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XP-Weather for xoops rc3

Version 1.4 by davidd
	- Integrated Dutch, Spanish, and German language translation files.
	- added block configuration edit functions.

Version 1.3a by GIR / Take13.net
	- Same as 1.3a
	- On a linux system edit weather-update.cron in your XP-Weather/cron directory
	    change the following to your site:
	- Place a crontab on weather-update.cron by typing:
	    ./crontab weather-update.cron

Version 1.3 by davidd
	- same as 1.1, english is the only supported mysql file right now.
	- if you are behind a firewall, edit include/config.php setting the proxy_ variables.
	- the proxy settings are not tested so this is still experimental code.

Version 1.1 by davidd

installation 1.1:

    - unzip file to modules directory
    - choose mysql.sql file in sql directory for the language you are using (English default)
    - add to site from admin module control panel
    - config.php file contains cache_time variable for setting the time-to-live on the cache data.
	The default is set to 1 hour.  If set to -1 the cache will never be re-freshed.  There is
	the start of a cron job to refresh the cache in the cron directory.

    - deactivate and un-install old version of XP-Weather module from the admin control panel.
	WARNING!!! - un-installing the old version xp-weather will cause any data you have added to the
	xp-weather tables to be lost.  If you wish to keep that data perform a backup first and re-apply
	the changes after the upgrade.
    - replace contents of modules/XP-Weather with the latest version.
    - install and activate the new XP-Weather module version from the admin control panel.

    - Don't forget to set the cache directory and files for reading and writting by the webserver account.
    - images are located in image/fresh.  There are large and small directories with other images as well.
	copy them to the fresh directory replacing a file there and the new one will be used.

    - There are images with -FR after them that indicate the image has French text.

    °Uploader le module XP-Weather dans le répertoire http:votresite.com/modules de votre xoop.
    °Accorder des droits, CHMOD 777, au repertoire http:votresite.com/modules/XP-Weather/cache
    °Loggez-vous comme admin et activer le module.

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