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 * MyBB 1.2 English Language Pack
 * Copyright © 2006 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: profilefields.lang.php 2425 2006-11-23 01:11:35Z Tikitiki $

$l['nav_profile_fields'] = "Custom Profile Fields";
$l['nav_add_field'] = "New Profile Field";
$l['nav_edit_field'] = "Edit Profile Field";
$l['nav_delete_field'] = "Delete Profile Field";

$l['create_profilefield'] = "Add New Profile Field";
$l['profile_fields'] = "Custom Profile Fields";
$l['name'] = "Name";
$l['id'] = "ID#";
$l['required'] = "Required";
$l['editable'] = "Editable";
$l['hidden'] = "Hidden";
$l['controls'] = "Controls";
$l['edit_field'] = "Edit Profile Field";
$l['del_field'] = "Delete Profile Field";

$l['new_custom_field'] = "New Custom Profile Field";
$l['edit_custom_field'] = "Edit Custom Profile Field {1}";
$l['field_name'] = "Name";
$l['field_description'] = "Description<br /><small>Please enter a small description for this field, you should explain if the field is required or hidden.</small>";
$l['field_max_length'] = "Maximum Length<br /><small>This only applies to textboxes/areas.</small>";
$l['field_length'] = "Field Length<br /><small>The length of the field, this only applies to single and multiple option select boxes.</small>";
$l['field_disporder'] = "Display Order";
$l['field_type'] = "Field Type<br /><small>Please select the field type.</small>";
$l['field_type_textbox'] = "Textbox";
$l['field_type_textarea'] = "Textarea";
$l['field_type_select'] = "Select Box";
$l['field_type_multiselect'] = "Multiple Option Selection Box";
$l['field_type_radio'] = "Radio Buttons";
$l['field_type_checkbox'] = "Check Boxes";
$l['field_options'] = "Selectable Options<br /><small>Please enter each option on its own line, this only applies to the selectboxes, checkboxes, and radio box setting types</small>";
$l['field_required'] = "Required?<br /><small>Require the field to be filled in during registration or profile editing?<br />Does not apply if 'hidden' is selected below.</small>";
$l['field_editable'] = "Editable by User?<br /><small>Is the field editable by the user? If not, admins/mods can still edit it.</small>";
$l['field_hidden'] = "Hidden on Profile?<br /><small>Is the field hidden from users and only viewable by admins/mods</small>";
$l['add_field'] = "Add Field";

$l['delete_field'] = "Delete Custom Profile Field";
$l['delete_confirm' ] = "Are you sure you want to delete the selected custom profile field?";

$l['field_added'] = "The profile field has successfully been added.";
$l['field_deleted'] = "The profile field has successfully been deleted.";
$l['field_updated'] = "The profile field has successfully been updated.";
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