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        Moc10 Library v1.9.7 | A Lightweight PHP Library

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    <h1>Moc10 Library v1.9.7 | A Lightweight PHP Library</h1>
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        <li><a href="./api-docs/index.html">API Docs</a></li>
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        The Moc10 Library is designed to a be a lightweight, easily deployable PHP library that integrates a handful of some of the "basics" that go into many websites, projects and applications. The goal is that anyone from a novice to an expert can readily and quickly implement and deploy a web application using this library.
        The library is an object-oriented PHP library with an easy-to-use API. It started, as most libraries do, a couple of years ago as a small collection of reusable code. It has since been molded into an essential "toolbox" of standardized PHP code, containing 16 main components, all with an emphasis on being lightweight. The entire block of library code is under 380 KB (without the language data, 600 KB with.)
    <h4>Getting Started:</h4>
        Simply extract the Moc10 Library adjacent to your document root. A suggested structure would be:
/application/       &lt;--- Your Application Code
/docs/              &lt;--- Moc10 Library Documentation
/library/           &lt;--- Moc10 Library
/public/            &lt;--- Your Document Root
/tests/             &lt;--- Moc10 Library Tests
        You can then add your application path to the include path in the default bootstrap file via the "set_include_path" function.<br />This file should be included in any file that needs to access the Moc10 Library (or your application code.) The default file is <strong>/public/bootstrap.php</strong>.
        If you do not have access to the level above document root, you can simply place the library code and your application code within the document root and set the <strong>/public/bootstrap.php</strong> file accordingly.
    <h4>Requirements and Dependencies:</h4>
        As of this release (January 4, 2011), it was developed in full support of PHP v5.3.3 and backwards compatible to PHP v5.2.6 and greater. Some dependencies for the library to fully function are as follows:
        <li>The basic MySQL extension for basic MySQL database connections and transactions</li>
        <li>The MySQLi extension to utilize MySQLi to connect to and interact with MySQL databases</li>
        <li>The PostgreSQL extension for PostgreSQL database connections and transactions</li>
        <li>The SQLite3 extension for SQLite database connections and transactions</li>
        <li>The GD library for image manipulation (including FreeType support)</li>
        <li>The SimpleXML extension for the Feed and Language components</li>
        <li>The PHP mail function and SMTP server correctly set for the Mail component</li>
        <li>The cURL extension for the Curl component</li>
        <li>FTP support enabled for the FTP component</li>
        Most of these extensions are generally included in PHP 5.2.6+, but should there be any issues in any of these areas, please verify<br />that the related extensions are installed and configured properly. PHP's mail function is dependant on the whichever mail program is available and correctly installed on the server.
    <h4>A Note on Permissions:</h4>
        The following components may require the correct permissions to the files and the directories that they access in order<br />to work properly. If the permissions are not set correctly, an exception (or an error) could be thrown within any of the<br />following components:
    <h4>The Moc10 Library License:</h4>
        The Moc10 Library License is a New BSD License and can be found at <a href="http://www.moc10phplibrary.com/LICENSE.TXT">here</a>.
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    Copyright &copy; 2009-2011, Moc 10 Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

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