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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: config_languages.lang.php 5828 2012-05-08 16:06:16Z Tomm $

$l['languages'] = "Languages";
$l['languages_desc'] = "The language packs you have installed on your forum are shown below. You can choose to edit the language files, edit the files with another language, or edit the language's properties.";
$l['find_language_packs'] = "Find Language Packs";
$l['language_files'] = "Language Files";
$l['language_files_desc'] = "Below are the files within the selected language, for both the front-end and the admin control panel. Here you can choose to edit these files.";
$l['quick_phrases'] = "Quick Phrases";
$l['quick_phrases_desc'] = "Quick access to commonly modified language phrases.";

$l['edit_with'] = "Edit with {1}";
$l['edit_language_variables'] = "Edit Language Variables";
$l['edit_language_variables_desc'] = "Here you can edit the different language strings to your liking.";
$l['edit_properties_desc'] = "Here you can edit a language pack properties.";
$l['installed_language_packs'] = "Installed Language Packs";
$l['front_end'] = "Front End";
$l['admin_cp'] = "Admin CP";
$l['save_language_file'] = "Save Language File";
$l['nav_editing_set'] = "Editing Language Set Properties";
$l['edit_properties'] = "Edit Language Pack Properties";
$l['friendly_name'] = "Friendly Name";
$l['language_in_html'] = "Language in &lt;html&gt; tag";
$l['charset'] = "Character Set";
$l['admin'] = "Contains Admin CP language variables?";
$l['rtl'] = "Right-To-Left?";

$l['quickphrases_agreement'] = 'Registration Agreement - Title';
$l['quickphrases_agreement_1'] = 'Registration Agreement - Paragraph 1';
$l['quickphrases_agreement_2'] = 'Registration Agreement - Paragraph 2';
$l['quickphrases_agreement_3'] = 'Registration Agreement - Paragraph 3';
$l['quickphrases_agreement_4'] = 'Registration Agreement - Paragraph 4';
$l['quickphrases_agreement_5'] = 'Registration Agreement - Paragraph 5';

$l['quickphrases_error_nopermission_guest_1'] = 'No Permissions Message - Paragraph 1';
$l['quickphrases_error_nopermission_guest_2'] = 'No Permissions Message - Paragraph 2';
$l['quickphrases_error_nopermission_guest_3'] = 'No Permissions Message - Paragraph 3';
$l['quickphrases_error_nopermission_guest_4'] = 'No Permissions Message - Paragraph 4';

$l['no_languages'] = "No Languages";
$l['no_language_files_front_end'] = "There are no Front End Language files found.";
$l['no_language_files_admin_cp'] = "There are no Admin CP Language files found.";

$l['error_invalid_set'] = "Invalid language set specified.";
$l['error_invalid_file'] = "Invalid language file specified.";
$l['error_cannot_write_to_file'] = "Cannot write to file.  Check the file permissions for this language set and try again";

$l['alert_note_cannot_write'] = "Before you can edit the language file, you must CHMOD the files in this language set so that the server has permission to write to them.";

$l['success_langfile_updated'] = "The language file has been updated successfully.";
$l['success_langprops_updated'] = "The language properties have been updated successfully.";
$l['success_quickphrases_updated'] = "The quick language phrases have been updated successfully.";

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