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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: tools_file_verification.lang.php 5297 2010-12-28 22:01:14Z Tomm $
$l['file_verification'] = "File Verification";
$l['checking'] = "Checking...";
$l['file_verification_message'] = "This process will check all MyBB default files to check for validity. Press Yes to continue.<br /> <small>Please note, this process can not differentiate between custom modifications and actual corruption in files. Therefore you should take caution in reverting files this process returns as \"corrupt\".</small>";

$l['error_communication'] = "There was a problem communicating with the MyBB server. Please try again in a few minutes.";
$l['file'] = "File";
$l['no_corrupt_files_found'] = "Congratulations! No corrupt files have been found on your installation.";
$l['found_problems'] = "Found Problems";
$l['changed'] = "Changed";
$l['missing'] = "Missing";
$l['status'] = "Status";

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