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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: user_mass_mail.lang.php 5828 2012-05-08 16:06:16Z Tomm $

$l['mass_mail'] = "Mass Mail";

$l['mass_mail_queue'] = "Mass Mail Queue";
$l['mass_mail_queue_desc'] = "Here you can manage mass mailings that are currently being sent or are queued for the future.";
$l['create_mass_mail'] = "Create New Mailing";
$l['create_mass_mail_desc'] = "Here you can create a new mass mailing and set its options.";
$l['mass_mail_archive'] = "Mass Mailing Archive";
$l['mass_mail_archive_desc'] = "Here you can view a log of mass mailings that have already been sent.";
$l['edit_mass_mail'] = "Edit Mass Mailing";
$l['edit_mass_mail_desc'] = "Here you can edit a mass mailing and its options.";
$l['send_mass_mail'] = "Send Mass Mailing";

$l['email_addr'] = "Email Address";
$l['board_name'] = "Board Name";
$l['board_url'] = "Board URL";
$l['personalize_message'] = "Personalize this message:";

$l['message_settings'] = "Message Settings";
$l['subject'] = "Subject";
$l['subject_desc'] = "Please enter the subject of the message.";
$l['send_via_email'] = "Send via email";
$l['send_via_pm'] = "Send via private message";
$l['message_type'] = "Message Type";
$l['deliver_immediately'] = "Deliver immediately";
$l['deliver_specific'] = "Deliver on a specific date";
$l['delivery_date'] = "Delivery Date";
$l['delivery_date_desc'] = "Please select the date and time you want this mass mailing to be delivered";
$l['per_page'] = "Per Page";
$l['per_page_desc'] = "Please enter the number of mass mailings to run per page.";
$l['plain_text_only'] = "Plain Text Only";
$l['html_only'] = "HTML Only";
$l['html_and_plain_text'] = "HTML and Plain Text";
$l['message_format'] = "Message Format";
$l['define_html_message'] = "Define the HTML Message";
$l['define_html_message_desc'] = "Enter the HTML version of the message";
$l['auto_gen_plain_text'] = "Attempt to automatically generate text version";
$l['define_text_version'] = "Define the Text Version";
$l['define_text_version_desc'] = "Enter the Text version of the message";
$l['define_the_recipients'] = "Define the Recipients";
$l['username_contains'] = "Username contains...";
$l['email_addr_contains'] = "Email address contains...";
$l['members_of'] = "Members of the following groups...";
$l['greater_than'] = "Greater Than";
$l['is_exactly'] = "Is Exactly";
$l['less_than'] = "Less Than";
$l['post_count_is'] = "Post Count is";
$l['save_mass_mail'] = "Save Mass Mail";

$l['step_four'] = "Step 4";
$l['delivery_method'] = "Delivery Method";
$l['private_message'] = "Private Message";
$l['email'] = "Email";
$l['subject'] = "Subject";
$l['message'] = "Message";
$l['text_based'] = "Text Based";
$l['preview'] = "Preview";
$l['html_based'] = "HTML Based";
$l['total_recipients'] = "Total Recipients";
$l['change_recipient_conds'] = "Change recipient conditions";
$l['review_message'] = "Review Your Message";
$l['define_delivery_date'] = "Define Delivery Date";
$l['schedule_for_delivery'] = "Schedule for Delivery";
$l['username'] = "Username";

$l['step_three'] = "Step 3";
$l['next_step'] = "Next Step";

$l['step_two'] = "Step 2";
$l['review_text_version'] = "Review Text Version";
$l['review_text_version_desc'] = "Please review the automatically generated text version";

$l['step_one'] = "Step 1";

$l['status'] = "Status";
$l['recipients'] = "Recipients";
$l['delivered'] = "Delivered";
$l['canceled'] = "Canceled";
$l['resend'] = "Resend";
$l['no_archived_messages'] = "You do not have any previously sent or canceled mass mailings.";

$l['draft'] = "Draft";
$l['queued'] = "Queued";
$l['delivering'] = "Delivering";
$l['na'] = "N/A";
$l['mass_mail_cancel_confirmation'] = "Are you sure you wish to cancel the delivery of this mass mailing?";
$l['no_unsent_messages'] = "You do not have any unsent, queued or currently delivering mass mailings.";

$l['error_invalid_mid'] = "You have selected an invalid mass mailing.";
$l['error_only_in_future'] = "You can only deliver mass mailings in the future.";
$l['error_no_users'] = "Your search criteria did not return any users. Please adjust your criteria and try again.";
$l['error_missing_plain_text'] = "You did not enter a plain text version of this message.";
$l['error_missing_subject'] = "You did not enter a subject for this mass mailing.";
$l['error_missing_message'] = "You did not enter a message to send.";
$l['error_missing_html'] = "You did not enter a HTML version of this message.";
$l['error_delete_invalid_mid'] = "You have selected an invalid mass mailing to delete.";

$l['success_mass_mail_saved'] = "The mass mailing has been saved successfully.";
$l['success_mass_mail_deleted'] = "The selected mass mailing has been deleted successfully.";
$l['success_mass_mail_resent'] = "The mass mailing has been copied successfully. Please review it below.";
$l['success_mass_mail_canceled'] = "The mass mailing delivery has been canceled successfully.";

$l['mass_mail_deletion_confirmation'] = "Are you sure you want to delete this mass mailing?";

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