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 * Configuration options
 * @Copyright: Vouksh.info 2005
 * @Description: Whaddya think?

define("SITE_PATH", ""); // Set this to the full system path of your site.
define("MYSQL_USER", ""); // Set this to your MySQL username
define("MYSQL_PASS", ""); // Set this to you MySQL password
define("DB_MAIN", ""); // Set this to the database used for your site.
define("iext", ".inc.php");
define("SITE_URL", "http://"); // Set this to the base URL of your site.
define("PRE", ""); // Set this to the prefix of your MySQL tables.
define("HASH", ""); // the hash of the string below.
define("MY_SECRET", ""); // This is the password scrambler. It's appended to the password before it's hashed, so it's ALOT harder to crack. you can safely leave it blank, but it decreases security a bit.
define("SIG_LENGTH", ""); // set this to the maximum length of signatures
define("TEMP", SITE_PATH."tmp/");
define('DEFAULT_THEME', ""); // set this to the default theme.
function dohash($a)
	return sha1(md5($a));
if(strpos($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], "config.inc.php"))
	$fp = fopen(SITE_PATH."logs/hacking.config.log", "a");
	$d = date("n-j-Y, g:i A");
	$t2w = $d." ".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']." Attempted to view config file\n<br />";
	fwrite($fp, $t2w);
	header("Location: ".$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);
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