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//$Id: pieex7.php,v 1.1 2002/06/17 13:53:43 aditus Exp $
include ("../jpgraph.php");
include ("../jpgraph_pie.php");

// Some data
$data = array(27,23,0,17);

// A new graph
$graph = new PieGraph(350,200,"auto");

// Setup title
$graph->title->Set("Pie plot with absolute labels");
$graph->subtitle->Set('(With hidden 0 labels)');

// The pie plot
$p1 = new PiePlot($data);

// Move center of pie to the left to make better room
// for the legend

// No border

// Label font and color setup

// Use absolute values (type==1)

// Label format

// Size of pie in fraction of the width of the graph

// Legends
$p1->SetLegends(array("May ($%d)","June ($%d)","July ($%d)","Aug ($%d)"));


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