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/// getID3() by James Heinrich <hide@address.com>               //
//  available at http://getid3.sourceforge.net                ///
//            or http://www.getid3.org                        ///
//                                                             //
// getid3.changelog.txt - part of getID3()                     //
// See getid3.readme.txt for more details                      //
//                                                             //

        »  denotes a major feature addition/change
        Ø  denotes a change in the returned structure
* Bugfix:  denote a fixed bug

Version History

1.6.2: [May-04-2003]
   » New official mirror site for getID3() - http://www.getid3.org
   » Added basic support for SWF (Flash)  (thanks hide@address.com)
     New file: getid3.swf.php
   » Added experimental support for parsing the audio portion of
     MPEG-video files. I don't have any actual documentation for
     this, so this part is experimental and not guaranteed accurate,
     but it seems to be working OK as far as I have been able to test
     it. Bug reports (or even better - documentation!) are welcome at
   » Added new simple directory-scanning sample file
     New file: getid3.demo.simple.php
   » getid3.demo.write.php now writes APE tags as well.
   Ø Renamed getid3.write.php to getid3.demo.write.php
   Ø Renamed audioinfo.class.php to getid3.demo.audioinfo.class.php
   Ø getid3.php now automatically includes the getid3.functions.php
     function library file, no need to include it seperately.
   Ø getLyrics3Filepointer() has been changed to be consistant with
     all the other similar function structures - the parameters have
     changed. The old function has been renamed to getLyrics3Data()
   Ø Added DeleteAPEtag() function to getid3.ape.php
   Ø HandleID3v1Tag() now only handles ID3v1. Lyrics3 processing is
     now done by HandleLyrics3Tag()
   Ø If BitrateHistogram is enabled in getOnlyMPEGaudioInfo() it now
     also returns ['mpeg']['audio']['version_distribution'] showing
     the number of frames of each MPEG version (1, 2 or 2.5) - all
     frames *should* be of the same MPEG version
   Ø getID3v1Filepointer() always returns TRUE now, even if it didn't
     find a valid ID3v1 tag
   Ø getOnlyMPEGaudioInfo() now looks for MPEG sync in the first 128k
     bytes rather than the first 64k bytes
   Ø Added dummy function GetAllMP3info() to generate warning not to
     use that deprecated function.
   Ø ['video']['codec'] is now 'MPEG' for all MPEG video files (this
     will change to 'MPEG-1' or 'MPEG-2' as soon as I figure out how
     to determine that)  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ['mpeg']['audio']['LAME']['mp3_gain'] renamed to
     ['mpeg']['audio']['LAME']['mp3_gain_db'] (gain in dB)
   Ø Added ['mpeg']['audio']['LAME']['mp3_gain_factor'] (gain as a
     multiplication factor)
   Ø Added support for Preset and Surround Info bytes from LAME VBR
     tag (http://gabriel.mp3-tech.org/mp3infotag.html)
   * Bugfix: APE tag writing would put the string 'Array' for all
     values rather than the actual data  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: Warning now generated for VBR MPEG-video files because
     getID3() cannot determine average bitrate. If you know of
     documentation that would tell me how to do this, please email
   * Bugfix: Replay Gain values from Vorbis comments are now
     returned in ['replay_gain'] (and not in ['comments'])
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: Replay Gain values from APE comments are now correctly
     returned in ['replay_gain']  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: getid3.demo.check.php is now case-insensitive when
     assuming a format for a corrupted file if standard detection
     does not identify the file type.
   * Bugfix: RIFF comments were overwriting/suppressing ID3 comments
     for RIFF-MP3 files  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: RIFF-MP3 files with 'RMP3' chunks instead of 'WAVE' were
     not being correctly identified.
   * Bugfix: ID3v2 padding shorter than the length of an ID3v2 frame
     header was not correctly detected
   * Bugfix: getid3.demo.check.php now does in-depth scanning for MP2
     and MP1 files the same as for MP3 files based on file extension
     if a MPEG-audio structure isn't found immediately at the start
     of the file
   * Bugfix: removed condition where RIFF-WAV was being scanned for
     MPEG-audio signature when it shouldn't be present (non-MP3 WAV)
   * Bugfix: ASF files were not always showing correct audio datatype
   * Bugfix: array_merge_clobber() and array_merge_noclobber() were
     not being conditionally defined in getid3.functions.php
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: stream_numbers was not being correctly returned in
     bitrate_mutual_exclusion_object chunks of ASF files
   * Bugfix: Added support for 24kHz and 12kHz audio in ASF files
   * Bugfix: Removed possible undefined offset error in MP3s where
     cannot find synch before end of file
   * Bugfix: Removed potential out-of-memory crash situation when
     parsing Real files with chunks larger than the available memory
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: ID3v1 was incorrectly taking precedence over ID3v2 in
     the ['comments'] array (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: No longer calculates overall bitrate and playtime for
     VBR MPEG video files based on the audio bitrate.
   * Bugfix: AssumeFormat was not working properly
   Added summary footer line to getid3.demo.check.php
   Added '.mpeg' to the list of assume-format-from-filenames list in
   MPEG-video files now more reliably detected
   A number of additional features have been added to
   Added many RIFF-AVI audio types and fourcc video types to the
     lookup functions in getid3.riff.php
   Now identifes files with Lyrics3 v1 tags that are of incorrect
     length (v1 Lyrics3 is supposed to be 5100 bytes long, but
     [unknown program] writes variable-length tags (which is illegal
     for Lyrics3 v1)). getID3() now correctly parses these tags and
     issues a warning.
   Split GetFileFormat() to GetFileFormat() and GetFileFormatArray()
   HTML colors in getid3.demo.check.php are now defined as constant
     variables at the top of the file (if you want to change them)
   Added support for OptimFROG v4.50x (non-alpha) (new header fields)
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Added support for Lossless Audio v0.4 (thanks hide@address.com)

1.6.1: [March-03-2003]
   » Added support for writing APE v2.
     WriteAPEtag() in getid3.ape.php
     NOTE: APE v1 writing support will *not* be added to future
     versions of getID3()
     (thanks hide@address.com and hide@address.com for the idea)
   » Added support for AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) including
     AIFF, AIFC and 8SVX  (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
     Removed file: getid3.aiff.php
   » Added support for OptimFROG (v4.50a and v4.2x)
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
     New file: getid3.optimfrog.php
   » Added support for WavPack  (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   » Added support for LPAC  (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   » Added support for NeXT/Sun .au format
     New file: getid3.au.php
   » Added support for Creative SoundBlaster VOC format
     New file: getid3.voc.php
   » Added support for the BWF (Broadcast Wave File) RIFF chunks
     "bext" and "MEXT"  (thanks Ryan and hide@address.com)
   » Added support for the CART (Broadcast Wave File) RIFF chunks
     (thanks Ryan)
   » Added getid3.demo.scandir.php - a sample recursive scanning demo
     that scans every file in a given directory, and all sub-
     directories, and stores the resulting data in MySQL database,
     and then displays a list of duplicate files based on md5_data
   Ø ['md5_data_source'] now contains the MD5 value for the original
     uncompressed data for formats that store that information
     (currently only FLAC v0.5+). ['md5_data'] (if chosen to be
     calculated) will contain the calculated MD5 value for the
     compressed file. To check if 2 files are identical in every way,
     including all comments: compare ['md5_file']. To check if two
     files were compressed from the same source file: compare
     ['md5_data_source']. To check if the compressed audio/video data
     of two files is identical, even if comments or even the
     container file format is different (MP3 in RIFF container,
     FLAC in Ogg container, etc): compare ['md5_data'].
   Ø ['md5_data'] for 8-bit WAV files is now calculated based on a
     converted version of the data from unsigned to signed (MSB
     inverted) to match the MD5 value calculated by FLAC
   Ø New optional parameter added to GetAllFileInfo() -
     $MD5dataIfMD5SourceKnown (default: false). If false the md5_data
     value will NOT be calculated for files (such as FLAC) that have
     ['md5_data_source'] set, even if $MD5data == true.
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø getid3.check.php renamed to getid3.demo.check.php
   Ø Added GetTagOnly() function to getid3.php - similar to
     GetAllFileInfo() except only takes a filename as a parameter and
     only returns ID3v2, APE, Lyrics3 and ID3v1 tag information - no
     attempt is made to parse the data contents of the file at all.
     (thanks Phil for the idea)
   Ø Added ['audio']['lossless'] and ['video']['lossless'] for all
     formats (when known). Both are boolean values - true means the
     data is lossless-compressed, false means the data is lossy-
   Ø Added ['audio']['compression_ratio'] and/or
     ['video']['compression_ratio'] for all formats. Returns a number
     (usually) less than 1, where 1 represents no compression and 0.5
     represents a compressed file half the size of the original file
   Ø Added ['video']['bits_per_sample'] to all video formats (when
   Ø Added ['video']['frame_rate'] to all video formats (when known)
   Ø ['fileformat'] set to 'mp1' or 'mp2' instead of 'mp3' when
     ['audio']['dataformat'] is one of those  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø Added 4th parameter to md5_data(), $invertsign, which will invert
     the MSB of each byte before MD5'ing. This is needed for 8-bit
     WAV files because FLAC calculates the stored MD5 value on
     signed data rather than the original byte values. ['md5_data']
     of an 8-bit WAV will now match the ['md5_data_source'] value
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ['ape']['items']['data'] and ['ape']['items']['data_ascii'] now
     contains an array of values, if the tag contains UTF-8 text (as
     opposed to binary data)
   Ø ['mpeg']['audio']['bitratemode'] renamed to
   * Bugfix: Removed potential bug that could replace all MP3 file
     contents with only the new ID3v2 tag in getid3.putid3.php
   * Bugfix: md5_data values calculated for RIFF (WAV, AVI) files
     were incorrect  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: MP3 data in an MP4 wrapper fileformat could not identify
     bitrate  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: ['audio'] and/or ['video'] keys would sometimes get
     removed even if not empty
   * Bugfix: Prevented creation of null entries in
     ['RIFF']['WAVE']['INFO'] if a comment entry was not present
   * Bugfix: Potential infinite-loop condition in getid3.ogg.php
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: Ogg files with illegal ID3v1 (and/or APE or Lyrics3)
     tags were not finding the last Ogg page
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: replay-gain values not properly set from LAME tag
   * Bugfix: RIFF-MP3 had incorrect md5_data
   * Bugfix: the LAME DLL CBR problem of not re-writing the LAME
     frame at the beginning of the data is now detected for MP3s
     with ID3v2 tags as well
   * Bugfix: APE tags with multiple values (ie multiple entries in
     the "artist" tag) are now shown properly in ['ape']['items']
   * Bugfix: fixed condition where APE tag with no ID3v1 tag could be
     mistaken for APE tag with ID3v1 (and incorrectly parsed)
   * Bugfix: added warning if ID3v2 frame has zero-length data
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: getid3.frames.php looking for non-existant key in USER
   Improved detection of RIFF-MP3 data. [unknown program] encodes
     RIFF-WAV data with a chunk name of 'RMP3' instead of the
     standard 'RIFF'
   Encoder now returned in both ['comments'] and ['audio']['encoder']
     for RIFF-WAV files with an INFO.ISFT chunk
   Generate a warning for FLAC files encoded with v0.3 or v0.4
     because audio_signature is not calculated during encoding
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Modified getid3.check.php to display md5_data_source as well as
     md5_file and md5_data if display-MD5 mode is selected
   Modified getid3.check.php to assume-format based on file extension
     in browse mode if fileformat is found to be 'id3' (formerly only
     if the fileformat was null)
   Changed scaling of BitrateColor() from representing 1-256kbps to
     representing 1-768kbps for better display of high-bitrate files,
     specifically lossless-compressed CD-audio (FLAC, LA, etc)

1.6.0: [January-30-2003]
   » Added support for OggFLAC (FLAC data stored in an Ogg container)
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   » Added support for Speex (the data stored in an Ogg container)
   » Comments are now available in the root 2-dimensional array
     ['comments'] - each entry in this array will contain one or more
     strings. For example, if there are two artists then
     ['comments']['artist'][0] will contain the first one and
     ['comments']['artist'][1] the other. All keys are forced
     lowercase. Comments will be stored in the ['comments'] array in
     this order of precedence:
     1) Native format tags (ASF, VQF, NSV, RIFF, Quicktime, Vorbis)
     2) APE tags
     3) ID3v2
     4) Lyrics3
     5) ID3v1
     Lower-priority tags will not overwrite or append existing values
     of higher-priority tags (for example, 'artist' in ID3v1 will be
     ignored if already specified in APE), but missing values will be
     filled in (for example, if 'album' is specified in ID3v2 but not
     in APE, it will be included in the ['comments'] array).
     Note: Root keys (['title'], ['artist'], etc) are NOT available
     in this or future versions of getID3().
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   » MD5 hashes are now available for all formats for both the entire
     file (['md5_file']) and the portion of the file containing only
     the audio/video data, stripped of all prepended/appended tags
     like ID3v2, ID3v1, APE, etc - ['md5_data']
     (thanks hide@address.com for alternate md5_file() function that
     runs on UNIX system running PHP < 4.2.0)
     NOTE: Ogg files require the use of vorbiscomment to obtain the
     md5_data value. vorbiscomment must be downloaded from
     http://www.vorbis.com/download.psp and placed in the getID3()
     directory. All Ogg formats (Vorbis, OggFLAC, Speex) are affected
     by this problem, but only OggVorbis files can be processed with
     vorbiscomment. OggFLAC and Speex files will be processed by
     getID3(), but this may result in an incorrect value for md5_data
     in the event that VorbisComments are larger than 1 page (4-8kB).
     NOTE: md5_data for Ogg will not work if PHP is running in Safe
   » There is now a wrapper class available, written by Allan Hansen,
     which should simplify extracting most common basic information
     (such as format, bitrate, comments).
     New file: audioinfo.class.php
   » OggWrite() in getid3.ogginfo.php has been replaced with a new
     version that uses vorbiscomment to write the comments, because
     of a reported bug that can corrupt OggVorbis files such they
     cannot be played.
     NOTE: Ogg comment writing now requires the use of vorbiscomment
     which must be downloaded from http://www.vorbis.com/download.psp
     and placed in the getID3() directory.
     NOTE: Ogg comment writing will not work if PHP is running in
     Safe Mode
   Ø New root key ['tags'] is now always returned for all formats.
     It is an array that may contain any of:
     * Native format tags: 'vqf', 'riff', 'vorbiscomment', 'asf',
       'nsv', 'real', 'midi', 'zip', 'quicktime'
     * Appended data tags:  'ape', 'lyrics3', 'id3v2', 'id3v1'
   Ø New root key ['audio'] is an array containing any or all of:
       codec, channels, channelmode, bitrate, bits_per_sample,
       dataformat, bitrate_mode, sample_rate, encoder
       Note: This replaces several root keys, including:
         bitrate_audio, bits_per_sample, frequency, channels
   Ø New root key ['video'] is an array containing any or all of:
       bitrate_mode, bitrate, codec, resolution_x,  resolution_y,
       resolution_y, frame_rate, encoder
       Note: This replaces several root keys, including:
         bitrate_video, resolution_x, resolution_y, frame_rate
   Ø ['id3']['id3v1'] has moved to ['id3v1']
   Ø ['id3']['id3v2'] has moved to ['id3v2']
   Ø ['audiodataoffset'] and ['audiodataend'] have been renamed to
     ['avdataoffset'] and ['avdataend'] respectively
   Ø GetAllMP3info() has been changed to GetAllFileInfo() with a
     different parameter list ($allowedFormats is no longer a
     parameter).  Check your code where you're calling
     GetAllMP3Info() - you will need to change both the function
     name and the parameter list if you pass more than 2 parameters
   Ø All formats now return ['audio']['dataformat'] and/or
     ['video']['dataformat'] where appropriate - this goes along with
     ['fileformat'] - ['fileformat'] will return the actual structure
     of the file, whereas ['dataformat'] will return the format of
     the data inside that structure. For example, an Ogg file can
     contain Vobis data (normal), or it can contain FLAC data in the
     Ogg container format. In that case, ['fileformat'] would be
     'ogg', but ['dataformat'] would be 'flac'.
     Note: this means that WAV and AVI files now return a
     ['fileformat'] of 'riff' rather than 'wav' or 'avi'.
   Ø ['filesize'] is no longer returned for files larger than 2GB
     because PHP does not support large file access. Attempting to
     parse a file larger than 2GB will result in a message stored in
     ['error'] and ['filesize'] not set.
   Ø APEtag, ID3v1, and ID3v2 are now supported on ALL multimedia
     files - even if illegal by format. Ogg will return warning if
     ID3/APE tags are present.  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø All files: non-critical errors are now returned in the root key
     ['warning'] rather than ['error'] (only critical errors that
     prevent getID3() from correctly parsing the file are returned in
     ['error']  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø Renamed all references to $MP3fileInfo to $ThisFileInfo
   Ø Joliet now supported for ISO-9660.
     ['iso']['supplementary_volume_descriptor'] is now returned, if
     available, and ['iso']['files'] will contain ASCII equivalents
     of the Unicode directory structure & filenames stored.
   Ø Moved Monkey's Audio code from getid3.ape.php to seperate file.
     New file: getid3.monkey.php
   Ø Added new keys for ISO-9660: ['name_ascii'] for directories,
     ['file_identifier_ascii'] for files
   Ø Added root key ['track'] for CD-audio files
   Ø Ogg/Vorbis-comment files now have comments returned inside
     ['ogg']['comments_common'] as an array of strings, rather than
     simple strings in ['ogg']
   Ø Quicktime files now have comments returned inside
     ['quicktime']['comments'] as an array of strings, rather than
     simple strings in ['quicktime']
   Ø ['mime_type'] is a new root key returned for all supported
     formats (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ['fileformat'] now returns 'mp1' instead of 'mp3' for MPEG-1
     layer-I audio files (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ['mpeg']['audio']['bitratemode'] now returns lowercase
   Ø MPEG-4 audio files which consist of MP3 data wrapped in a
     Quicktime fileformat will now return the usual data in
   Ø Type-1 DV AVIs are now supported
   Ø DV AVIs will return 1 or 2 in ['RIFF']['video'][x]['dv_type']
   Ø Changed ['fileformat'] from 'mpg' to 'mpeg' for MPEG video files
   Ø ASF comments are now stored in ['asf']['comments'] instead of
   Ø RealMedia chunk data is now returned inside ['real']['chunks']
     instead of ['real']
   Ø ['replay_gain'] now properly populated from APE tags
   Ø Added support for ASF_Old_ASF_Index_Object in ASF files
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø AAC-ADTS files now return ['aac']['bitrate_distribution']
   Ø ParseVorbisComments() has been replaced with
     ParseVorbisCommentsFilepointer() (with different parameters)
   Ø All references to any key ['frequency'] are now ['sample_rate']
   Ø Moved ID3v2 comments from ['id3v2'] into common root
     ['comments'] structure, and now returns more values than before
   * Bugfix: ['iso']['files'] and ['zip']['files'] could potentially
     contain duplicate entries (in a numeric-indexed array) for files
     if the directory structure specifies files multiple times.
     Entries are now guaranteed unique, with the last entry for the
     file overwriting any former ones.
   * Bugfix: RIFF parsing had numerous issues, including:
     - large AVIs would take a very very long time to parse
     - chunks with odd (not even) sizes would cause the parser fail
     - video and/or audio codecs not always identified
     The ParseRIFF() function has been completely rewritten and fixes
     all known issues with RIFF parsing. Users are, however,
     encouraged to double-check output of any parsed (AVI/WAV/CDDA)
   * Bugfix: Modified getid3.riff.php to return correct total
     bitrates for AVIs with multiple audio streams
   * Bugfix: GetFileFormat() was not creating array structure
     correctly  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: LAME tag for MP3s can only specify up to 255kbps, so any
     files with actual CBR bitrate of >=256 were reported incorrectly
   * Bugfix: Lyrics3 synched lyrics were not being correctly returned
   * Bugfix: CreateDeepArray() was broken for non-nested cases, which
     meant ZIP and ISO ['files'] structures were broken
   * Bugfix: Incorrect pattern matching for ZIP files meant no zip
     files were being detected as such
   * Bugfix: AAC-ADIF was returning an incorrect number of channels
     (too few) in some cases  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: Vorbis comments were returning an incorrect value for
     ['dataoffset'] in some cases
   * Bugfix: MPEG video ['marker_bit'] and ['vbv_buffer_size'] were
   * Bugfix: ['playtime_string'] could potentially have a value of
     x minutes and 60 seconds (ie 3:60 instead of 4:00)
   Added support for FLAC cuesheets (FLAC 1.1.0+)
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Improved parsing speed in MP3, MP2 and AAC  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Extra error-checking added to try and identify corrupt files for
     most audio formats  (thanks hide@address.com)
   More accurate playtime calculation for RealMedia
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Changed all relevant files to use ['audiodataoffset'] and
     ['audiodataend'] rather than ['filesize'] where appropriate
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Added text encoding type 255 as a duplicate of UTF-16BE but with
     Big-Endian rather than Little-Endian byte order
   Added many RIFF-AVI audio types and fourcc video types to the
     lookup functions in getid3.riff.php
   Added numerous new known GUIDs to getid3.asf.php
   Added PoweredBygetID3() function to easily get a "powered by"
     string with the current getID3() version.
   Added "Morgan Multimedia Motion JPEG2000" (MJ2C), "DivX v5" (DX50)
     and "XviD" (XVID) codecs to list of known codecs in
   Changed GETID3_INCLUDEPATH path seperators to forced /
     (from \ for Windows)
   Modified getid3.check.php to only change \ directory seperators to
     / on Windows operating systems
   Modified getid3.check.php to handle larger-than-2GB files (which
     now do not return a filesize)
   Modified getid3.check.php to handle ['dataformat_audio'] and
   Modified getid3.check.php to show a list of present tags in one
     column rather than one column for each of ID3v1, ID3v2, etc
   Modified getid3.check.php to show MD5 values. Initially disabled
     but can be enabled for a directory with a click. md5_file is
     always calculated when displaying detailed info about a single
     file; md5_data is calculated if the file is < 50MB
   Modified getid3.check.php to show errors and warnings. Details are
     visible with a mouseover or a click.
   Changed getid3.check.php to use SafeStripSlashes instead of a
     manual conditional directory name replacement for special
   Added sample recursive scanning sample code to getid3.readme.txt
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)

1.5.7: [January-10-2003]
   » Added support for ISO 9660 (CD-ROM image) format. Most-useful
     data is directory structure returned under ['iso']['files']
     Note: Only ISO-9660 supported, not (yet) Joliet extension
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
     New file: getid3.iso.php
   Ø ZIP files are now parsed by getID3() itself without relying on
     built-in PHP functions and/or ZZipLib support.
     (thanks Vince for the idea)
   Ø ZIP files now return a simple directory listing with filename
     and filesize info only under ['zip']['files'].
     Note: empty subdirectories will note appear in here, only files
     and non-empty subdirectories. Information for all entries,
     including empty subdirectories, is available under
     ['zip']['central_directory'] (or under ['zip']['entries'] if the
     Central Directory cannot be located (usually due to a trucated
   Ø RIFF-WAV files with MP3 data (or MP3s with RIFF headers, if you
     want to think of it that way) now have the MPEG audio portion
     scanned and the usual data returned in ['mpeg']['audio'] if the
     RIFF audio codec has wFormatTag of "85" (identified by getID3()
     as "MPEG Layer 3")
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   Ø EXIF data (if present) is returned for JPEG files under
     ['jpg']['exif']  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ['filepath'] now returned for all files with the directory part
     of the full filename.
   Ø ['filenamepath'] is now returned for all files (equivalent to
   * Bugfix: ['id3']['id3v2'][<framename>]['dataoffset'] was wrong
   * Bugfix: MP3s tagged with iTunes have an invalid comment field
     frame name ('COM ' - should be 'COMM') but the data is valid
     otherwise; the frame is now renamed to 'COMM' and parsed
     normally (with the error noted in ['error'])
     (thanks hide@address.com for the sample file)
   * Bugfix: Some ASF/WMA audio files were not being identified as
     any format  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: Warning now generated and ASCII format assumed for
     invalid text encoding values in ID3v2
   * Bugfix: Changed ZIP detection pattern from 'PK' to 'PK\x04\x03'
   * Bugfix: Ogg/FLAC files with large Vorbis comments were dying in
     an infinite loop with lots of error messages due to missing $fd
     parameter on ParseVorbisComments()  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: ['data'] and ['image_mime'] were being returned for all
     Ogg comments even if they were not images for versions of PHP
     that have image_type_to_mime_type() built in (ie PHP 4.3.0+)

1.5.6: [December-31-2002]
   » Added support for NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video)
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
     New file: getid3.nsv.php
   » Added support for CD-audio track files (track01.cda etc)
   Ø Added standard ['frame_rate'] root value when known (AVI, NSV,
   Ø ASF files now report ['fileformat'] of:
     'wmv' when Windows Media Video codec v7/v8/v9 is used;
     'wma' when any 'Windows Media Audio' named audio codec is used
           and no video stream is present;
     'asf' in all other cases (audio-only, video-only, or both)
   Ø Removed support for ZIP functions (will be rewritten to not
     require ZZIPlib support in future versions)
   Ø Added function SafeStripSlashes() as a drop-in replacement for
     stripslashes(), but that only strips slashes if magic_quotes_gpc
     is set
   Ø Removed support for remote file scanning (HTTP / FTP)
   Ø Added ['aac']['frames'] (number of AAC frames in file)
   Ø Added ['mpeg']['audio']['frame_count'] when a bitrate histogram
     is created
   Ø Average bitrate for VBR MP3/MP2 is calculated from actual counts
     of frames of various bitrates (rather than relying on the header
     values or filesize) when a bitrate histogram is created
   Ø RecursiveFrameScanning() split out into seperate function
   Ø Removed old function getMP3header() from getid3.mp3.php
   Ø Changed default MPEG_VALID_CHECK_FRAMES (number of mp3 frames
     scanned to ensure a valid audio sequence has been located) from
     10 to 25. This means scanning will be slightly slower, but more
   * Bugfix: ID3v2.2 - valid frame names not correctly detected
     (thanks hide@address.com for the sample file)
   * Bugfix: ID3v2.2 - valid padding not correctly detected
     (thanks hide@address.com for the sample file)
   * Bugfix: MIDI files with flat key signatures were not being
     correctly reported (thanks hide@address.com for sample file)
   * Bugfix: now returns message in ['error'] if file does not exist
   * Bugfix: ['RIFF']['video'][x]['codec'] wasn't always being
     correctly populated
   * Bugfix: ['bitrate'] was incorrect for multi-stream RealMedia
   * Bugfix: ['playtime_seconds'] was sometimes null or incorrect
     for multi-stream RealMedia
   * Bugfix: ChannelTypeID was incorrect in RVA2 ID3v2.4 frames
   * Bugfix: Fixed potential divide-by-zero error for corrupt FLAC
     files  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: AAC-ADTS was not returning ['bitrate_mode'] unless
     $ReturnExtendedInfo was TRUE  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: LAME-encoded CBR MP3s now properly identified as CBR
     with correct bitrate  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: VBR MP2 (or headerless MP3) is now identified as VBR
     rather than CBR. Note: to obtain VBR bitrate for headerless
     files, the entire file is scanned and a histogram distribution
     of bitrates is created, and the average bitrate calculated from
     that.  (thanks hide@address.com for sample file)
   Added support for DSIZ chunks in VQF, and checks to make sure size
     of audio data matches DSIZ value, if present
     (thanks hide@address.com for sample file)
   Rewrote GetAllMP3info() - removed some unneccesary code, changed
     format-detection routine from ParseAsThisFormat() to
     GetFileFormat() to allow for more flexible format parsing
     (needed for ISO CD-ROM images, helpful for Quicktime and others)
   Changed references in all files from string-cast indexes: ["$i"]
     to non-cast indexes: [$i] where appropriate
   Put a sans-serif 9pt style on all text in getid3.check.php
   getAACADTSheaderFilepointer() now return TRUE if synch is lost
     after the first frame has been successfully parsed (previously
     it would return FALSE if synch was lost at any time, meaning the
     file is most likely MP3, which was incorrect)
     (thanks hide@address.com for sample file)
   Speed improvement code changes to getid3.mp3.php (up to 24% faster
     in some cases)  (thanks hide@address.com for the code)
   Changed all include_once() to require_once()

1.5.5: [November-25-2002]
   » Added support for La (Lossless Audio - www.lossless-audio.com)
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
     New file: getid3.la.php
   Ø Moved lookup functions from getid3.lookup.php to the files where
     they are used.
     New file: getid3.id3.php
     New file: getid3.rgad.php
     Removed file: getid3.lookup.php
   Ø getID3v1Filepointer() returns FALSE if ID3v1 tag not found
   Ø Added new paramter "ReturnExtendedInfo" to the function
     getAACADTSheaderFilepointer() in getid3.aac.php which now
     defaults to FALSE - if TRUE then the data for every frame is
     returned (containing aac_frame_length, adts_buffer_fullness and
     num_raw_data_blocks, which aren't usually very useful). Speed
     improvement with FALSE is about 35%.
   Ø Now returns fopen() errors in ['error'], for example if a remote
     file is not accessible.
   Ø Changed default number of MP3 audio frames to scan to determine
     if a valid stream has been found from 5 to 10, now also defined
     as a constant at the top of getid3.mp3.php  This will result in
     slightly slower MP3 parsing, but greater reliability in
     detecting false/invalid/corrupted VBR headers.
   Ø fopen() errors now displayed in getid3.putid3.php
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø Added 4th parameter to decodeMPEGaudioHeader() $ScanAsCBR which
     will force an MP3 audio frame sequence to be force-scanned in
     CBR mode. You should never need to call this directly, it's only
     used internally to scan for MP3 files that have an illegal VBR
     header with CBR data. (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: ASF_Marker_Object in getid3.asf.php was always returning
     an error in non-existant "reserved_1" and failing
   * Bugfix: VBR bitrate calculations in getid3.mp3.php only occur if
     ['mpeg']['audio']['VBR_frames'] is defined.
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: getid3.putid3.php no longer deletes original MP3 if
     ID3v2 tag writing fails (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: incorrect order of if-statement error messages in
     getid3.putid3.php (thanks hide@address.com)
   getid3.asf.php now notes the error and continues parsing rather
     than failing when it encounters an error parsing a chunk
   Now actually scan 1000 frames for AAC ADTS as reported in the
     v1.5.4 changelog, rather than 100. (thanks hide@address.com)
   Improved scanning speed in getAACADTSheaderFilepointer() by ~30%
     (thanks hide@address.com for the fix)
   Added FileSizeNiceDisplay() function to getid3.functions.php for
     formatting filesize output in kB, MB, GB, etc.

1.5.4: [October-07-2002]
   » Added support for Quicktime.
     New file: getid3.quicktime.php
   » Added support for AAC files, both ADTS and ADIF header formats.
     ADIF format is a pain because it's very similar to standard MP3
     header format, and it's hard to distinguish between the two. I
     have tried to make the detection accurate, but I have a limited
     number of AAC test files to play with so if you have an AAC file
     that gets detected as MP3/MP2 (or vice-versa), please send me
     the details via email at hide@address.com
     ADTS format is very slow to parse because to get the bitrate of
     VBR files the whole file has to be stepped through frame by
     frame (getID3() scans up to the first 1000 frames and assumes
     that to be close enough).
     Note: I would suggest commenting out support for AAC (see top of
     GetAllMP3info() function in getid3.php) unless you need it.
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea and sample Delphi source code)
     New file: getid3.aac.php
   » Added bitrate distribution analysis option for MP3 VBR files. A
     new boolean parameter for getOnlyMPEGaudioInfo() enabled this
     feature which steps through the MP3 file frame by frame and
     counts how many frames of each bitrate exist. This information
     is returned in ['mpeg']['audio']['bitrate_distribution']
     Caution: this feature is very inefficient for large files and
     takes a very long time and does lots of disk I/O. Use with care.
   Ø Changed layout of allowedFormats in GetAllMP3info() function in
     getid3.php to allow easy removal of support for any of the
     supported format. As stated above, I recommend commenting out
     AAC unless needed.
   Ø Added ['flac']['compressed_audio_bytes'],
     ['flac']['uncompressed_audio_bytes'], and
   Ø Replaced FXPT2DOT30toFloat() function with FixedPoint2_30()
   * Bugfix: getid3.mpc.php was slightly miscalculating the number of
     samples, therefore also bitrate and playtime
     (thanks hide@address.com for the fix)
   * Bugfix: MonkeyCompressionLevelNameLookup() didn't know about
     'insane' compression (thanks hide@address.com for the fix)
   * Bugfix: MonkeySamplesPerFrame() was incorrect for MAC v3.95+
     (thanks hide@address.com for the fix)
   * Bugfix: getid3.check.php wasn't processing the assumeFormat
     directive when (register_globals == off)
   * Bugfix: detecting of synch pattern for MP3 files with invalid
     data at the beginning wasn't always correct, also meant possible
     incorrect bitrate/duration/etc info for such corrupt files.
   getid3.functions.php now includes a replacement utf8_decode()
     function for those PHP installations that are not configured
     with the --with-xml option. (thanks hide@address.com)

1.5.3: [September-30-2002]
   » Added support for VQF. (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
     New file: getid3.vqf.php
   » Added support for FLAC. Comments, if present, are returned under
     ['ogg'] because they follow the Ogg Vorbis structure standard.
     New file: getid3.flac.php
   Ø OS/2-format bitmaps are now correctly interpreted. The format of
     the bitmap is now returned in ['bmp']['type_os'] and
     ['bmp']['type_version']. OS/2 bitmaps can be v1 or v2, Windows
     can be v1, v4 or v5

1.5.2: [September-25-2002]

   » Support for RealMedia (audio & video) added
     Note: only tested on G2 and v5 audio and video files - if anyone
     has older and/or newer sample files, please test it and/or send
     me the sample files.
     (thanks hide@address.com for idea)
     New file: getid3.real.php
   » Support for BMP added. Palette and pixel data can optionally be
     extracted as well - this is slow and generally unneccesary, but
     the option is there if you need it. Also includes PlotBMP()
     which will take the extracted pixel data and output it as a true
     color PNG. This function requires GD v2.0+
     Note: Untested on 16-bit and 32-bit BMPs because I couldn't find
     any sample files - if you know of a program that can create such
     files, please email hide@address.com
     Note: Support for RGB (uncompressed), RLE8 and RLE4 is included
     and tested. BITFIELDS support is also included for 16- & 32-bit
     formats, but it's untested, so if anybody has any test files
     please send them to hide@address.com
     Note: Support currently only for Windows-format BMPs, and trying
     to parse an OS/2-format bitmap leads to unpredictable/invalid
     New file: getid3.bmp.php
   » PNG now fully parsed, including all information chunks
     New file: getid3.png.php
   Ø Support for GIF/JPG/PNG moved to seperate files and expanded,
     including standard ['resolution_x'] and ['resolution_y'] as well
     as more thorough parsing of header information
     New file: getid3.gif.php
     New file: getid3.jpg.php
   table_var_dump() simplified and now outputs &#123;-style character
     entities for characters outside the normal alphanumeric range
   CleanOggCommentName() changed to a regular expression
     (thanks chris-hide@address.com for rewriting the function)

1.5.1: [September-20-2002]
   » Added support for MPEGplus/Musepack SV7. ['fileformat'] is 'SV7'
     for version 7 files (versions 4, 5 ,6 and 8 are not supported
     yet, but will be of ['fileformat'] SV4, SV5, SV6 and SV8) when
     they are supported (thanks Christian Fritz for the idea)
     New file: getid3.mpc.php
   Ø ['bitrate_audio'], ['bitrate_video'], ['bitrate_mode'],
     ['channels'], ['resolution_x'], and ['resolution_y'] keys added
     for all appropriate formats
   Ø Ogg files with a COVERART comment now save and display the
     attached image the same way as is done with ID3v2 APICs
   Ø ['ogg']['comments'][n]['data'] and
     ['ogg']['comments'][n]['dataoffset'] is now returned for all
     comments. ['ogg']['comments'][n]['data'] is only useful if
     the field is supposed to contain binary data. It is a
     base64_decode()'d version of ['value'].
     ['ogg']['comments'][n]['dataoffset'] is the byte offset in the
     file at which the 'COMMENTNAME=value string' starts, not the
     start of just 'value'
   Ø ['ogg']['comments'][n]['image_mime'] is now returned if
     ['ogg']['comments'][n]['data'] contains valid image data.
   Ø More than 3 Ogg pages may now be read in, if the comment data
     is longer than 1 page (usually about 4kB)
   Ø ['fileformat'] is now 'mp2' rather than 'mp3' if it's MPEG-1,
     Layer-II audio
   Ø ASF bitrates now calculated even if stream_bitrate_properties
     object not present
   Ø ['asf']['stream_properties_object'] is now a numeric-key array
     with one entry for each stream - the key being the stream number
   Ø ['replay_gain'] is returned for all audio formats that support
     it (MP3-LAME, ID3v2, Ogg) (thanks Christian Fritz for the idea)
   Ø ['mpeg']['audio']['LAME']['RGAD']['radio_replay_gain'] is now
     ['mpeg']['audio']['LAME']['RGAD']['radio'] (same for audiophile)
   Ø ASF/WMA files now use WM/Track to get track number from if
     WM/TrackNumber is not available (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ASF/WMV files now returns ['year'] and ['asf']['year']
   Ø ASV/WMV files now use ['content_description']['description'] for
     the ['comment'] field (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ['track'] is now always returned as an integer
   * Bugfix: Ogg comments that are larger than one data page (usually
     about 4kB) are now correctly parsed (thanks Christian Fritz)
   * Bugfix: Ogg comment data is now UTF8-decoded
   * Bugfix: Ogg comment writing now UTF8-encodes the data
   * Bugfix: playtime for ASF files was off by <preroll> (usually
     between 3 and 12 seconds)
   * Bugfix: ['asf']['stream_properties_objects']['flags'] data was
     possibly incorrect
   * Bugfix: ASF Padding Object was overwriting
     Stream Bitrate Properties Object data (now returned correctly in
   * Bugfix: ASF Marker Object Reserved_2 field was incorrect
   * Bugfix: ASF Bitrate Mutual Exclusion Object had incorrect stream
   Warning displayed if incorrectly-formatted Ogg comment is present
     (known to be an issue with CDex v1.40, but fixed by v1.50b7)
     (thanks Christian Fritz)
   Ogg comment writing now checks for valid comment names
   Added bitrate column in getid3.check.php, and added some formatting
     (font, colour)
   Performance tweaks using bitwise math instead of binary string

1.5.0: [September-18-2002]
   » Ogg comment writing support added. getid3.write.php has been
     updated to allow for writing comment tags to both MP3 and Ogg.
     Big thanks to Chris Bolt <chris-hide@address.com> for writing the
     OggWrite() function and offering it for inclusion in getID3()
     New file: getid3.ogginfo.php
   » Support for Monkey's Audio and APE tag added.
     (thanks Christian Fritz for the idea)
     New file: getid3.ape.php
     ['fileformat'] now returns 'mac' for Monkey's Audio files, or
     'ape' for files with an APE tag (Monkey's Audio or other format)
   » getid3.thumbnail.php has been removed from the distribution and
     the table_var_dump() function now outputs APICs as seperate
     files in the same directory as the analyzed file. This should
     make the image-displaying more reliable as well as reduce
     complexity. The naming convention for the images is
     filename.ext.[byte offset of APIC data].[jpg|gif|png]
     If anybody still has any problems with corrupted images please
     let me know at hide@address.com
   » Support for extended Xing/LAME tag
     (see http://users.belgacom.net/gc247244/extra/tag.html)
     Data is returned in ['mpeg']['audio']['LAME']
   Ø ['ogg']['tracknumber'] has been renamed to ['ogg']['track'] and
     ['track'] is now returned in the root of the array
   Ø ['ogg']['pageheader'][n]['flag'] has been renamed to
     ['ogg']['pageheader'][n]['flags'] and the unprocessed flag byte
     is available in ['ogg']['pageheader'][n]['flags_raw']
   Ø ['frequency'] is now returned for WAVE files in the root of the
     array (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ASF files now return codec, bitrate, resolution, etc information
     under ['asf']['video_media'] or ['asf']['audio_media']
   * Bugfix: RVA2 and EQU2 writing in getid3.putid3.php were
     incorrectly writing Volume Adjustment field
   * Bugfix: EQU2 in getid3.frames.php was reading Volume Adjustment
     as unsigned integer instead of signed integer
   * Bugfix: handling of remote files over HTTP & FTP was broken
     (thanks Vince)
   * Bugfix: incorrect handling of some ASF packets
   ASF/Windows Media format now more fully parsed, including Index
   Added several new fourCC video codecs

1.4.3: [September-15-2002]
   » Now parses ASF / WMV / WMA files
   Ø New file: getid3.asf.php
   * Bugfix: RoughTranslateUnicodeToASCII() would return nothing
     if didn't find a terminator it was expecting
   Added FILETIMEtoUNIXtime() function (for converting 64-bit
     Microsoft FILETIME timestamps, used in ASF files and elsewhere,
     to UNIX Epoch timestamps)
   Added GUIDtoBytestring() and BytestringToGUID() functions

1.4.2: [September-12-2002]
   » getID3() now requires PHP v4.1.0 or higher because it now is
     designed to work with register_globals = off and the new auto-
     globals ($_GET, $_SERVER, etc).
   * Bugfix: VBR MP3 files with Fraunhofer-style VBR header were not
     being correctly detected in most cases
     (thanks hide@address.com and hide@address.com for sample files)
   * Bugfix: IsValidTextEncoding() was broken
   * Bugfix: Add stripslashes($EditorFilename) to getid3.write.php
     (writing was broken for files with ' or " in the filename)
     (thanks hide@address.com and kthejoker)
   * Bugfix: If there is garbage data between a valid VBR header
     frame and a sequence of valid MPEG-audio frames the VBR data is
     no longer discarded. (thanks to hide@address.com for sample
     Fraunhofer-style VBR file produced with MusicMatch v7.2)
   Ø Changed variable system to work with (register_globals = off)
   Ø Moved relevant code into seperate PlaytimeString() function
   Ø Added nl2br() to table_var_dump() for cleaner output
   Ø Now returns the following keys from Fraunhofer-VBR files:
     ['VBR_seek_offsets'], ['VBR_seek_offsets_stride'],
     ['VBR_offsets_relative'] and ['VBR_offsets_absolute']
   Ø Added ID3v1matchesID3v2() function and implemented in
     getid3.check.php (thanks to "Guest" in the forums for the idea)
   Changed amount of data read in getid3.getimagesize.php from 10kB
     to entire file. (thanks hide@address.com)
   Wrapped function_exists() checks around function definitions in
   Fixed a lot of E_WARNING and E_NOTICE situations, especially in
     ID3-writing code (getid3.putid3.php, etc)
   Added checks to make sure all needed data is available for writing
     ID3v2 tags

1.4.1b5: [May-30-2002]
   * Bugfix: Unsynchronise() was broken, now fixed
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: GenerateID3v2Tag() now correctly uses non-synchsafe
     integers for frame size descriptors in ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.2
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø Added ['artist'], ['title'], etc keys to root of returned
     array to provide a common place to access any returned info
     from any file type. Currently gets info from ID3v1, ID3v2,
     Ogg, and RIFF/WAVE. Possible returned keys are:
     title, artist, album, year, genre, comment, track
   Ø Modified LookupGenre() function to search for either genre based
     on numeric ID, or now reverse lookup as well
   Ø Added ['artist'], ['title'], etc keys to ['RIFF'] information
     if info tags are present
   Added functionality to attach a picture to the ID3v2 tag in
   Sorted genres into alphabetical order (special 3 at end of list)
     in getid3.write.php
   Changed the comment-edit field in getid3.write.php to a multi-line
     <textarea> from a single-line <input>
   getid3.write.php now only writes ID3v2 frames that have data
   Added default TXXX field to getid3.write.php to put a tagger info
     field when writing ID3v2 tags. Description is "ID3v2-tagged by"
     and data is "getID3() v[version] (www.silisoftware.com)"
   Changed getid3.check.php to use the new common info keys
   Improved file-format detection in getid3.check.php - if the auto-
     detect based on the first few bytes of the file doesn't find a
     known format (for example if the header is corrupt), a more
     thorough scan is done based on the file extension
   Added 'Edit ID3' link from getid3.check.php to getid3.write.php for
     MP3 files  (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   Added 'Delete file' link from getid3.check.php to getid3.write.php
     allowing you to permanently delete a file (be careful with this!!)
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   Added some mouse-over titles for links in getid3.check.php

1.4.1b4: [May-15-2002]
   * Bugfix: getid3.check.php wasn't parsing MP3s with invalid headers
     or padding at the beginning of the file - added 'assumeFormat'
     parameter and 'Parse this file as:' options to force parsing in a
     particular format  (thanks Alcohol for the sample file)
   * Bugfix: unset(['fileformat']) and ['error'] added in cases where
     file cannot be parsed in the assumed or forced format

1.4.1b3: [May-01-2002]
   Ø For Ogg files, now calculates the real average bitrate (returned
     in ['ogg']['bitrate_average']) and so the playtime of the file is
     calculated on actual average bitrate, not nominal bitrate, so it
     should be accurate now  (thanks to hide@address.com for
     telling me it was wrong)
   * Bugfix: ID3v2FrameIsAllowed() wasn't behaving properly if the
     writing functions were called for more than one file, because of
     the static array not being cleared between uses. This is an
     updated fix because the one in 1.4.1b2 didn't work :o)
     (thanks hide@address.com and yoyo)
   Added rawurlencode() to the filename parameter in table_var_dump()
     for images (wouldn't work with path/file names containing special
     characters (#, &, ", +)  (thanks Christian Fritz)
   getid3.check.php no longer attempts to scan all MIDI tracks in
     directory-browse mode, since this can take a long time. Detailed
     single-file view is still fully scanned (new third parameter for
     getMIDIHeaderFilepointer() controls this)
   Small improvements to MoreNaturalSort()

1.4.1b2: [April-18-2002]
   Ø GetAllMP3Info()'s 2nd parameter has changed from boolean to string
     (now specifying the parse-this-file-as-this format, like 'mp3',
     but also can be FALSE to mean don't assume any format, auto-detect
     only), and a third parameter (array containing allowed formats)
     has been added. The assumedFormat parameter allows a file to be
     forced to be parsed as a certain format rather than relying on the
     auto-detection of getID3() (ex: an MP3 wrapped in a RIFF/WAV
     header will be auto-detected as RIFF/WAV, but if forced to parse
     as MP3 will extract the original MP3 information)
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: ID3v2FrameIsAllowed() wasn't behaving properly if the
     writing functions were called for more than one file, because of
     the static array not being cleared between uses (thanks yoyo)
   * Bugfix: Lyrics3 data wasn't being properly copied from the ['raw']
     keys to the easy keys (['title'], etc.)  (thanks Christian Fritz)
   * Bugfix: some testing code was accidentally left in
     getid3.thumbnail.php  (thanks Christian Fritz)
   * Bugfix: RIFF/WAVE files are now more likely to have all their
     chunks parsed.
   * Bugfix: RIFF/WAVE bitrate & playtime now better calculated
   * Bugfix: MP3 scanning for synch doesn't go beyond 64k now, to stop
     intensive scanning through large file that don't have a synch
     (thanks hide@address.com for a weird sample file)
   Improved performance when scanning for MP3 synch (about 600% faster
     if the synch is never found)
   ZIP files no longer return the contents of each compressed file, as
     that would very easily be more data than PHP could handle.
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   getid3.check.php now displays entries in a more natural sort order:
     case insensitive, ignores most punctuation, treats accented chars
     the same as their unaccent equivalent  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Added support for SmartSound-format RIFF files (which are regular
     RIFF/WAVE files with the first 4 chars changed from RIFF to SDSS)
   All instances of while(list() = each()) replaced with foreach()

1.4.1b1: [April-11-2002]
   » Parses MIDI files.
     NOTE: very slow at parsing, much slower than any other file type
     NOTE: playtime is generally mostly accurate, but not always 100%
   » Parses ZIP files (if ZZIPlib available, and only in PHP 4.0.7RC1
     and later (see http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.zip.php)
     NOTE: currently untested as I'm unable to find php_zip.dll for
     PHP/Win32 - if someone has a copy of this file, please email me:
   » Parses JPEG files (requires GD installed)
   » Parses PNG files  (requires GD v1.6+ installed)
   » Parses GIF files  (requires GD < v1.6 installed)
   » For MP3s, once a valid synch is detected, the next 5 frames are
     also scanned for valid synch signatures, to prevent false
     identification of synch. For corrupt MP3 files this will be a bit
     slower, but hopefully produce more reliable results.
     (Thanks to hide@address.com for bringing this to my attention,
     and hide@address.com for explaining what was happening)
     (Thanks also to macik for helping me with MP3 frame lengths:
   » The actual image data is now displayed (for JPEG, PNG and GIF
     images only) rather than a binary text dump in getid3.check.php
     (specifically table_var_dump()) for APIC frames. Made possible
     by the inclusion of (a modified version of) GetURLImageSize() by
     Filipe Laborde-Basto (www.rezox.com). You can right-click, save-as
     to extract the image to a file.
     NOTE: The actual image data is still returned in ['data']
   Ø ['image_mime'], ['image_width'], ['image_height'], ['image_bytes']
     are now returned for APICs
   Ø split parsing functions out into seperate files: lyrics3, id3v1,
     id3v2, mp3, ogg, riff, mpeg, midi, zip
   Ø ['ogg']['bitrate_ave'] -> ['ogg']['bitrate_nominal'] (thanks to
     hide@address.com for pointing out that "nominal" bitrate
     may actually differ significantly from the "average" bitrate)
     The real average bitrate seems to be only extractable by parsing
     the entire file and calculating the average bitrate. This is not
     yet an option, but hopefully in a future version of getID3()
   Ø ['filename'] now returned for all files
   Ø ['ogg']['date'] and ['ogg']['description'] now returned when
     available  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø ['mpeg']['audio']['crc'] now contains the CRC (if present)
   Ø ['bitrate'] is now returned as a double instead of an int
   Ø ['dataoffset'] is now returned for all ID3v2 frames
   * Bugfix: MP3 CRC presence ['mpeg']['audio']['protection'] was being
     reported as opposite of what it actually should be
   * Bugfix: MPEG videos weren't being detected (they were being
     parsed as MP3), and even if they were, there was a typo in
     getMPEGHeaderFilepointer()  (thanks Christian Fritz)
   * Bugfix: getid3.functions.php wasn't being included in
     getid3.write.php  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: Browse:___ directory name in getid3.check.php wasn't
     correct with directory names with ' and other strange characters
     (thanks Christian Fritz)
   ID3v2FrameProcessing() now checks to see if the next frame is valid
     after it encounters an invalid FrameID, and if the next frameID
     appears valid, it will just skip the current (invalid) frame and
     continue processing (it would previously abort at the first sign
     of incorrect structure)   (thanks hide@address.com)
   getid3.check.php now scans filetypes based on content, not filename
     extension, and shows the filetype in the displayed output. Files
     are only scanned as MP3 if ID3v2 or MPEG-audio signatures are at
     the immediate beginning of the file (MP3 used to be the default
     format), so a corrupt file may not show up as MP3 format in the
     browse screen, but in detail it will scan in-depth
   getid3.check.php now has columns to show the presence of ID3v1,
     ID3v2 and Lyrics3 content
   Helium2 (www.helium2.com) has been known to write ID3v2.4 tags with
     non-synchsafe-integer framesizes, getID3() now checks for this and
     will override and parse the tag as ID3v2.3 if the tag would parse
     fine as ID3v2.3 when it's really specified as ID3v2.4  (thanks
     Christian Fritz for the test files)

1.4.0b9: [April-05-2002]
   » Ogg files now return bitrate and playtime (playtime calculated
     from nominal bitrate and filesize, so it's only approximately
     accurate).  (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   * Bugfix: ID3v1 tags were not properly being parsed - track, genre
     and comment fields were incorrect.  (thanks Christian Fritz)
   * Bugfix: getid3.check.php would not browse directories with single
     quotes (') or double quotes (") in the directory name.
     (thanks Christian Fritz)
   * Bugfix: Improved detection of MPEG-video files (a sample MP3 file
     had a false MPEG video signature at the beginning), and the MPEG-
     video parsing function now only looks for the MPEG-video header
     in the first 100k bytes of the file, to prevent needlessly
     scanning very large files. Also will not infinitely loop if it
     does not find what it's looking for.  (thanks Christian Fritz)
   ['error'] now returned if MP3 synch doesn't occur at beginning of
     file if ID3v2 not used (ie there's some kind of padding there that
     should not be)
   Reduced use of fread() in getMPEGHeaderFilepointer() (now faster)
   Added "file parsed in x.xxx seconds" to getid3.check.php
   Added "browse: <directory>" link to getid3.check.php
   Changed default ID3v2 majorversion from 2.4 to 2.3 in
     getid3.write.php because Winamp (and probably many other
     ID3v2-aware tools) can only read up to ID3v2.3
     (thanks hide@address.com)

1.4.0b8: [April-04-2002]
   » Lyrics3 support added  (thanks Christian Fritz for the idea)
   Ø check.php renamed to getid3.check.php
   Ø write.php renamed to getid3.write.php
   Ø ['id3']['id3v2']['error'] (if present) now reported in ['error']
   Ø ['mpeg']['audio']['error'] (if present) now reported in ['error']
   * Bugfix: RoughTranslateUnicodeToASCII() was completely mangling
     UTF-16/UTF-16BE encoded text
   * Bugfix: The warning about MP3ext wasn't always showing up
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   getID3v1Filepointer() cleaned up & shortened
   Moved the include_once() statements around so that a minimum of code
     is included

1.4.0b7: [April-03-2002]
   » RIFFs (specifically AVIs) are now more completely parsed,
     almost everything in the returned ['RIFF'] array has been moved
     around and/or restructured. A lot of new data is in there too -
     codecs, frame size, etc.
   Ø Better recursive parsing of RIFFs (sub-arrays are now in the right
   * Bugfix: the isset() idea introduced in beta 5 was incorrectly
     implemented, such that ['asciidata'] and ['asciidescription'] were
     never returned - this had the side effect that ID3v2 comments were
     not copied to ['id3']['id3v2']['comment']  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: MPEG audio synch wasn't being detected, and therefore MPEG
     audio data not parsed, if no ID3v2 header present in an MP3
   ID3v1 track number only returned if greater than zero
   Removed !== FALSE (introduced in 1.4.0b6) from while(fread()) loops,
     some users were reporting problems with that syntax.
   Changed substr($string, 0, 1) to $string{0} syntax in most files
   Reformatted getid3.changelog.txt to 72-column width

1.4.0b6: [April-01-2002]
   * Bugfix: 1.4.0b5 introduced a bug where any RIFF file other than
     PCM WAVE (this includes any compressed WAV, as well as all AVIs)
     would crash getID3()
   Reduced use of fread() in getOggHeaderFilepointer() for increased
   Added constant FREAD_BUFFER_SIZE for many fread() operations
   Added !== FALSE check to while(fread()) loops
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Added more entries to RIFFwFormatTagLookup()
     (still looking for a good complete list)
   Converted use of hexdec() in getid3.lookup.php to 0x1234 notation

1.4.0b5: [March-28-2002]
   Ø Renamed decodeheader() to decodeMPEGaudioHeader()
   * Bugfix: Fixed infinite loop problem for RIFF/WAV files with
     unknown chunks
   * Bugfix: WXXX frames were incorrectly writing from ['URL'] instead
     of ['url']
   * Bugfix: RoughTranslateUnicodeToASCII() wasn't properly decoding
   Changed all quoted strings from " to ' to hopefully improve speed
     (although benchmarks have not yet shown any significant
     improvement in speed)  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Improved code in check.php for dealing with symbolic links
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Changed '<?' tags to '<?php'  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Added processing time indicator in check.php
     (ie 'directory scanned in 2.45 seconds')
   Replaced all instances of feof() to prevent infinite loop conditions
   Moved lookup portions of decodeMPEGaudioHeader() to
   Replaced $arrayname[$index] with $arrayname["$index"] to avoid PHP
     E_NOTICEs  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Wrapped isset() around many if statements, to avoid PHP E_NOTICEs,
     hence improve speed (up to 30x speed improvement reported in some
     cases :)

1.4.0b4: [March-26-2002]
   Ø RIFF/WAV file format now parsed, returned under ['riff']
   Ø Support for Relative Gain Adjustment in RIFF/WAV files
   Ø ['channels'] (1 or 2) now returned for MP3 and WAV files
   Ø ['bitrate'] now returned (in bits-per-second) at root level for
     MP3 and WAV files
   Added support for RGAD (Relative Gain ADjustment) ID3v2 frames, both
     reading & writing
     (see http://privatewww.essex.ac.uk/~djmrob/replaygain/ for details
     on RGAD)  (thanks Christian Fritz for the idea)
   Removed some test data-dumping from the ID3v2 writing functions
   Language code 'XXX' now returns descriptive string 'unknown' instead
     of NULL
   Seperated out comments from top of getid3.php into getid3.readme.txt
     and getid3.changelog.txt
   Split out non-lookup functions from getid3.lookup.php to

1.4.0b3: [March-25-2002]
   Ø ['asciidata'] for WXXX frames now returns correct information, but
     under ['asciidescription']  (thanks Christian Fritz)
   Ø Added ['framenamelong'] to all returned frame data arrays with
     text description of that frame (ie 'RVA2' would return 'Relative
     volume adjustment (2)')  (thanks Christian Fritz)
   Ø ['datalength'] is now ['indexeddatalength'] in ASPI frames (was
     confliciting with the all-frames ['datalength'] as introduced in
   Ø ['datalength'] now returned as integer (rather than double) where

1.4.0b2: [March-21-2002]
   Ø ['mpeg']['audio']['bitrate'] now returned as int rather than
     double for VBR files
   * Bugfix: MPEG audio information wasn't being parsed on files that
     had neither ID3v1 or ID3v2
   * Bugfix: COMM/WXXX frames weren't returning 'asciidata' in
     ID3v2.2, which also meant the ['id3']['id3v2']['comment'] field
     wasn't being returned  (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: file might not be found if filename actually contains
     escaped chars or %xx-formatted characters
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Added support for running with Register Globals turned off
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Added urlencode() where needed in check.php
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Fixed IE buffering/display problem in progress counter in check.php

1.4.0b1: [March-11-2002]
   » ID3v2 writing support via WriteID3v2() in putid3.php
     RemoveID3v2() and RemoveID3v1() functions now available in
     putid3.php  All ID3v1 and ID3v2 writing functions have been moved
     to putid3.php and example file write.php has been added to the
   Ø MPEG audio frame information (bitrate, frequency, etc) now
     returned inside ['mpeg']['audio'] instead of just ['mpeg']
   Ø MPEG video information now parsed, returned in ['mpeg']['video']
     Note: audio portion of video system files is not yet being parsed
   Ø All flag bits are now returned as boolean rather than int or
   Ø RVA2 data now returned as an array (multiple RVA2 tags are
   Ø RVA2/EQU2 description returned under ['description'] rather than
   Ø RVAD/EQUA adjustments now returned as signed integers, rather than
     absolute values which required you to check flag bytes
   Ø RVRB/REV data no longer returns under ['reverb'] array
   Ø WXXX/W???/LINK frames now return ['url'] instead of ['URL']
   Ø USER now properly returns both ['language'] and ['languagename']
   Ø OWNE now returns ['purchasedateunix'] as a UNIX timestamp
     (only if ['purchasedate'] is a valid date)
   Ø ['id3']['id3v2']['padding'] now returned with information on padding
   Ø ['headerlength'] now includes the initial 6 or 10 bytes of the
     ID3v2 header
   Ø ['artist'], ['title'], ['album'], ['tracknumber'], ['genre'] now
     returned for easier access for Ogg files
   Ø added ['datalength'] to all ID3v2 frames: length of frame data,
     not including frame header
   Ø ['fileformat'] now returns 'id3' if there are ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags
     but no audio data
   Ø ['fileformat'] now returns 'mpg' if it's an MPEG system (video +
     audio) file
   * Bugfix: RVAD was being parsed incorrectly
   * Bugfix: ['currency'] and ['purchasedate'] now correctly returned
     in OWNE
   * Bugfix: Frequncies in 'EQU2' frames were incorrectly double
   * Bugfix: ['bytedeviation'] and ['msdeviation'] now properly
     returned as integer rather than binary string for 'MLLT' frames
   * Bugfix: ['filename'] now properly returned for 'GEOB' frames
   * Bugfix: ['imagetype'] now properly returned for 'PIC' frames in
   * Bugfix: Genre not being written if not set in WriteID3v1()
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: Changed write mode to 'r+b' from 'a+' because ID3v1 tags
     were being appended instead of overwritten if they already existed
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: open would fail on filenames containing quotes
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: various values were incorrectly returned (unneeded ord())
     in these frames: COMR, USER, ENCR, GRID, PRIV, SIGN
   * Bugfix: ASPI ['bitsperpoint'] was not correctly returned
   * Bugfix: RoughTranslateUnicodeToASCII() was not returning the last
     char for UTF-16
   * Bugfix: ['audiobytes'] now correctly 0 if no synch found
   * Bugfix: GenreLookup was incorrectly returning 'Remix' instead of
     'Blues' for GenreID 0
   Added sample directory browser to check.php
   Seperated out MPEGaudio-parsing functionality into
     getOnlyMPEGaudioInfo() which may be called directly if you don't
     need any ID3 parsing  (thanks hide@address.com for idea)
   Reduced use of fread() for increased performance in
   Added clearstatcache() before checking filesize - size after writing
     tag now correct
   Added hack for mp3Rage (www.chaoticsoftware.com) that puts
     ID3v2.3-formatted MIME type instead of 3-char ID3v2.2-format image
     type  (thanks hide@address.com for test file)

1.3.2: [February-15-2002]
     POPM/POP, AENC/CRA, ENCR and GRID frame data now returned under
     numeric array index rather than by ownerID
   Ø RVA2 frame data is now returned keyed by $channeltypeid instead of
   Ø WXXX/WXX frame description now returned under ['description']
     instead of ['data']
   Trailing null bytes now trimmed from frame (W??? & T???) text data
     (it shouldn't be there to begin with, but a sample file encoded by
     [unknown program] had data padded to 50 chars with null bytes,
     which caused ParseID3v2GenreString() to freeze).

1.3.1: [February-13-2002]
   * Bugfix: ['playtime_seconds'] and ['playtime_string'] were not
     being returned
   * Bugfix: ['fileformat'] was incorrectly being returned as a
     2-element array
   * Bugfix: USLT wasn't being correctly parsed
   Improved RoughTranslateUnicodeToASCII()
     (thanks hide@address.com for Unicode test file)

1.3.0: [February-13-2002]
   » ID3v1 writing support via WriteID3v1()
   Ø MPEG audio frame information (bitrate, frequency, etc) now
     returned inside ['mpeg']
   Ø ['mpeg']['raw'] returns the integer values of the bits for MPEG
     audio information as returned in ['mpeg'] by decodeheader()
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø 'protection', 'padding', 'private', 'copyright' and 'original' now
     return as boolean
   Ø 'bitrate' and 'frequency' now return as int (except in special
     case of 'free')
   Language name as well as code retured where appropriate
     (ie 'English' and 'eng')
   Text frames with invalid TextEncoding value are now passed through
   ID3v1 data (title, artist, album, year, comment) is now trimmed
     (no more nulls)
   RoughTranslateUnicodeToASCII() now uses utf8_decode() for UTF-8

1.2.5: [January-30-2002]
   * Bugfix: Playtime calculations for VBR files were off slightly
     (rounding error)
   * Bugfix: Extended header length was incorrectly calculated
   * Bugfix: Genre strings such as '03' weren't being handled correctly
   More complete support for ID3v2.3 FrameIDs
   Split out getid3.frames.php (FrameID-specific parsing function)
   Split out getid3.lookup.php (assorted lookup-table functions)
   Searches for what directory getid3.*.php support files are in (must
     be same as getid3.php, but doesn't have to be same as main file -
     for example your main file could be /index.php, but including
   Simplified, tweaked, changed and/or eliminated several functions.

1.2.4: [January-26-2002]
   » Basic support for reading Ogg-Vorbis comment tags

1.2.3: [January-24-2002]
   » ID3v2.2.x 3-char FrameIDs are now fully parsed
     Note: While I've included support for 22 FrameIDs as defined in
     the specs, I don't have test files for all of them. If anyone
     knows of programs that generate any of the untested tags, please
     email hide@address.com ! Here's what's tested and not:
       Tested: T??, COM
     Untested: UFI, TXX, W??, WXX, IPL, MCI, ETC, MLL, STC, ULT, SLT,
               RVA, EQU, REV, PIC, GEO, CNT, POP, BUF, CRM, CRA, LNK
   table_var_dump() now displays boolean variables as TRUE or FALSE
   table_var_dump() now uses htmlspecialchars() to avoid broken-table

1.2.2: [January-18-2002]
   Ø Parses ID3v2 genres into ['id3']['id3v2']['genreid'] and
     ['id3']['id3v2']['genrelist'] where appropriate
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   Added ID3v2 genre abbreviations 'RX' (remix) and 'CR' (cover)

1.2.1: [January-17-2002]
   * Bugfix: 'mp3' was being returned in ['format'], but 'zip' was
     being returned in ['fileformat'], both are now returned in
   Ø Splits ['id3']['id3v2']['track'] in the format '5/12' into
     ['track'] = '5' and ['totaltracks'] = '12'
   Ø Enabled ['id3']['id3v2']['title'] etc for ID3v2.2.x
     (3-char frame names)  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Ø Changed v1.?? version number format to v1.?.?
   Scans through the file until it finds the MPEG synch (start of audio
     frame) - some files encoded by LAME 3.91 had undocumented padding
     after the ID3v2 header; getMP3headerFilepointer() now scans until
     it finds synch (or EOF)  (thanks hide@address.com)
   Improved Unicode conversion in RoughTranslateUnicodeToASCII()

1.20:  [January-15-2002]
   » Support for variable-bitrate (VBR) files, both Xing and Fraunhofer
   » All 4-character FrameIDs are now fully parsed according to the
     specs at http://www.id3.org/id3v2.4.0-frames.txt
     Ø This means that most no longer return ['flags'] and ['data']
     Note: While I've included support for 30 FrameIDs as defined in
     the specs, I don't have test files for all of them. If anyone
     knows of programs that generate any of the untested tags, please
     email hide@address.com ! Here's what's tested and not:
       Tested: UFID, T???, WXXX, USLT, SYLT, COMM, APIC, GEOB
     Untested: TXXX, W???, MCDI, ETCO, MLLT, SYTC, RVA2, EQU2, RVRB,
               PRIV, SIGN, SEEK, ASPI
   Ø Added 'title', 'artist', etc names to ID3v2 data (easier to access
     than the 4-character FrameIDs of the ID3v2 standard)
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: added fclose() at end of GetAllMP3Info()
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: ID3v1 wasn't being parsed if ID3v2 wasn't present
     (thanks hide@address.com)
   * Bugfix: several flags were being parsed incorrectly (the structure
     had changed from ID3v2.3 to ID3v2.4) - v2.3 flags were being
     incorrectly parsed
   Much more compact implementation of decodeheader()
     (thanks hide@address.com for the idea)
   ID3v1 genres 126 through 147  (thanks hide@address.com)
   New table_var_dump() function in check.php
     (based partially on idea by hide@address.com)
   Seperated ID3v1 retrieval into seperate function

1.11:  [December-23-2001]
   All functions merged into file getid3.php
   Updated documentation to reflect new returned information

1.10:  [December-20-2001]
   * Bugfix: ID3v1 Track# was incorrectly being parsed whether it
     existed or not
   Changed calling procedure to recommend using
     GetAllMP3info($filename) from getmp3header.php
   Now includes check.php - example file
   Ø Checks to see if file is in ZIP or MP3 format
     (returned in ['format'])
     [Ed. Note: ['fileformat'] as of v1.2.1]

1.06:  [November-05-2001]
   * Bugfix: ID3v2.2.x frames weren't being parsed since they use
     6-byte rather than 10-byte headers as v2.3+ does
     (thanks hide@address.com for pointing that out)

1.05:  [September-06-2001]
   * Bugfix: ID3v2 was being parsed even if it didn't exist

1.04:  [July-16-2001]
   * Bugfix: typo in Extended Header section (strpad() should be
     str_pad()) (thanks hide@address.com)

1.03:  [May-07-2001]
   * Bugfix: Added missing ['id3']['id3v1']['genreid'] and

1.02:  [May-05-2001]
   Ø Added ['getID3version']

1.01:  [May-04-2001]
   » Added support for frame-level de-unsynchronisation (as per
     ID3v2.4.0 specs) in addition to ID3v2.3.x tag-level

1.00:  [May-04-2001]
   » Initial public release


Future Plans


  * Support Compressed MOOV Quicktime atoms
  * Support for lossless-compression formats
    * Support for Shorten (http://www.softsound.com/Shorten.html
    * Support for RKAU (http://rksoft.virtualave.net/rkau.html)
    * Support for Sonarc (http://www.firstpr.com.au/audiocomp/lossless/sonarc/)
    * Support for WavArc (http://www.firstpr.com.au/audiocomp/lossless/wavarc/)
    * Support for WaveZip/MUSICompress (http://hometown.aol.com/sndspace)
    * Support for SZIP (http://www.compressconsult.com/szip/)
  * Support for RIFF-INFO chunks
    * http://lotto.st-andrews.ac.uk/~njh/tag_interchange.html
      (thanks Nick Humfrey <hide@address.com>)
    * http://abcavi.narod.ru/sof/abcavi/infotags.htm
      (thanks Kibi)
  * Support for BONK (http://bonkenc.org)  (thanks hide@address.com)
  * Support for Matroska (www.matroska.org)  (thanks hide@address.com)
  * Support for MOD (mod/stm/s3m/it/xm/mtm/ult/669) (thanks hide@address.com)
  * Support for DiamondWare Digitized .dwd
  * More complete support for SWF - parsing encapsulated MP3 and/or JPEG content
      (thanks hide@address.com)
  * Lyrics3 v1 & v2 writing support
  * LAME tag rev1 (http://gabriel.mp3-tech.org/mp3infotag.html)
  * Support for FROG (http://ghido.shelter.ro/FROG.php)
  * Support for JPEG-2000 (http://www.morgan-multimedia.com/jpeg2000_overview.htm)
  * Support for AC-3
  * Support for a2b
  * Support for optional XML-format output (thanks moisei for the idea)
  * Ability to create Xing/LAME VBR header for VBR MP3s that are missing VBR header
  * Ability to "clean" ID3v2 padding (replace invalid padding with valid padding)
  * Ability to convert RIFF-MP3 to regular MP3 (strip RIFF headers)
  * Warn if MP3s change version mid-stream (in full-scan mode)
  * SV8 (http://www.uni-jena.de/~pfk/mpp/sv8/components.html)
    also SV4, SV5, SV6 (thanks Christian Fritz for the idea)
  * Support for TTF (thanks hide@address.com)
  * Support for ID4 (http://www.wackysoft.cjb.net hide@address.com)
  * Speed optimizations:
    * ID3v2 parsing: work with offset system rather than substr() truncating data
    * ID3v2 non-parsing skip-over option
    * eliminate functions inside tight loops
  * Parse XML data returned in Ogg comments
  * ID3v2.2 tag writing support
  * ID3v2 genre string creator function
  * Detect mp3PRO
  * RealVideo resolution, framerate, codec, etc
  * RealMedia - parsing of MDPR type_specific_data
  * More complete parsing of JPG
  * Support for SWF, PSD, TIFF, JPC, JP2, JPX, JB2, SWC, IFF
  * Support for all old-style ASF packets
  * Support for gzip
  * ASF/WMA/WMV tag writing
  * Parse declared T??? text information frames, where appropriate
      (thanks Christian Fritz for the idea)
  * Append/overwrite ID3v2 writing function
    (thanks Christian Fritz for the idea)
  * Recognize encoder:
  * Support for other OS/2 bitmap structures: Bitmap Array('BA'),
    Color Icon('CI'), Color Pointer('CP'), Icon('IC'), Pointer ('PT')
  * Support for WavPack RAW mode
  * ASF/WMA/WMV data packet parsing
  * ID3v2FrameFlagsLookupTagAlter()
  * ID3v2FrameFlagsLookupFileAlter()
  * obey tag alter/preserve/discard rules
  * http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Sector/9654/Softdoc/Illyrium/Aolyr.htm
  * document all returned frame structures
  * document everything else :)
  * Improve performance
  * ID3v2: frame-level decompression
  * proper checking for LINK/LNK frame validity in ID3v2 writing
  * proper checking for ASPI-TLEN frame validity in ID3v2 writing
  * proper checking for COMR frame validity in ID3v2 writing
  * scan for appended ID3v2 tag at end of file per ID3v2.4 specs
      (Section 5.0)
  * http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Oakland/3664/index.html
  * decode GEOB structure as encoded by RealJukebox et al
    (probably won't happen - the format is proprietary)

 Known Bugs/Issues in getID3() that will be fixed eventually

  * APICs added with getID3() do not show up correctly in Windows
    Media Player (hide@address.com)
  * Quicktime movies with compressed MOOV atoms cannot extract
    useful info like playtime and bitrate  (need documentation)
  * Cannot determine bitrate for MPEG video with VBR video data
    (need documentation)
  * Cannot differentiate between MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video files
    (need documentation)
  * MIDI playtime is sometimes inaccurate
  * AAC-RAW mode files cannot be identified
  * WavPack-RAW mode files cannot be identified
  * mp4 files report lots of "Unknown QuickTime atom type"
     (need documentation)
  * Encrypted ASF/WMA/WMV files warn about "unhandled GUID
  * Bitrate split between audio and video cannot be calculated for
    NSV, only the total bitrate. (need documentation)
  * All Ogg formats (Vorbis, OggFLAC, Speex) are affected by the
    problem of large VorbisComments spanning multiple Ogg pages, but
    but only OggVorbis files can be processed with vorbiscomment.
  * Type-1 DV AVI files do not return resolution information
    (need documentation)
  * Early (v1-v3?) RealAudio files do not have the same header format
    and cannot be parsed by getID3() (need documentation)
  * md5_data in RIFF-MP3 files may or may not match the identical
    file before the RIFF headers were added: If the original MP3 had
    an odd (not even) filesize, the data chunk of the RIFF structure
    will be padded to make it an even size, therefore the md5_data
    cannot match.

 Known Bugs/Issues in getID3() that cannot be fixed

  * Files larger than 2GB (of any format) cannot be parsed by
    getID3() due to limitations in the PHP filesystem functions

 Known Bugs/Issues in other programs

  * Winamp (up to v2.80 at least) does not support ID3v2.4 tags,
      only ID3v2.3
      see: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?postid=387524
  * Some versions of Helium2 (www.helium2.com) do not write
      ID3v2.4-compliant Frame Sizes, even though the tag is marked
      as ID3v2.4)  (detected by getID3())
  * MP3ext V3.3.17(unicode) places a non-compliant padding string at
      the end of the ID3v2 header. This is supposedly fixed in
      v3.4b21 but only if you manually add a registry key. This fix
      is not yet confirmed.  (detected by getID3())
  * CDex v1.40 (fixed by v1.50b7) writes non-compliant Ogg comment
      strings, supposed to be in the format "NAME=value" but actually
      written just "value"  (detected by getID3())
  * Oggenc 0.9-rc3 flags the encoded file as ABR whether it's
      actually ABR or VBR.
  * iTunes (versions "X v2.0.3", "v3.0.1" are known-guilty, probably
      other versions are too) writes ID3v2.3 comment tags using a
      frame name 'COM ' which is not valid for ID3v2.3+ (it's an
      ID3v2.2-style frame name)  (detected by getID3())
  * MP2enc does not encode mono CBR MP2 files properly (half speed
      sound and double playtime)
  * MP2enc does not encode mono VBR MP2 files properly (actually
      encoded as stereo)
  * tooLAME does not encode mono VBR MP2 files properly (actually
      encoded as stereo)
  * AACenc encodes files in VBR mode (actually ABR) even if CBR is
  * AAC/ADIF - #channels = 1 for stereo files
  * AAC/ADIF - bitrate_mode = cbr for vbr files
  * LAME 3.91, 3.92 (maybe others) prepends one frame of null data
    (space for the VBR header, but it never gets written) when
    encoding in CBR mode with the DLL
  * Ahead Nero encodes TwinVQF with a DSIZ value (which is supposed
    to be the filesize in bytes) of "0" for TwinVQF v1.0 and "1" for
    TwinVQF v2.0  (detected by getID3())
  * Ahead Nero encodes TwinVQF files 1 second shorter than they
    should be
  * AAC-ADTS files are always actually encoded VBR, even if CBR mode
    is specified (the CBR-mode switches on the encoder enable ABR
    mode, not CBR as such, but it's not possible to tell the
    difference between such ABR files and true VBR)
  * STREAMINFO.audio_signature in OggFLAC is always null. "The reason
    it's like that is because there is no seeking support in
    libOggFLAC yet, so it has no way to go back and write the
    computed sum after encoding. Seeking support in Ogg FLAC is the
    #1 item for the next release." - Josh Coalson (FLAC developer)
    NOTE: getID3() will calculate md5_data in a method similar to
    other file formats, but that value cannot be compared to the
    md5_data value from FLAC data in a FLAC file format.
  * STREAMINFO.audio_signature is not calculated in FLAC v0.3.0 &
    v0.4.0 - getID3() will calculate md5_data in a method similar to
    other file formats, but that value cannot be compared to the
    md5_data value from FLAC v0.5.0+
  * RioPort (various versions including 2.0 and 3.11) tags ID3v2 with
    a WCOM frame that has no data portion
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