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<strong>How do I..</strong><br />
· <em>Edit my profile</em><br />
Click the link in the box in the upper right labeled "My Control Panel", then click "My Profile". You can edit it from there.<br />
· <em>Change my preferences</em><br />
Same as above, but click "My Settings" instead<br />
· <em>View my messages</em><br />
Click the link in the upper right box labeled "My Messages" and click the link to the folder you want to view<br />
· <em>Use bbcode</em><br />
Bold = [b]text[/b]<br />
Italic = [i]text[/i]<br />
Underline = [u]text[/u]<br />
Code = [code]coding[/code]<br />
Quote = [quote=personsname]what they said[/quote]<br />
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