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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: config_post_icons.lang.php 5833 2012-05-24 08:39:00Z Tomm $

$l['post_icons'] = "Post Icons";
$l['add_post_icon'] = "Add New Post Icon";
$l['add_post_icon_desc'] = "Here you can add a single new post icon.";
$l['add_multiple_post_icons'] = "Add Multiple Post Icons";
$l['add_multiple_post_icons_desc'] = "Here you can add multiple new post icons.";
$l['edit_post_icon'] = "Edit Post Icon";
$l['edit_post_icon_desc'] = "Here you can edit a post icon.";
$l['manage_post_icons'] = "Manage Post Icons";
$l['manage_post_icons_desc'] = "This section allows you to edit, delete, and manage your post icons.";

$l['name_desc'] = "This is the name for the post icon.";
$l['image_path'] = "Image Path";
$l['image_path_desc'] = "This is the path to the post icon image.";
$l['save_post_icon'] = "Save Post Icon";
$l['reset'] = "Reset";

$l['path_to_images'] = "Path to Images";
$l['path_to_images_desc'] = "This is the path to the folder that the images are in.";
$l['show_post_icons'] = "Show Post Icons";
$l['image'] = "Image";
$l['add'] = "Add?";
$l['save_post_icons'] = "Save Post Icons";

$l['no_post_icons'] = "There are no post icons on your forum at this time.";

$l['error_missing_name'] = "You did not enter a name for this post icon";
$l['error_missing_path'] = "You did not enter a path to this post icon";
$l['error_missing_path_multiple'] = "You did not enter a path";
$l['error_invalid_path'] = "You did not enter a valid path";
$l['error_no_images'] = "There are no post icons in the specified directory, or all post icons in the directory have already been added.";
$l['error_none_included'] = "You did not select any post icons to include.";
$l['error_invalid_post_icon'] = "The specified post icon does not exist.";

$l['success_post_icon_added'] = "The post icon has been added successfully.";
$l['success_post_icons_added'] = "The selected post icons have been added successfully.";
$l['success_post_icon_updated'] = "The post icon has been updated successfully.";
$l['success_post_icon_deleted'] = "The selected post icon has been deleted successfully.";

$l['confirm_post_icon_deletion'] = "Are you sure you wish to delete this post icon?";
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