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 * MyBB 1.6 English Language Pack
 * Copyright 2010 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved
 * $Id: config_calendars.lang.php 5833 2012-05-24 08:39:00Z Tomm $

$l['calendars'] = "Calendars";
$l['manage_calendars'] = "Manage Calendars";
$l['manage_calendars_desc'] = "This section allows you to manage the calendars on your board. If you change the display order for one or more calendars make sure you submit the form at the bottom of the page.";
$l['add_calendar'] = "Add New Calendar";
$l['add_calendar_desc'] = "Here you can create a new calendar.";
$l['edit_calendar'] = "Edit Calendar";
$l['edit_calendar_desc'] = "Here you can edit the settings for this calendar.";

$l['calendar'] = "Calendar";
$l['order'] = "Order";
$l['no_calendars'] = "There are no calendars on your forum at this time.";
$l['save_calendar_orders'] = "Save Calendar Display Order";

$l['name'] = "Name";
$l['display_order'] = "Display Order";
$l['week_start'] = "Start of Week";
$l['week_start_desc'] = "Here you can set the day weeks should start on for this calendar.";
$l['sunday'] = "Sunday";
$l['monday'] = "Monday";
$l['tuesday'] = "Tuesday";
$l['wednesday'] = "Wednesday";
$l['thursday'] = "Thursday";
$l['friday'] = "Friday";
$l['saturday'] = "Saturday";
$l['event_limit'] = "Event Limit";
$l['event_limit_desc'] = "The number of events to be shown before a single link to all events on the particular day is shown instead.";
$l['show_birthdays'] = "Show Birthdays?";
$l['show_birthdays_desc'] = "Do you wish to show birthdays of registered users in this calendar?";
$l['moderate_events'] = "Moderate New Events?";
$l['moderate_events_desc'] = "If this option is set to 'Yes,' all events will be moderated apart from those created by members with 'Bypass moderation queue' set for their calendar permissions.";
$l['allow_html'] = "Allow HTML in Events?";
$l['allow_mycode'] = "Allow MyCode in Events?";
$l['allow_img'] = "Allow [IMG] Code in Events?";
$l['allow_video'] = "Allow [VIDEO] Code in Events?";
$l['allow_smilies'] = "Allow Smilies in Events?";
$l['save_calendar'] = "Save Calendar";

$l['permissions'] = "Permissions";
$l['edit_permissions'] = "Edit Calendar Permissions";
$l['calendar_permissions_for'] = "Calendar Permissions for";
$l['permissions_group'] = "Group";
$l['permissions_view'] = "View";
$l['permissions_post_events'] = "Post Events";
$l['permissions_bypass_moderation'] = "Bypass Moderation";
$l['permissions_moderator'] = "Moderator Permissions";
$l['permissions_all'] = "All?";
$l['permissions_use_group_default'] = "Use Group Default";
$l['save_permissions'] = "Save Permissions";

$l['error_invalid_calendar'] = "The specified calendar does not exist.";
$l['error_missing_name'] = "You did not enter a name for this calendar";
$l['error_missing_order'] = "You did not enter a display order for this calendar";

$l['success_calendar_created'] = "The calendar has been created successfully.";
$l['success_calendar_updated'] = "The calendar has been updated successfully.";
$l['success_calendar_permissions_updated'] = "The calendar permissions have been updated successfully.";
$l['success_calendar_deleted'] = "The selected calendar has been deleted successfully.";
$l['success_calendar_orders_updated'] = "The calendar display orders have been updated successfully.";

$l['confirm_calendar_deletion'] = "Are you sure you wish to delete this calendar?";

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