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Simple Instructions to Get the Bot Running:

This is a breif quick-start guide.  Better documentation will be coming as soon as possible.
At this time, I don't recommended this bot for the novice due to the documentation shortage.

First, edit your MPIBot.conf to your needs.  This file is somewhat commented and shouldn't be
hard to tweak for the experienced user.

---- Under Unix-Likes ----
After thats all done, under unix-likes you can start it two ways:
	- Call the php binary such as: php -f startup.php, assuming you have the php binary
		installed in the proper locations.  If you can't find it, try "whereis php"
	- Edit start.php, add the appropriate #!/path/to/php,
		set its mode +x and execute normally.

---- Under Windows ----
Under windows, you only have once choice, which is to find your php.exe and execute from there.
Just go to your command prompt, by going to start->run and entering "cmd" (NT-based windows) or
"command" (for 95/98; Note: this is untested on these operating systems but should work.).

Once that, "cd" to your php directory.  Mine is C:\php so I would type:
	cd C:\php
Once your there, simply call start.php from php.exe using the absolute location (assuming its
not in your php directory, which I doubt).  For me, its in C:\work\MPIBot\start.php so I would type:
	php.exe -f C:\work\MPIBot\start.php

---- One Last Method ----
If you just want to see what MPIBot is all about, it is possible to start it from a web environment,
but is not listed above since it generally isn't designed for one.  Just place it in your www root
and go to start.php with your browser.

(C) Copyright 2004 Armond Carroll.  All Rights Reserved.
   Distributed under the BSD License.  Please see license.txt for license,
	   or http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php.

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