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include ("../jpgraph.php");
include ("../jpgraph_gantt.php");

$graph = new GanttGraph(0,0,"auto");

// Add title and subtitle
$graph->title->Set("A nice main title");
$graph->subtitle->Set("(Draft version)");

// Show day, week and month scale

// Instead of week number show the date for the first day in the week
// on the week scale

// Make the week scale font smaller than the default

// Use the short name of the month together with a 2 digit year
// on the month scale

// Format the bar for the first activity
// ($row,$title,$startdate,$enddate)
$activity = new GanttBar(0,"Project","2001-12-21","2002-02-20");

// Yellow diagonal line pattern on a red background

// Finally add the bar to the graph

// Create a miletone
$milestone = new MileStone(2,"Milestone","2002-01-15","2002-01-15");

// Add a vertical line
$vline = new GanttVLine("2001-12-24","Phase 1");

// ... and display it
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