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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: user_banning.lang.php 5297 2010-12-28 22:01:14Z Tomm $

// Tabs
$l['banning'] = "Banning";
$l['banned_accounts'] = "Banned Accounts";
$l['banned_accounts_desc'] = "Here you can manage user accounts which are banned from access to the board.";
$l['ban_a_user'] = "Ban a User";
$l['ban_a_user_desc'] = "Here you can ban a user.";
$l['edit_ban'] = "Edit Ban";
$l['edit_ban_desc'] = "Here you can edit the reason and length of currently banned users.";
$l['banned_ips'] = "Banned IPs";
$l['disallowed_usernames'] = "Disallowed Usernames";
$l['disallowed_email_addresses'] = "Disallowed Email Addresses";

// Errors
$l['error_invalid_ban'] = "You have selected an invalid ban to edit.";
$l['error_invalid_username'] = "The username you have entered is invalid and does not exist.";
$l['error_no_perm_to_ban'] = "You do not have permission to ban this user.";
$l['error_already_banned'] = "This user already belongs to a banned group and cannot be added to a new one.";
$l['error_ban_self'] = "You cannot ban yourself.";
$l['error_no_reason'] = "You did not enter a reason to ban this user.";

// Success
$l['success_ban_lifted'] = "The selected ban has been lifted successfully.";
$l['success_banned'] = "The selected user has been banned successfully.";
$l['success_ban_updated'] = "The selected ban has been updated successfully.";
$l['success_pruned'] = "The selected user's posts and threads have been pruned successfully.";

// Confirm
$l['confirm_lift_ban'] = "Are you sure you want to lift this ban?";
$l['confirm_prune'] = "Are you sure you want to prune all threads and posts created by this user?";

//== Pages
//= Add / Edit
$l['ban_username'] = "Username <em>*</em>";
$l['autocomplete_enabled'] = "Auto-complete is enabled in this field.";
$l['ban_reason'] = "Ban Reason";
$l['ban_group'] = "Banned Group <em>*</em>";
$l['ban_group_desc'] = "In order for this user to be banned they must be moved to a banned group.";
$l['ban_time'] = "Ban Length <em>*</em>";

//= Index
$l['user'] = "User";
$l['moderation'] = "Moderation";
$l['ban_lifts_on'] = "Ban Lifts On";
$l['time_left'] = "Time Left";
$l['permenantly'] = "permanently";
$l['na'] = "N/A";
$l['for'] = "for";
$l['bannedby_x_on_x'] = "<strong>{1}</strong><br /><small>Banned by {2} on {3} {4}</small>";
$l['lift'] = "Lift";
$l['no_banned_users'] = "You don't have any banned users at the moment.";
$l['prune_threads_and_posts'] = "Prune Threads &amp; Posts";

// Buttons
$l['ban_user'] = "Ban User";
$l['update_ban'] = "Update Ban";

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