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<h2 style="text-align:center;">Welcome to Vouksh.info!</h2>
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Vouksh.info is a webmasters resource site, mainly focused on unique or rare tutorials. <br />
We also offer blog &amp; comment systems for our registered users, along with downloads and an <br />
image gallery for you up and coming artists. If you need to contact the webmaster (Vouksh) in any way, use the <a href="http://forums.vouksh.info">forums</a>, the <a href="v5/Contact">contact form</a>, <a href="javascript:email('vouksh','vouksh.info');">direct email</a>, or one of the instant message clients. <br />
My <acronym  title="AOL Instant Messenger">AIM</acronym> is Vouksh, my MSN is hide@address.com, and my Yahoo! is Vouksh.
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