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include ('../jpgraph.php');
include ('../jpgraph_line.php');
include ('../jpgraph_scatter.php');
include ('../jpgraph_regstat.php');

// Original data points
$xdata = array(1,3,12,15);
$ydata = array(5,15,2,19);

// Get the interpolated values by creating
// a new Spline object.
$bez = new Bezier($xdata,$ydata);

// For the new data set we want 40 points to
// get a smooth curve.
list($newx,$newy) = $bez->Get(50);

// Create the graph
$g = new Graph(300,200);
$g->title->Set("Bezier interpolation");
$g->subtitle->Set('(Control points shown in red)');


// We need a linlin scale since we provide both
// x and y coordinates for the data points.

// We want 1 decimal for the X-label

// We use a scatterplot to illustrate the original
// contro points.
$bplot = new ScatterPlot($ydata,$xdata);

// And a line plot to stroke the smooth curve we got
// from the original control points
$lplot = new LinePlot($newy,$newx);

// Add the plots to the graph and stroke


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