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        Moc10 Library v1.9.7 | A Lightweight PHP Library

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    <h1>Moc10 Library v1.9.7 | A Lightweight PHP Library</h1>
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    <h3>API Glossary &gt; The PDF Component</h3>
    <h4>$pdf-&gt;setTextParams($c = 0, $w = 0, $h = 100, $v = 100, $rot = 0, $rend = 0)</h4>

@param  int $c    (Character spacing, in points)
@param  int $w    (Word spacing, in points)
@param  int $h    (Horizontal stretch of the text, in points)
@param  int $v    (Vertical stretch of the text, in points)
@param  int $rot  (Text rotation, -90 &lt; 0 &gt; 90 range only, degrees)
@param  int $rend (Text render mode, i.e. solid, stroked, etc.)
        This method sets the text parameters for rendering text content. The render mode is an integer that represents the following:
    <ul style="list-style-type: none;">
        <li>0 = Fill text</li>
        <li>1 = Stroke text</li>
        <li>2 = Fill, then stroke text</li>
        <li>3 = Neither fill nor stroke text (invisible)</li>
        <li>4 = Fill text and add to path for clipping</li>
        <li>5 = Stroke text and add to path for clipping</li>
        <li>6 = Fill, then stroke text and add to path for clipping</li>
        <li>7 = Add text to path for clipping</li>
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