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 * MyBB 1.2 English Language Pack
 * Copyright © 2006 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: forums.lang.php 2229 2006-09-18 01:15:11Z musicalmidget $

$l['nav_forums'] = "Forum Management";
$l['nav_add_forum'] = "New Forum";
$l['nav_edit_forum'] = "Edit Forum Settings";
$l['nav_delete_forum'] = "Delete Forum";
$l['nav_copy_forum'] = "Copy Forum Settings";
$l['nav_add_mod'] = "Add Moderator";
$l['nav_edit_mod'] = "Edit Moderator";
$l['nav_delete_mod'] = "Delete Moderator";

$l['create_new_forum'] = "Create New Forum";
$l['forum_permissions'] = "Forum Permissions";
$l['forum_announcements'] = "Forum Announcements";

$l['forums'] = "Forums";
$l['forums_in'] = "Forums In '{1}'";
$l['sub_forums'] = "Sub Forums:";
$l['add_child_forum'] = "Add Child Forum";
$l['forum_moderators'] = "Forum Moderators";
$l['edit_forum2'] = "Edit Forum";
$l['getforums_edit'] = "Edit";
$l['getforums_delete'] = "Delete";
$l['getforums_details'] = "Subforums / Moderators";
$l['edit_forum_settings'] = "Edit Forum Settings";
$l['delete_forum2'] = "Delete Forum";
$l['forum_information'] = "Forum Information";
$l['num_threads'] = "Number of Threads:";
$l['num_posts'] = "Number of Posts:";
$l['lastpost'] = "Last Post";
$l['update_orders'] = "Update Forum Orders";
$l['mods_colors_note'] = "Normal Color - moderator of this forum<br /><span class=\"highlight2\">Highlighted</span> - moderator inherited from a parent forum.";
$l['no_mods_note'] ="This forum does not currently have any moderators. To add one, click 'New Moderator' above.";
$l['edit'] = "Edit";
$l['delete'] = "Delete";
$l['add_mod'] = "New Moderator";
$l['moderators'] = "Moderators:";
$l['disporder2'] = "Display Order:";
$l['permissions'] = "Permissions";
$l['quick_permissions'] = "Quick Permissions";
$l['edit_permissions'] = "Edit Permissions";
$l['set_permissions'] = "Set Permissions";

$l['orders_updated'] = "The forum orders have successfully been updated";

$l['add_forum'] = "Add Forum";
$l['edit_forum'] ="Edit settings for forum {1}";

$l['name'] = "Name";
$l['description'] = "Description";
$l['forumlink'] = "Forum Link<br /><small>Enter a link here to make the forum redirect to another URL. This will not be an actual forum, however, permissions can still be set for it.</small>";
$l['disporder'] = "Display Order";
$l['parentforum'] = "Parent Forum";
$l['parentforum_none'] = "None";

$l['access_perm_options'] = "Access and Permission Options";
$l['forum_password'] = "Forum Password<br /><small>If you want to protect this forum you can enter a password here. Note, the user groups needs permission to access the forum as well.</small>";

$l['posting_options'] = "Posting and Thread Listing Options";
$l['act_as_forum'] = "Act As Forum?<br /><small>If no, will act as a category.</small>";
$l['forum_active'] = "Forum Is Active?<br /><small>If no, the forum will not be shown to any users and will 'not exist'</small>";
$l['forum_open'] = "Forum Is Open?<br /><small>If no, the forum will be closed from posting regardless of the users' permissions</small>";

$l['moderation_options'] = "Moderation Options";
$l['moderate_posts'] = "Moderate New Posts";
$l['moderate_threads'] = "Moderate New Threads";
$l['moderate_attachments'] = "Moderate New Attachments";

$l['style_options'] = "Style Options";
$l['style'] = "Style<br /><small>If blank, will use the default style of the user or forums.</small>";
$l['use_default'] = "Use Default";
$l['override_style'] = "Override User's Selected Style<br /><small>Do you want to override the user's selected custom style with this style?</small>";

$l['default_viewing_options'] = "Default Viewing Options";
$l['default_datecut'] = "Default Date Cut";
$l['default_sortby'] = "Default Sort By";
$l['default_sortorder'] = "Default Sort Order";
$l['board_default'] = "Board Default";
$l['datelimit_1day'] = "Last day";
$l['datelimit_5days'] = "Last 5 days";
$l['datelimit_10days'] = "Last 10 days";
$l['datelimit_20days'] = "Last 20 days";
$l['datelimit_50days'] = "Last 50 days";
$l['datelimit_75days'] = "Last 75 days";
$l['datelimit_100days'] = "Last 100 days";
$l['datelimit_lastyear'] = "Last year";
$l['datelimit_beginning'] = "The beginning";
$l['sort_by_subject'] = "Thread subject";
$l['sort_by_lastpost'] = "Last post time";
$l['sort_by_starter'] = "Thread starter";
$l['sort_by_started'] = "Thread creation time";
$l['sort_by_rating'] = "Thread rating";
$l['sort_by_replies'] = "Number of replies";
$l['sort_by_views'] = "Number of views";
$l['sort_order_asc'] = "Ascending";
$l['sort_order_desc'] = "Descending";

$l['misc_options'] = "Miscellaneous Options";
$l['allow_html'] = "Allow HTML";
$l['allow_mycode'] = "Allow MyCode";
$l['allow_smilies'] = "Allow Smilies";
$l['allow_img_code'] = "Allow [img] Code";
$l['allow_posticons'] = "Allow Post Icons";
$l['allow_ratings'] = "Allow Thread Ratings";
$l['show_forum_jump'] = "Show in Forum Jump?";
$l['use_postcounts'] = "Make posts in this forum count towards user post counts";

$l['update_forum'] = "Update Forum";

$l['add_moderator'] = "Add Moderator";
$l['edit_moderator'] = "Edit Moderator";
$l['username'] = "Username";
$l['forum'] = "Forum";
$l['mod_perms'] = "Moderator Permissions";
$l['caneditposts'] = "Can Edit Posts";
$l['candeleteposts'] = "Can Delete Posts";
$l['canviewips'] = "Can View IPs";
$l['canopenclose'] = "Can Open and Close Threads";
$l['canmanage'] = "Can Manage Threads (Split, Move, Copy)";
$l['canmovetononmodforum'] = "Can Move Threads to Forums that User Does Not Moderate";
$l['update_moderator'] = "Update Moderator";

$l['delete_forum'] = "Delete Forum: {1}";
$l['delete_forum_confirm'] = "Are you sure you want to delete the forum called {1}?";

$l['delete_mod'] = "Delete Moderator";
$l['delete_mod_confirm'] = "Are you sure you want to delete this moderator?";

$l['forum_added'] = "The forum has successfully been added.";
$l['forum_deleted'] = "The forum has successfully been deleted.";
$l['forum_updated'] = "The forum has successfully been updated.";
$l['forum_parent_itself'] = "The forum parent cannot be the forum itself.";
$l['forum_noparent'] = "The forum must belong to a parent forum or category.  If you have no existing forums, create a category first (by setting 'Act as Forum' to 'No') before creating a forum.";
$l['forum_noname'] = "You did not enter a name for this forum.";
$l['mod_added'] = "The moderator has sucessfully been added to the forum.";
$l['mod_alreadyismod'] = "The user is already a moderator of the forum.";
$l['mod_user_notfound'] = "The user was not found.";
$l['mod_deleted'] = "The moderator has successfully been deleted.";
$l['mod_updated'] = "The moderator has successfully been modified.";
$l['forum_parent_child'] = "You can't set the parent forum to one of the forums own children!";
$l['forum_rules'] = "Forum Rules";
$l['rules_display_method'] = "Display Method";
$l['dont_display_rules'] = "Don't display rules";
$l['display_rules_inline'] = "Display rules inline";
$l['display_rules_link'] = "Display a link to the rules";
$l['rules_title'] = "Rules Title";
$l['rules'] = "Rules";

$l['copy_forum'] = "Copy Forum";
$l['copy_forum_note'] = "This will allow you to copy the settings and/or usergroup forum permissions of one forum to another.";
$l['source_forum'] = "Source Forum";
$l['destination_forum'] = "Destination Forum";
$l['copy_settings'] = "Settings";
$l['copy_forum_settings'] = "Copy Forum Settings and Properties<br /><small>Only applies if destination forum exists</small>";
$l['copy_usergroups'] = "Copy Usergroup Permissions";
$l['copy_forum_button'] = "Copy Forum";
$l['copy_to_new_forum'] = "New Forum Settings (Required only if copying to a new forum)";
$l['no_copy_to_existing'] = "Copy To New Forum";
$l['new_forum_needs_name'] = "You need to give your new forum a name.";
$l['invalid_source_forum'] = "Invalid source forum.";
$l['invalid_destination_forum'] = "Invalid destination forum.";
$l['copy_successful'] = "Forum copied successfully";
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