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<h2>Administration of Locos</h2>
<p>Here you can enter, edit and view loco data.</p>

<p>When calling the menu item "Loco", a list of locomotives is shown that you own. If you
did not enter loco data before, that list might be empty. By pressing "All Loco" you can
view all locomotives available in the database.</p>

<p>To add a loco to the database you have two options:<br>
<li>Click on "New Loco" button on the left side.</li>
<li>Copy an existing loco, even if you do not own tha (but you will become the
owner of the copy you create). Click on the copy symbol <img src="img/copy_record.gif">
on the right side of the loco you want to copy.</li>
<p>To edit a loco click on the symbol <img src="img/edit_record.gif">, 
to delete it click on <img src="img/delete_record.gif">.
These symbols are shown on the right of the row where your loco is listed.

<p>In any case you should carefully enter or edit your data. Have a look into 
the literature or ask in one of the yahoogroup discussion groups.</p>
<p>If you want to give away locos to other users, please use the 
symbol <img src="img/gift.gif"> 
and select the new owner of your loco.</p>

<h2>Hints to the Input Fields</h2>
<h4>Loco Number:</h4>
<p>Please enter the series and number of the model, e.g. "94 1613", "V60 432".</p>

<h4>Period of time using (used since/used until):</h4>
<p>Period of time in which the loco (as shown in the model) was in use. Please 
enter beginning and ending year in yyyy-format.</p>

<p>Long decoder address as managed by the FREMO.
Please, do not use this field to manage your private addresses.</p>

<h4>Type of Decoder, DCC-Description:</h4>
<p>Informations about the decoder in use like type, software version, etc.<br>
This information could be helpfull when resolving problems during operations,
if the locomotive doesn't react correctly anymore.

<p>Options to describe the wheel must be selected out of a list.</p>

<h4>Release Loco:</h4>
<p>This is a very important selection!<br>
If you do not release a loco for operation, the meeting organizer will not see 
this entry in the database and thus will not plan to use your loco! 
Please release the loco only if it is technically perfect, has a valid 
FREMO DCC address assigned and a FRED-card exists.</p>

<h2>Further Functions</h2>
<h4>How do I create a FRED-card?</h4>
<p>Please check the entries in the loco list for which you want to create a FRED 
card -- you may select multiple locos, but you must not change the page 
(if the number of locos displayed exceeds one page).
Push the butten "Create FRED-Card" and you will get a PDF result with the FRED 
cards of your selected locos.
Be aware, that you can configure in your preferences (see Admin, Preferences) 
if the PDF result should be opened within the FreDL window or in a new window.
<p>Unfortunately, there are many situations where the Acrobat reader does not 
work properly with the browser. If you have trouble, don't hesitate to contact 
the FreDL-developers or ask in the yahoogroups discussion groups of the Fremo.</p>

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