perms_posting'] = "Permissions: Posting / Rating Threads";
$l['perms_editing'] = "Permissions: Editing";
$l['perms_reputations'] = "Permissions and Settings: Reputation System";
$l['perms_polls'] = "Permissions: Polls";
$l['perms_pms'] = "Permissions: Private Messaging";
$l['perms_calendar'] = "Permissions: Calendar";
$l['perms_wol'] = "Permissions: Who's Online";
$l['perms_account'] = "Permissions: Account Management";
$l['perms_admin'] = "Permissions: Administrative";
$l['perms_misc'] = "Permissions: Misc";
$l['perms_attachments'] = "Permissions: Attachments";

$l['title'] = "Title";
$l['title_list'] = "Title";
$l['description'] = "Description";
$l['namestyle'] = "Username Style<br /><small>This allows you to set a custom name style for this usergroup. Please use {username} to represent the name.</small>";
$l['usertitle'] = "User Title<br /><small>If nothing is entered here the usertitles system will be used instead to show the title.</small>";
$l['stars'] = "No. of Stars<br /><small>If empty the default usergroup stars will be shown</small>";
$l['star_image'] = "Star Image<br /><small>If empty the usergroup star image will be used.</small>";
$l['group_image'] = "Group Image<br /><small>Here you can set a group image which will show on each post made by a user in this group.  Please use {lang} to represent the users chosen language if translated group images are available.</small>";
$l['show_team_page'] = "Show on 'Forum Team' Page?<br /><small>Should this usergroup be shown on the forum team page?</small>";
$l['banned_group'] = "Is 'Banned' Group<br /><small>If this group is a 'banned' usergroup, users will be able to be 'banned' into this usergroup.</small>";
$l['can_view_board'] = "Can View Board";
$l['can_view_threads'] = "Can View Threads";
$l['can_view_profiles'] = "Can View Profiles";
$l['can_download_attachments'] = "Can Download Attachments";
$l['can_post_threads'] = "Can Post Thread";
$l['can_post_replies'] = "Can Post Replies";
$l['can_post_attachments'] = "Can Post Attachments";
$l['can_rate_threads'] = "Can Rate Threads";
$l['can_edit_posts'] = "Can Edit Own Posts";
$l['can_delete_posts'] = "Can Delete Own Posts";
$l['can_delete_threads'] = "Can Delete Own Threads";
$l['can_edit_attachments'] = "Can Edit Own Attachments";
$l['show_reputations'] = "Show Reputations for Users in this Group";
$l['can_give_reputations'] = "Can Give Reputations to Users";
$l['reputation_points'] = "Points to award/take on Repute<br /><small>Here you need to enter the number of points to give or take on each reputation given by users of this group.";
$l['max_reputations_day'] = "Max Reputations allowed per day<br />Please enter the maximum number of reputations per day users of this group can give, to disable set to 0.";
$l['can_post_polls'] = "Can Post Polls";
$l['can_vote_polls'] = "Can Vote on Polls";
$l['can_use_pms'] = "Can Use Private Messaging";
$l['can_send_pms'] = "Can Send PMs";
$l['can_track_pms'] = "Can Track PMs";
$l['can_deny_pms'] = "Can Deny PM Receipts";
$l['pm_quota'] = "PM Quota<br /><small>Here you can set the maximum number of stored pms for this group. If empty users can store unlimited pms.</small>";
$l['can_view_calendar'] = "Can View Calendar";
$l['can_add_public'] = "Can Add Public Events";
$l['can_add_private'] = "Can Add Private Events";
$l['can_view_wol'] = "Can View Who's Online";
$l['can_view_invisible'] = "Can View Invisible Users";
$l['can_view_ips'] = "Can View IP Addresses on Who's Online";
$l['can_access_ucp'] = "Can Access User CP";
$l['can_change_name'] = "Can Change Username";
$l['can_upload_avatars'] = "Can Upload Avatars";
$l['can_access_acp'] = "Can Access Admin CP";
$l['can_custom_titles'] = "Can Use Custom Titles";
$l['is_smod'] = "Is Super Moderator";
$l['can_search_forums'] = "Can Search Forums";
$l['can_view_mlist'] = "Can View Memberlist";
$l['can_send_emails'] = "Can Send Emails";
$l['can_rate_members'] = "Can Rate Members";
$l['error_namenote'] = "<br />Because you entered an invalid name style it has been reverted to the default.";
$l['group_added'] = "The usergroup has successfully been added.";
$l['group_deleted'] = "The usergroup has successfully been deleted. All users in that group have been moved to the 'Registered' group.";
$l['group_updated'] = "The usergroup has successfully been updated.";
$l['public_custom_groups'] = "Publically Joinable Custom Groups";
$l['group_leaders'] = "Group Leaders";
$l['perms_joinable'] = "Publicly Joinable Settings";
$l['can_join_group'] = "Users can join this group";
$l['moderate_joins'] = "Moderate all new joins";
$l['join_requests'] = "Join Requests";
$l['can_display_group'] = "Can users set this group as their display group<br /><small>If set to yes, users will be able to set this usergroup as their display group for usertitles, stars, name style and group images";
$l['attach_quota'] = "Total Attachment Quota (Kb)<br /><small>Here you can set the attachment quota that each user in this group has. If set to 0, there is no limit.</small>";
$l['manage_group_leaders_for'] = "Manage Group Leaders for {1}";
$l['existing_leaders'] = "Existing Group Leaders";
$l['delete_leader'] = "Delete Leader";
$l['edit_leader'] = "Edit Leader";
$l['edit_profile'] = "Edit Profile";
$l['add_new_leader'] = "New Group Leader";
$l['add_leader'] = "Add Leader";
$l['leader_deleted'] = "The group leader has successfully been deleted.";
$l['leader_added'] = "The user has successfully been made a group leader for {1}";
$l['leader_edited'] = "The leader has successfully been edited.";
$l['add_leader_no_user'] = "Sorry, but there is no user matching the specified username.";
$l['invalid_leader'] = "Invalid leader specified";
$l['no_group_leaders'] = "This group does currently not have any group leaders.";
$l['username'] = "Username:";
$l['can_manage_members'] = "Can Manage Members?";
$l['can_manage_requests'] = "Can Manage Join Requests?";
$l['moderate_join_requests'] = "Moderate Join Requests";
$l['manage_requests_for'] = "Manage Join Requests for {1}";
$l['req_username'] = "Username";
$l['reason'] = "Reason";
$l['accept'] = "Accept";
$l['decline'] = "Decline";
$l['ignore'] = "Ignore";
$l['all'] = "(ALL)";
$l['action_requests'] = "Action Requests";
$l['join_requests_moderated'] = "The join requests have been moderated.";
$l['no_join_requests'] = "There are currently no outstanding join requests.";

$l['grouptitle_empty'] = "You must enter a title for the usergroup";
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