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// Example for use of JpGraph, 
// ljp, 01/03/01 20:32
include ("../jpgraph.php");
include ("../jpgraph_bar.php");

// We need some data

// Setup the graph. 
$graph = new Graph(400,200,"auto");	

// Set up the title for the graph
$graph->title->Set("Example negative bars");

// Setup font for axis

// Show 0 label on Y-axis (default is not to show)

// Setup X-axis labels

// Set X-axis at the minimum value of Y-axis (default will be at 0)
$graph->xaxis->SetPos("min");	// "min" will position the x-axis at the minimum value of the Y-axis

// Create the bar pot
$bplot = new BarPlot($datay);

// Setup color for gradient fill style 

// Set color for the frame of each bar

// Finally send the graph to the browser
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