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 * MyBB 1.2 English Language Pack
 * Copyright © 2006 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id$

$l['nav_moderation'] = "Moderator Toolbox";
$l['nav_add_action'] = "Add Custom Tool";
$l['nav_edit_action'] = "Edit Custom Tool";
$l['nav_delete_action'] = "Delete Custom Tool";

$l['no_change'] = "No Change";
$l['approve'] = "Approve";
$l['unapprove'] = "Unapprove";
$l['stick'] = "Stick";
$l['unstick'] = "Unstick";
$l['open'] = "Open";
$l['close'] = "Close";
$l['toggle'] = "Toggle";

$l['delete_tool_title'] = "Delete Tool: {1}";
$l['delete_tool_confirm'] = "Are you sure you want to delete the tool called {1}?";
$l['tool_deleted'] = "Tool deleted successfully";

$l['add_thread_tool_title'] = "Add Thread Tool";
$l['add_post_tool_title'] = "Add Inline Post Tool";
$l['edit_thread_tool_title'] = "Edit Thread Tool";
$l['edit_post_tool_title'] = "Edit Inline Post Tool";
$l['general_options'] = "General Options";
$l['name'] = "Tool Name";
$l['description'] = "Tool Description";
$l['available_in_forums'] = "Available in Forums:<br /><small>\"All Forums\" overrides any other selection</small>";
$l['all_forums'] = "All Forums";
$l['inline_post_moderation'] = "Inline Post Moderation";
$l['approve_unapprove_posts'] = "Approve/Unapprove Posts";
$l['merge_posts'] = "Merge Posts";
$l['split_posts'] = "Split Posts";
$l['do_not_split'] = "Do not split selected posts";
$l['split_to_same_forum'] = "Split to same forum";
$l['split_new_subject'] = "Subject for Split Thread<br /><small>Only required if splitting posts.  The {subject} represents the original subject.</small>";
$l['add_reply_split'] = "Add Reply to Newly Split Thread<br /><small>Leave blank for no reply</small>";
$l['split_additional_options'] = "Additional options for the newly split thread:";
$l['delete_posts'] = "Delete Posts";
$l['thread_moderation'] = "Thread Moderation";
$l['delete_thread'] = "Delete Thread";
$l['approve_unapprove_thread'] = "Approve/Unapprove Thread(s)";
$l['merge_threads'] = "Merge Threads<br /><small>Only if used from inline thread moderation</small>";
$l['open_close_thread'] = "Open/Close Thread(s)";
$l['delete_poll'] = "Delete Poll";
$l['move_thread'] = "Move Thread(s)";
$l['do_not_move'] = "Do not move thread";
$l['leave_redirect'] = "Leave Redirect When Moving Thread(s)<br /><small>Only if thread is being moved</small>";
$l['redirect_expire'] = "Delete Redirect After This Number Of Days<br /><small>Only if thread is being moved with redirect.  Leave blank for never.</small>";
$l['copy_thread'] = "Copy Thread";
$l['do_not_copy'] = "Do not copy thread";
$l['copy_to_same_forum'] = "Copy to same forum";
$l['remove_redirects'] = "Remove Redirects";
$l['new_subject'] = "New Subject<br /><small>The {subject} represents the original subject.</small>";
$l['add_reply'] = "Add Reply<br /><small>Leave blank for no reply</small>";
$l['reply_subject'] = "Reply Subject<br /><small>Only used if a reply is made</small>";
$l['add_thread_action'] = "Add Thread Tool";
$l['add_post_action'] = "Add Inline Post Tool";
$l['edit_thread_action'] = "Edit Thread Tool";
$l['edit_post_action'] = "Edit Inline Post Tool";
$l['no_name'] = "The tool must have a name!";
$l['tool_added'] = "Tool added successfully";
$l['tool_edited'] = "Tool edited successfully";
$l['invalid_tool'] = "Invalid Tool";

$l['thread_tools'] = "Custom Thread Moderation Tools";
$l['post_tools'] = "Custom Inline Post Moderation Tools";
$l['tool_name'] = "Tool Name / Description";
$l['type'] = "Type";
$l['options'] = "Options";
$l['edit_tool'] = "edit";
$l['delete_tool'] = "delete";
$l['post_tool'] = "Post";
$l['thread_tool'] = "Thread";
$l['no_tools'] = "There are no custom moderator tools to show for this category.";
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