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MacRumors Please turn off your cell phones...<br />
MacRumors "Program about to begin"<br />
MacRumors Audience clapping, lights dimming<br />
MacRumors Steve Jobs on stage now<br />
MacRumors Retail Update.<br />
MacRumors 135 Shops around the world. 26 million visitors during holiday quarter.<br />
MacRumors Retail stores had their first $1 billion quarter this past quarter<br />
MacRumors Total revenues 5.7 billion total. Now let's talk about the iPod<br />
MacRumors "best music players in the world"<br />
MacRumors 4.5 milliion sold during holiday 2004, for 2005 holiday sold 14 million<br />
MacRumors Over 100 sold every minute through the quarter.<br />
MacRumors 42 total million iPods sold since the it was first released. 32 million 
in 2005.<br />
MacRumors Now on to iTunes...<br />
MacRumors 850 million songs sold. 3 million songs a day are being sold. Over 1 
billion songs per year rate. 83% market share.<br />
MacRumors Television show sales doing well. 8 million sold since Oct 12th. Added 
bowl games.<br />
MacRumors showing Bowl Games demo<br />
MacRumors New Saturday Night Live content going up today.<br />
MacRumors Demo of SNL content. blues brothers, coneheads etc...<br />
MacRumors Announcing a new accessory for the iPod. a remote control with FM Tuner.<br />
MacRumors Works with current models. New radio screen on the iPod to tune radio 
through the iPod screen. $49<br />
MacRumors Discussing Dodge Jeep iPod integration.<br />
MacRumors New iPod Ad for. Sillohettes, jazz trumpet.<br />
MacRumors Now to the Mac, which is what the rest of the keynote is about... (applause)<br />
MacRumors Reviewing/recapping Aperture. Aperture is to the camera as Final Cut 
Pro is to Video.<br />
MacRumors Demo video for Aperture.<br />
MacRumors Video: discussing experience with Aperture and demoing product.<br />
MacRumors More video testaments, football, wedding photos. talking about working 
with RAW video. Video ends.<br />
MacRumors Now talking about Widgets.<br />
MacRumors There are over 1500 Widgets.<br />
MacRumors New widgets today. Mac OS X 10.4.4 today. google widget, new address 
book, espn ,calendar.<br />
MacRumors New widgets today. Mac OS 10.4.4 today. google widget, address book, 
espn, calendar<br />
MacRumors Now talking about iLife. Picture of box with roll of film on it.<br />
MacRumors Music, Movies, Photos, Blogs. Giant released. New iPhoto Update with 
better speed. 25k photos up to 250k in library, scrolls smoothly, full screen 
editing,<br />
MacRumors One click effects. sepia, black and white, all new cards, calendards 
and books to make and purchase. hard and softcover books quality is better. Now 
calendaars can be made with photos.<br />
MacRumors Can also make cards, post cards, birthday cards. New today - Photocasting. 
Podcasting for photos. share photos over the internet.<br />
MacRumors Pick an album ,push a button, photos uploaded to .Mac. Password protected. 
Other people can subscribe to them.<br />
MacRumors Must be a .Mac member to publish and you use RSS to subscribe to receive 
the photos. Demoing iPhoto now.<br />
MacRumors When you scroll through photos, a gray box of the month # floats in 
the middle as you pass months by. Demoing editing photo.<br />
MacRumors 1click effects, changing color, antigue, sepia, in a few clicks. Showing 
cards, calendars.<br />
MacRumors Showing how to make a birthday card.<br />
MacRumors Deming making a calendar, click on an album, can have it more than 12 
months. show special holidays. special u.s. events. Can drop a picture on a special 
date (birthday for example)<br />
MacRumors Now on to Photocasting...<br />
MacRumors Demoing Photocasting. picking pictures, click on Publish to upload to 
.Mac. Choose to Announce, and brings up mail to email to people.<br />
MacRumors When you receive the email, you click on the RSS link and it launches 
iPhoto and receives the photo. But apparently, you don't need iPhoto to receive 
the photos... it's just an RSS feed.<br />
MacRumors Now onto iMovie... HD last year.<br />
MacRumors Animated themes for movies, real time effects, new audio tools. Moving 
to iMovie demo.<br />
MacRumors Can open more than one project at once, realtime effects in titles, 
export to iPod and create Video Podcasts.<br />
MacRumors Demoing iMovie now. Showing a movie with a Theme.<br />
MacRumors Overall looks much improved. now demoing College Road trip video.<br />
MacRumors iMovie Demo over.<br />
MacRumors Next Up... iDVD. Widescreen menus.<br />
MacRumors Magic iDVD, new<br />
MacRumors Choose theme, drop movies in, drop in photos and click on button.<br />
MacRumors Vastly improved slideshows.<br />
MacRumors 3rd party DVD burners supported.<br />
MacRumors Garageband. New podcast studio. Podcast artwork track. over 200 free 
jingles and effects. speech enhanccer. use iChat for remote interviews.<br />
MacRumors Steve demoing Garageband with Podcast studio now.<br />
MacRumors Recording - "Hi, I'm Steve, welcome to my podcast of Super Secret 
Apple Rumors"<br />
MacRumors he's got "Pretty good sources in Apple"<br />
MacRumors Dragging artwork, demoing making a podcast. Demo over.<br />
MacRumors Final Podcast played. rumor of "8 pound iPod with 10" screen" 
:)<br />
MacRumors New Jampack, world music.<br />
MacRumors Great 5 apps in iLife... but something new...<br />
MacRumors New App to share photos, movies, music, blogs, content... iWeb<br />
MacRumors Easy and beautiful. Apple templates. iLife media browser with access 
to your content. online photo albums. one click publishing to .Mac.<br />
MacRumors Themes. create in seconds. update whenever you like. RSS subscriptions. 
1 click publish.<br />
MacRumors Any browser can view it.<br />
MacRumors iWeb demo now.<br />
MacRumors Slideshow viewer uses AJAX technology<br />
MacRumors Drag and drop zones, alignment guides, integrated with your music library.<br />
MacRumors Click on button, publish to .Mac. upload it. easy.<br />
MacRumors Still demoing how to use iWeb, publishing his previous podcast.<br />
MacRumors iWeb demo over.<br />
MacRumors 6 iLife apps now. Same price $79.<br />
MacRumors Available today.<br />
MacRumors iLife '06 will be bundleded free on new Macs.<br />
MacRumors .Mac update. Now over 1 million subscribers.<br />
MacRumors iLife and .Mac. One more product... iWork '06.<br />
MacRumors Some of the features in iWork '06. 3d charts, advanced image editing, 
image reflections, free form and masking, tables with calculations, new themes 
and templates. no demo, go check it out on the website. $79, also available today.<br />
MacRumors 30 day free trial of iWorks '06 with new Macs. (Keynote and Pages are 
the components of iWorks '06)<br />
MacRumors Now... lets' talk about systems...<br />
MacRumors Really good year for the Mac. Had previously announced that by June 
of this year they would be shipping Macs with Intel. How are we doing?<br />
MacRumors Intel Bunny suit guy walks out...<br />
MacRumors Paul Otellini appears. Intel is ready. Apple is ready too.<br />
MacRumors Hard work, nights and weekends working... thanks Intel.<br />
MacRumors Thrilled with new technology from Intel. Paul Otellini leaves.<br />
MacRumors First Mac with Intel processor today.<br />
MacRumors The iMac - built in isight camera. front row. incredible reception.<br />
MacRumors No other desktop PC can match it.<br />
MacRumors Same sizes. 17", 20". Same design. Same features (isight, 
front row, apple remote), Same price. What's different.<br />
MacRumors Intel Processor. 2-3x faster than the iMac G5.<br />
MacRumors Intel Core Duo. an amazing chip.<br />
MacRumors Two cores. each one faster than the G5.<br />
MacRumors showing benchmarks. overall 2-3x faster.<br />
MacRumors 10.4.4 is entirely native on Intel processor. All the applications included 
are universal and native on Intel.<br />
MacRumors iLife 06 and iWork 06 are all universal binaries, and was demoing them 
on an Intel machine.<br />
MacRumors Pro apps will be universal in March. Final Cut, Aperture, Pro. If you 
have the latest version, you can trade in your disc for a universal disc for $49.<br />
MacRumors Other developers starting to release universal binaries. Quark unviversal 
beta shipping today.<br />
MacRumors Rosetta on iMac. Office runs great on Rosetta.<br />
<--| MacWorld2 has left #macrumors (Left all channels)<br />
MacRumors Microsoft BU update. microsoft rep talking about being on track for 
unviversal binaries of Office and Messenger.<br />
MacRumors Worked to make sure that current versions of Office run well in Rosetta.<br />
MacRumors Shipping several updates very soon to provide additional supprot for 
current apple technology. Sync services with handheld devices and entourage.<br />
MacRumors all the updates will be avaiable for free on their websites in March.<br />
<--| MacWorld2 has left #macrumors (Left all channels)<br />
MacRumors Committing to shipping a version of Office for Mac for minimum of 5 
years. Office for Mac is incredibly successful product. We're here to stay and 
in it for the long term.<br />
MacRumors Demo of Office on Rosetta.<br />
MacRumors Demoing other apps on Rosetta. Photoshop.<br />
MacRumors Applying script of filters for a King Kong scene. no necessarily enough 
for pro, but good for most of us.<br />
MacRumors Showing Safari now on the iMac.<br />
MacRumors 17" iMac, 20" iMac; 2-3x faster. Shipping Today.<br />
MacRumors All products will be transitioning through the end of the year. (note 
iMac has ATI x1600, reportedly)<br />
MacRumors Showing a new Ad.<br />
MacRumors "Intel Chip will be Set Free" (Mac Ad)<br />
MacRumors "For years intel chips have been bored in a PC"<br />
MacRumors "One More Thing..."<br />
MacRumors Showing a Powerbook G4. Trying to shoehorn a G5 into the Powerbook. 
We've done everyhing possible...<br />
MacRumors But power consuption. Now discussing Peformance per Watt.<br />
MacRumors Today - MacBook Pro<br />
MacRumors New laptop computer.<br />
MacRumors No more Powerbook. Intel duo Core.<br />
MacRumors 2 processors in every Macbook pro.<br />
MacRumors 4-5x faster.<br />
MacRumors Fastest notebook ever.<br />
MacRumors Hair thinner than the 17".<br />
MacRumors 15.4inch LCD. bright as cinemas.<br />
MacRumors iSight Camera.<br />
MacRumors Demoing the new MacBook Pro.<br />
MacRumors IR sensor. Apple Remote.<br />
MacRumors New feature: New Power Adapter is magnetically held in. If yanked, comes 
right out.<br />
MacRumors 5.6lbs. iSight, Front Row; $1999 1.67 Core Duo; 667 DDR bus, x1600; 
$2499 1.83GHz.<br />
MacRumors Shipping in February.<br />
MacRumors Taking orders today.<br />
MacRumors Showing in the Intel ad one more time.<br />
MacRumors Thanking people who walk out on stage. Lots of applause.<br />
MacRumors Thanks intel.<br />
MacRumors Shows pic of Jobs and Woz. will be 30 years in 4-1-2006. 
<br />
Source <a href="http://www.macrumors.com/">Mac Rumors.com</a>
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