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{% extends 'base-system.html' %}

{% comment %}The base-system HTML file is located in /system/app/view/base-system.html. We are extending that file using template inheritance to display the welcome page.{% endcomment %}

{% block content %}
	<h2>Welcome to your installation of the Mozajik Framework!</h2>
	{% block text %}
		<p>The open-source Mozajik Framework combines advanced javascript technologies with a simple, model-view-controller PHP interface. It is built from the ground up using PHP 5.3 and the MooTools javascript framework. It also features
		a PHP implementation of the powerful Django template system.</p>
		<p>To demonstrate the way Mozajik handles requests and displays templates try the following two requests. Then take a look at the code to see how we achieve this...</p>
			<li><a href='{{baseurl}}sample/'>Try running http:{{baseurl}}sample/ first.</a></li>
			<li><a href='{{baseurl}}sample/try/this/'>Then try running http:{{baseurl}}sample/try/this/.</a></li>

		{% comment %}Let's display the following variable in an h1 tag, but only if it is defined!{% endcomment %}
		{% if my_own_template_variable %}<br/><h1 style="color: red; text-align: center;">{{my_own_template_variable}}</h1>{% endif %}
	{% endblock text %}
{% endblock content %}

{% comment %}You can safely delete this file once you start developing your own app.{% endcomment %}
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