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include ("../jpgraph.php");
include ("../jpgraph_bar.php");


// Create the graph. 
$graph = new Graph(450,200);
$graph->title->Set('Example with 2 scale bars');

// Setup Y and Y2 scales with some "grace"	


// Setup graph colors

// Create the "dummy" 0 bplot
$bplotzero = new BarPlot($datazero);

// Create the "Y" axis group
$ybplot1 = new BarPlot($datay);
$ybplot = new GroupBarPlot(array($ybplot1,$bplotzero));

// Create the "Y2" axis group
$ybplot2 = new BarPlot($datay2);
$y2bplot = new GroupBarPlot(array($bplotzero,$ybplot2));

// Add the grouped bar plots to the graph

// .. and finally stroke the image back to browser
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