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/*                                                                                 */
/* MyWeather version 1.0                                                           */
/*                                                                                 */
/* Richard Benfield aka PcProphet                                                  */
/* http://www.pc-prophet.com                                                       */
/* http://www.benfield.ws                                                          */
/*                                                                                 */
/* Chris Myden                                                                     */
/* http://www.chrismyden.com/                                                      */
/*                                                                                 */
/*                                                                                 */
/* Language "English"                                                              */
/*                                                                                 */
/*                                                                                 */
/* Previously part of PHP-NUKE Add-On 5.0 : Weather AddOn                          */
/* ======================================================                          */
/* Brought to you by PHPNuke Add-On Team                                           */
/* Copyright (c) 2001 by Richard Tirtadji AKA King Richard (hide@address.com) */
/* http://www.nukeaddon.com                                                        */
/*                                                                                 */

define("_UNLIMITED", "Unlimited");
define("_ALREADY", " already!");
define("_BARO", "Barometer");
define("_BARO_PRES", "Pressure");
define("_BLOCKTITLE", "Weather");
define("_CELSIUS", "Celsius");
define("_CHNGSET", "change settings");
define("_CLICKSAVE", "Note:</B></font> Don't forget to click 'Save Changes' at the bottom.");
define("_CURCOND", "Current Conditions");
define("_CURSETT", "Current Settings");
define("_EMPTY", "");
define("_ENSURELOGGEDON", "Ensure you are logged in to your administrative account and then try again!");
define("_ERRORCADMIN", "Unable to save changes. Contact the system administrator.");
define("_ERRORTRYAGAIN", " Please try agian later<br><br>\n");
define("_FAHREN", "Fahrenheit");
define("_FOREC", "5 Day Forecast");
define("_HUMID", "Humidity");
define("_IFYOU", "In order to customize & save your profile you must first");
define("_IN", "in");
define("_KPH", "kilometers per hour");
define("_MPH", "miles per hour");
define("_NEWSET", "Current <b><font color=\"#FF0000\">unsaved</font></b> settings");
define("_OR", "Or");
define("_PLSCHNGLOC", "From here you can select your region, country, subdivision, and city. <br><br> <li type=\"square\">  You can also choose your measurement preferences.");
define("_PRECIP", "Precipitation");
define("_RADAR", "Radar");
define("_REFE", "Feels Like: ");
define("_REG", "Region");
define("_SAVECHGS", "Save Changes");
define("_SAVEDSETR", "New <b><font color=\"#FF0000\">saved</font></b> settings");
define("_SATELL", "Satellite");
define("_SETTINGS", "Settings");
define("_SETSAVED", "<em>Your changes have been saved!</em>");
define("_SORRYNOTADMIN", "Sorry, but you are not logged in as an administrator!");
define("_SOWHATRU", "Members enjoy many benefits, so");
define("_SQUARE", "");
define("_TOGOBACK", "Go back and modify your settings again");
define("_TOVIEW", "Check out the weather with your new settings");
define("_UCANCHNG", ", you can change your preferences!");
define("_UNAVAIL", "Weather is not available");
define("_NODATA", "There is no data available from this weather station, please select another station");
define("_NOTESTATION", "Note: Not all locations are active, if you choose one that does not work try another near that location");
define("_UV", "UV");
define("_VIS", "Visibility");
define("_WADMINMENU", "Administration Menu");
define("_WANT2CHNG", "Would you like to change the");
define("_WCITY", "City");
define("_WCNTRY", "Country");
define("_WDEFAULTSET", "Default Settings</b></A> (for all anonymous users and users who have not yet configured XP-Weather)");
define("_WDETAILED", "Detailed Forecast");
define("_WFRI", "Fri");
define("_WHIGH", "High");
define("_WIND", "Wind");
define("_WINDSPD", "Wind Speed");
define("_WJOIN", "Members enjoy many benefits, so click here to sign up!");
define("_WLOGIN", "Login");
define("_WLOW", "Low");
define("_WMEMBER", "member");
define("_WMON", "Mon");
define("_WNOTLOGGEDON", "Sorry, but you are not logged in!");
define("_WREGISTER", "register");
define("_WRITEFAIL", "The system failed to write the cache files. Please check your XP-Weather/cache directory permissions");
define("_READFAIL", "The system failed to read from the cache files. Please check the permissions on this file: ");
define("_WSAT", "Sat");
define("_WSELECT", "select a ");
define("_WSTATION", "Station");
define("_WSUBDIV", "Subdivision");
define("_WSUN", "Sun");
define("_WTEMP", "Temperature");
define("_WTHU", "Thu");
define("_WTUE", "Tue");
define("_WVIEWPREF", "Measurement Preferences");
define("_WWED", "Wed");
define("_WYOURSET", "Your Personal Settings</b></A> (for your account only)");
define("_RAISON", ". Unable to find default city weather entry in database");
define("_INSTALL", "Please update the values in the userweather table and try again");
define("_ICI", "");
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