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// Create a data set in range (50,70) and X-positions
$start = time();
$data = array();
$xdata = array();
for( $i=0; $i < NDATAPOINTS; ++$i ) {
    $data[$i] = rand(50,70);
    $xdata[$i] = $start + $i * SAMPLERATE;

// Create the new graph
$graph = new Graph(540,300);

// Slightly larger than normal margins at the bottom to have room for
// the x-axis labels

// Fix the Y-scale to go between [0,100] and use date for the x-axis
$graph->title->Set("Example on Date scale");

// Set the angle for the labels to 90 degrees

// It is possible to adjust the density for the X-axis as well
// The following call makes the dates a little more sparse
// $graph->SetTickDensity(TICKD_NORMAL,TICKD_SPARSE);

// The automatic format string for dates can be overridden
// $graph->xaxis->scale->SetDateFormat('h:i');

// Adjust the start/end to a specific alignment

$line = new LinePlot($data,$xdata);
$line->SetLegend('Year 2005');
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