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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: tools_backupdb.lang.php 5297 2010-12-28 22:01:14Z Tomm $

$l['database_backups'] = "Database Backups";
$l['database_backups_desc'] = "Here you find a listing of the database backups that are currently stored on your web server in the MyBB Backups directory.";
$l['new_database_backup'] = "New Database Backup";
$l['new_backup'] = "New Backup";
$l['new_backup_desc'] = "Here you can backup a copy of your database.";
$l['backups'] = "Backups";
$l['existing_database_backups'] = "Existing Database Backups";

$l['backup_saved_to'] = "The backup was saved to:";
$l['download'] = "Download";
$l['table_selection'] = "Table Selection";
$l['backup_options'] = "Backup Options";
$l['table_select_desc'] = "You may select the database tables you wish to perform this action on here. Hold down CTRL to select multiple tables.";
$l['select_all'] = "Select All";
$l['deselect_all'] = "Deselect All";
$l['select_forum_tables'] = "Select Forum Tables";
$l['file_type'] = "File Type";
$l['file_type_desc'] = "Select the file type you would like the database backup saved as.";
$l['gzip_compressed'] = "GZIP Compressed";
$l['plain_text'] = "Plain Text";
$l['save_method'] = "Save Method";
$l['save_method_desc'] = "Select the method you would like to use to save the backup.";
$l['backup_directory'] = "Backup Directory";
$l['backup_contents'] = "Backup Contents";
$l['backup_contents_desc'] = "Select the information that you would like included in the backup.";
$l['structure_and_data'] = "Structure and Data";
$l['structure_only'] = "Structure Only";
$l['data_only'] = "Data only";
$l['analyze_and_optimize'] = "Analyze and Optimize Selected Tables";
$l['analyze_and_optimize_desc'] = "Would you like the selected tables to be analyzed and optimized during the backup?";
$l['perform_backup'] = "Perform Backup";
$l['backup_filename'] = "Backup Filename";
$l['file_size'] = "File Size";
$l['creation_date'] = "Creation Date";
$l['no_backups'] = "There are currently no backups made yet.";

$l['error_file_not_specified'] = "You did not specify a database backup to download.";
$l['error_invalid_backup'] = "The back up file you selected is either invalid or does not exist.";
$l['error_backup_doesnt_exist'] = "The specified backup does not exist";
$l['error_backup_not_deleted'] = "The backup has not been deleted.";
$l['error_tables_not_selected'] = "You did not select any tables to backup.";
$l['error_no_zlib'] = "The zlib library for PHP is not enabled - you cannot create GZIP compressed backups.";

$l['alert_not_writable'] = "Your backups directory (within the Admin CP directory) is not writable. You cannot save backups on the server.";

$l['confirm_backup_deletion'] = "Are you sure you wish to delete this backup?";

$l['success_backup_deleted'] = "The backup has been deleted successfully.";
$l['success_backup_created'] = "The backup has been created successfully.";

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